Mr. Colin Galitz

Mr. Colin Galitz

style Burlington High School Guitar Performance II

Mr. Colin Galitz

Course Overview

Guitar II is a continuation of the curriculum in Guitar I. Students expand their study on chords and melodies. Students also learn additional guitar techniques such as fingerpicking, improvisation, advanced strumming, and special effects. Students will choose a variety of popular songs to learn over the course of the semester. Students will compile these songs, and one composition, into a compilation CD at the end of the year.


Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Book

Flash Drive ***optional***

Music Composition Paper

Audacity Music Editing Software ***optional**** (free/ open source download)

**This music editing software works with any operating system**

Required Text (Students will be provided these materials)

Guitar Method Complete Edition by Will Schmid and Greg Koch (recommended for those who will go on to Guitar Performance II).

Rolling Stone Guitar Classics Volume 2 500 Greatest Songs of All Time Alfred Publishers

The Ultimate Guitar Songbook Hal Leonard Publishers


Some basic knowledge of guitar is required. Students must know how to read music or tab for all 6 strings on the guitar.

CD Compilation Project

Students will be graded on 10 songs that they will learn throughout the semester. In addition, students will compose a song to be played on the guitar. Students may use my guitar songbooks for inspiration. Students will be expected to learn the chords and the melody to these 10 songs. I will record each student while they are playing their songs. At the end of the year, I will compile the songs onto a compilation CD.We will vote as a group on five songs that we will learn together.The other 5 songs will be your choice.

For the composition portion, students will work with Sibelius music notation software to print a final version of their composition.

Here are some helpful sites with free, downloadable music:

Classroom Procedures and Etiquette

I have designed the class in a way that allows for plenty of individual practice. I will work through the assigned guitar test with the class. I will then give individual time to practice. This time may be used to practice for the weekly guitar test, compose/practice CD solo, or get ahead on the next guitar test. Those who disturb class will be asked to pack their guitar away for the class period. If this occurs two percentage points of your participation grade will be deducted.

If you participate in class and use the practice time wisely there should be no homework. Music writing and editing software will be provided to the student on school computers.

Grading Scale

Quarter 3

Participation 30%

Guitar Tests 30%

CD project check-ins 40%

Quarter 4

Participation 30%

Guitar Tests 20%

CD Project 40%

Final Exam 10%

Extra Help

Music can be a difficult concept. If you find that you are having trouble reading music or playing the guitar I WANT TO HELP YOU. I am available in my office Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays after this class and after school. If these times are inconvenient for you I would be happy to set an appointment outside of class. Here is my email address: . Put Guitar II in the subject line so it makes it through the spam filter.