MISSOURI SOCIETY for CLINICAL SOCIAL WORK Board Meeting Minutes July 19, 2014

MISSOURI SOCIETY for CLINICAL SOCIAL WORK Board Meeting Minutes July 19, 2014


Present: Al Barton, Steve Franklin, Mike George, Shelly Justison, Vincent Marino, Linda Pevnick, Jesse Berg (Executive Director)

Absent: Kathleen McMullan

1. There is $3,044.47 in Paypal. Al reported that there is $11,914 in the checking account.

2. Shelly reported on education efforts:

Sept. = Laura Groshong

Oct. = Yvonne ? family law attorney - mediation

Nov. = Dr. Gary Behrman - adolescent depression, suicide

Several others have indicated a willingness to present, but dates have to be confirmed:

Kate Upshur = therapeutic yoga

Nicki McClusky

Tom Richards = Missouri licensing head

Shelly still needs to work on the Ethics workshop. There was the possibility of someone coming to speak about Medicare, and the possibility of combining this with something else. Paula Johnson, a therapist from Jeff City, has expressed an interest in doing a presentation on play therapy.

3.To date, membership includes 52 LCSWs, 6 LMSWs, 1 student.

The ice cream social drew about a dozen people (including some who do not come to theSaturdayworkshops). There was discussion about about trying a restaurant-based social where the Society might pay for the appetizer and/or the dessert.

4. There are 59 members who still need to renew.

ACTION: Jesse will send out a personalized email inviting people to renew. Linda will develop some questions for people who choose not to renew asking for their input on why they are not renewing and how the Society can improve its efforts to retain members.

ACTION: The Board divided up the list of members who have not renewed. Jesse will inform Board members who has and who has not responded to the renewal email. Board members will call their assignments sometime afterAugust 1. 1 year renewal = $120 beforeSept 1; $130 afterSept. 1 2 year renewal = $220 beforeSept 1.; $230 afterSept1.

ACTION: The Board agreed to cancel its voice mail service (costs $160/year). Jesse will inform members by email of the cancellation.

5. The Board discussed the September event with Laura Groshong.

The Board discussed various prices from 3 companies for sending out a mailer advertising the September event. The Board tentatively settled on one company which had the best price for mailing out 2,400 flyers (apprximately $1,100-1,200. The target date for mailing out would beAugust 1.

ACTION: Shelly and Steve will visit the mailing company to check out and finalize details.

ACTION: Shelly will contact Laura to see if Laura has any handouts that need to be copied prior to the presentation.

ACTION: Al will act as membership coordinator for any non-MSCSW members who attend.

All agreed that all attendees will be expected to pay ahead of time (no pay at the door).

ACTION: Jesse will check with Kathleen to see if Kathleen still wants to coordinate the hotel search for Laura. If Kathleen cannot do this, someone else will take it over.

ACTION: For publicity Steve will post the workshop on the Psychotherapy STL webserve. NASW charges $25/30 for posting something. Sue Signorino (spelling?) also hosts a website which many subscribe to.

ACTION: Someone will pick Laura up at the airport. The Board (no significant others) will take Laura to dinneron Fridayevening (MSCSW to pay). This will give the Board a chance to talk shop with Laura and settle any last minute details.Saturdayis the workshop.Sundaymorning/afternoon the Board will take Laura to the zoo or Botanical Garden and later to the airport.

6. Next meeting:August 23, 2014(several members will not be availableAugust 16). If an urgent situation arises, an impromptu meeting may be called.

Vincent J. Marino