Name of Nominee: School/Grade Assignment

Name of Nominee: School/Grade Assignment


Outstanding 11 Awards

It is that time of year when we take time to recognize the Excellent 11. Each school will recognize one staff member whose teaching aligns with the Excellent 11 traits listed below. The applications need to be completed in full. Applications should be submitted to the building Principal who will turn in to the Superintendent’s office no later than Friday, March 17. The awards will be presented at the April Board of Education Meeting.

Name of Nominee: School/Grade assignment:

Person submitting the Nomination:



Please complete this application in its entirety by filling in information for the nominee in each of the Outstanding 11 categories. Specific examples are suggested.


The Outstanding 11 Awards focus on the work of Ron Clark and his book, The Excellent 11. To continue the work Mr. Clark shared with our staff in 2010 and to promote his qualities for teaching, these awards recognize outstanding teachers in the Lima City School District. One teacher from each school will receive this award.

The recipients of The Outstanding 11 Awards will be featured in school and district events, receive recognition from the Lima City Board of Education, and serve as role models of outstanding teaching.

The 11 traits are as follows:

Enthusiasm – “…students will be excited about learning a lesson if you are excited about teaching it.”

Adventure – “We have to place a spark in their hearts and give them something to look forward to.”

Creativity – “The best teachers and parents are the ones who are able to think outside the box and put themselves in the mind-set of the children they teach.

Reflection – “One of the best qualities of an exceptional teacher is that he or she learns something from every lesson that is taught.

Balance – “It is important … to present information to students in many different ways so we are covering all of the bases.”

Compassion – “We can never underestimate the power of kindheartedness and treating our children with consideration.”

Confidence – “We have the ability to inspire our students to greatness and truly make them realize their potential.”

Humor – “...the joy and delight that come from humor can be powerful tools when getting students to put forth effort and achieve at the highest levels.”

Common Sense – “Teachers and parents need not only to have common sense but to take the time with children to develop skills with them that others see as obvious.”

Appreciation – “I always stress to my students that as they go through life it is important to show gratitude to those who help them along the way.

Resilience – “You have to make pit stops along the way to refuel if you want to finish the race.”

Entries are limited to the four pages of this nomination form.

Please submit completed nomination forms to your principal.

Thank You!