Marshal Briefing Coastal Run 18Th July 2010

Marshal Briefing Coastal Run 18Th July 2010

Marshal Briefing Coastal Run 24th July 2015

Firstly, thank you for agreeing to marshal. Your support is greatly appreciated as without marshals the event simply couldn’t happen.

You may be an experienced marshal, in which case you will already know most of this briefing. However, it provides an opportunity to explain some of the processes, as well as provide key telephone numbers so please take the time to read it and take it with you on the day. Because of the spread out nature of this event we do not meet together in advance as would be the normal method. This means it is important that you fully understand your role, position and location. If you cannot make it on race day due to ill health, a replacement will need to be found. If this is the case, or if you have any questions or issues, please ring Sue on 07545 803986(the more advance notice, the better as race morning is very hectic). Also ring Sue if you have any other general problems or issues on the day. Final numbers are that of the person in charge at the finish – Jim on 07794 331025 or Tracey at start registration 07845787844.

You will be provided with a marshal’s vest and this note includes key telephone numbers that might be useful during the race. If you are part of a small team in a particular area (eg water stations, beach and Craster), the full instructions and vests will be provided by the responsible marshal on the day.Your location on the route, the time that you need to be in place and specific role will have been discussed with you in advance. If you have any doubt at all, do not hesitate to ring Sue.A brief summary is also provided on the marshal position list (on website and Notice Board.

During the race, please encourage runners – it’s always much appreciated and very much praised at post race feedback. If you are in one of the more remote locations, we would also be very grateful if you would collect any litter dropped by runners. You will be notified when your job is complete by the presence of a “Back Marker” – an Alnwick Harrier wearing a labelled florescent jacket. This means you are free to go! At the end of the race (usually from 12.30 onwards) you are welcome to join us for the race presentation at the Red Lion Inn, Alnmouth. Depending on your location and the time remaining, you might also enjoy coming to Alnmouth beach to cheer home the last runners. The atmosphere is usually great and the more supporters the better. However, note that parking may be very difficult, so be prepared. At the race end, if you are prepared to help with clearing items from the beach, it will be much appreciated!

All medical emergencies will be handled by the Rapid Response (RR) unit (key contacts are Chris 07834898525 and Dave 07859 039882) and their team of six medicswho will be available at various key points on the race route. Please take your mobile phone with you in case you require help. If first aid is required, this will be coordinated by RR once you contact them. However, if a serious emergency occurs, first ring 999 and request an ambulance in the usual manner to make optimal use of time. Then ring RR for immediate back up support. Report all significant issues to RR. Minor first aid treatment is also available at all water stations; advise runners if necessary.

Finally, thank you again for your help. We hope you enjoy the event and will also welcome any feedback.

Alnwick Harriers