Minutes: Board Meeting, 7:30 Pm CST

Tuesday – September 14th, 2004

Minutes: Board Meeting, 7:30 pm CST


Dimple Kamboj Next Board Meeting: Tentatively Saturday, 9/25/04 at Noon, Gleacher

Maria Pistone

Arun Bhatia (Board meetings shall take place every other Saturday between Noon and 1 pm)

JD Tibrewala

Sachi Shenoy (via phone)

Action Items:

Dimple / Follow-up with Dave re: logo design and distribute to Board for feedback.
Board / Construct bio’s for website; submit to JD by end of week.
Maria / Send Dimple the information re: I-Bio Marketplace / Career Fair. Dimple will draft an e-mail for GSB community, listing Maria as the contact person for this event.
JD / Continue constructing list of potential financial sponsors. Distribute pitch letter to board members for their feedback.
Arun / Speak to contact in the full-time healthcare group to inquire about their annual membership fee, and if it was increased this year. We need to establish this fee for GSB-BP.
Sachi / Fill in for Dimple at student leader’s meeting on October 9th.
Board / Please send any and all content to JD for inclusion on the group’s website (Sachi – memb form, Dimple – mission statement, Maria – program schedule for Fall, etc.)
Dimple / Verify dates for HR / headhunter conference call with Alice Obermiller.
Board / Brainstorm HR / headhunter names for mid-October event (conference call re: careers).
Dimple / Follow-up with alumnus Michael Polk if he can be of any help to our group.
Sachi / Send out final membership form to group for feedback.
Dimple / Construct e-mail to distribute to all GSB students advertising GSB-BP, and upcoming events. Create entry for the student newsletter with more information for interested students.
Board / Brainstorm discussion points re: the entrepreneurship panel for 11/19 conference and submit to Arun by week’s end. Arun to draft agenda for the panel event.
Sachi / Send rough logo to Arun for inclusion in group’s poster design.
Dimple / Order stationery, pens, etc. for Kick-off Meeting once logo is finalized.


Rather than an update from each officer, this meeting consisted of a general discussion of ideas, outstanding issues, and upcoming events:

·  Maria received confirmation from Michael Rosen, author of “Yer Biotech Blues”, as the first speaker our group will host for the school year. Maria would like for him to focus his talk on:

i)  Overview of major trends in the industry

ii)  Who are the movers and shakers

iii)  Cross-market I-Bio to attendees

Maria mentioned being concerned about attracting a large audience for this event. It was decided that this event should be tentatively held on Oct 9th (Saturday) between Noon and 1 pm.

·  An idea that Maria had to generate interest among potential members was to create an advisory panel. She envisions the panel to include individuals from across different fields, and a mixture of faculty and professionals outside of the GSB community. This is something we need to discuss further, but Maria suggested that we market it as a minimal commitment (1 hour / month); advisors should review our programs and agendas and suggest ideas of avenues we can pursue. They can also assist with sponsorship of our events. Their input will be greatly helpful during any career fairs we might plan. Kellogg’s advisory panel apparently consists of a very impressive list of contacts. Some ideas that were suggested were Dave Miller (I-Bio), Ellen Rudnick, and Scott Meadow.

·  One event that is coming up soon is the I-Bio Marketplace, planned for October 25-26th (Mon / Tues) at Navy Pier. The entry fee is $130 / person but is free for those who volunteer during the event. The time commitment will be approximately 2 hours / day for both days. Maria will send Dimple the details regarding the conference and Dimple will send out an e-mail to GSB students to garner interest. As part of this event, I-Bio will be hosting a Career Fair (on 10/26) as well.

·  The Board has decided to hold our Kick-off Meeting of the year on Saturday, October 2nd 2004 from Noon to 1 pm at Gleacher. Topics we should cover at this meeting include:

i)  Collect names of interested members

ii)  Pass out and collect membership forms

iii)  Discuss benefits of membership and upcoming events

iv)  Launch our website, and talk about informational resources for students

v)  Talk about how members can help out (suggest speaker names, attend events, help us host events, etc.)

·  Sponsorship: GSB-Biotech is still not recognized as an official student group. Nina has not been able to grant us with an exception, and so the plan right now is that Maria and Sachi will try to make it to Dean Z’s cookout and speak to Dean Z and Dean Kooser about the situation. The cookout is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th.

·  Because of the lack of sponsorship, we are unable to secure a proper URL for the hosting of the group’s website. For the time being, we will continue to use JD’s personal webpage, and market this URL in the first few weeks of the quarter. Later, this URL can be re-directed to our official site once it is established. JD plans to include the current URL in our marketing materials (such as the student activities webpage on the GSBPortal and such).

·  Sachi shared with the group her ideas for industry categories and ‘functional’ categories to include on the back of our membership forms. Maria will send Sachi a template that has a more comprehensive listing and Sachi will incorporate these on the back of the membership form.

·  Dimple followed-up with the Life Sciences professor whose name she suggested to Maria in the last meeting as a very good candidate to deliver a “Biotech/pharma Bootcamp” for interested students. The professor seems very interested, but may not be available to conduct such a session until Winter.

·  After the Michael Rosen event, the Board is interested in sponsoring an event to coach GSB students on their various career options in the BioPharma / Tech fields. We are thinking of inviting HR representatives from major firms and headhunters who will be able to speak to students and give them advice on entering or advancing in this field. Dimple and Arun both mentioned that they may have some contacts to follow-up on. The Board should all think of some good names and put together a list by next week to discuss. The thought is to hold this event (via conference call?) during the week of October 18th. Dimple will verify with these dates with Alice Obermiller to ensure no conflicts.

·  Arun expressed concern regarding the Full-time Healthcare Group’s progress (or lack of) for the November conference. In his talks with Rohit, it turns out that very little has been done by way of lining up speakers, deciding on themes, working out sponsorship, etc. They only seem to have 1-2 other speakers lined up so far, and Arun wants us to be prepared for the possibility not having a full line-up. He suggests that he ‘separate’ ourselves from co-sponsoring the conference with the FT group, and instead market our panel discussion very strongly. The panel should be aggressively marketed as a GSB BioPharma event focusing on entrepreneurship, that will take place during the other events that FT has lined up. We decided to line up four speakers for our panel discussion, plus a moderator. Names that were suggested: Rob Rosenberg, Mitch Hines (sp?), and Ellen Rudnick as the moderator. Some ideas for the agenda: (please send in your ideas to Arun by the end of this week!)

i)  What did it take for you to successfully found and build-up your company?

ii)  What are your tips for becoming a CEO / Business Developer?

iii)  What do VC’s typically look for in a person to act as CEO for a start-up?

·  To sum up, the tentative program dates we have decided on are as follows:

1) Saturday, 10/2/04 Kick-off Meeting Noon – 1 pm @ Gleacher

2) Saturday, 10/9/04 Michael Rosen Noon – 1 pm @ Gleacher

3) Week of 10/18 (weeknight?) Teleconference w/HR Evening? @ Gleacher?

4) Week of 10/23 à **Reminder: Student Fair

5) Saturday, 11/6/04 VC discussion (+drinks?) 4 – 5 pm? @ Gleacher?

6) Saturday, 12/4/04 Study break / drinks, networking (If interest exists for this event)