NEWS from ISIS Papyrus

NEWS from ISIS Papyrus

Press ReleaseISIS Papyrus – Hall 6, A10

ISIS introduces at IPEX 06 exciting new functionality into its premiere document management system Papyrus

Intelligent automation, PDF importing and XML processing

Birmingham/UK, March 27, 2006 – ISIS Papyrus, a global leader in business document systems, offers greater flexibility and automation to the business document workflow process (ISIS Papyus, Hall 6 - A10).

The Papyrus Automated Document Factory (ADF) allows for the intelligent automation of end-to-end print and mail shop production processes that are normally handled manually.

Unique features of the standard software package include the centralized management of all document resources for formatting, printing, post processing, e-mail, fax, web delivery and archiving. Documents can seamlessly be tracked from the creation, central or de-central printing to final enveloping in the lettershop. Document templates and resources are versioned including a full audit trail of who accessed what document applying whatever changes.

Ensuring maximum efficiency, the ADF solution contacts users and operators by e-mail, SMS, SMNP or a network message informing them of printer status or advice for necessary intervention.

Load balancing across several processors and servers enable effortless handling of complex situations. Hot backup of production servers secures smooth constant running of systems and erases costs formerly associated with interrupting staff.

Furthermore, document bundling, sorting and merging along with Barcode, OMR and 2D data matrix support guarantee a controlled, efficient document management process.

The popular PDF format can now be imported into the Papyrus DocEXEC formatting engine for further processing or bundled with AFP documents in the Papyrus PrintPool for complete, centralized output management. Imported PDF documents might be enhanced within Papyrus and a document Index can be added to the merged and reformatted documents.

DocEXEC, the super fast document processing engine of Papyrus, quickly and efficiently generates PDFs, fully customized to individual customers from the input data stream. Some Papyrus customer report that by implementing Papyrus they were able to cut formatting time for highly personalized PDF documents from 18 seconds down to 1 second for each document.

Making data-warehousing and customer relationship management even easier, slim AFP or PDF files are now stored in the Papyrus WebArchive offering greater flexibility to the document management process.

XML is a prominent and industry accepted means of describing information in a tree-based structure allowing for the hierarchical storage of data. Making use of this technology, Papyrus Designer can now read and format XML for the personalisation of documents and inclusion of dynamic data and fields.

Utilization of this industry standard greatly enhances the workflow process by importing and processing this information. There is no need for data conversion. Document generation is greatly streamlined and the time needed for document generation is greatly reduced.

About ISIS Papyrus

ISIS Papyrus provides integrated and distributed software solutions for mission-critical business document applications for more than 2000 customers worldwide. ISIS Papyrus is the only software company in the world that offers a complete and integrated solution for both outbound and inbound business documents. Using the Papyrus information technology infrastructure the ISIS Papyrus software suite enables large-scale document applications that support fundamental business processes such as customer care, customer relationship management, bank statement applications, insurance documents, phone bill applications, airline miles statements, customer correspondence along with Web Archiving and Web Delivery. The ISIS Group was founded in Vienna in 1988 and manages 13 subsidiaries in 9 countries with a distribution network over 42 countries.



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