Lilac and Pink Classes

Lilac and Pink Classes

Banstead Infant School

Lilac and Pink Classes

Summer Term 2013

This term the children will be time travelling back to the Victorian times. To enhance the children’s learning we will be going on an educational visit to Farnham’s Victorian Museum.


The work in Literacy will be based around mainlynon-fiction text and research using the internet.


  • Recounts
  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Factual comparisons
  • Information texts
  • Questions
  • Instructions
  • Labelling
  • Imaginative writing
  • Riddles


  • Continue to learn letter sounds and patterns
  • Shared reading as a class
  • Individual or group reading
  • Developing reading strategies:- Context (working out the words from the meaning of the sentence), picture cues, applying knowledge of letter sounds and patterns
  • Research from the internet
  • Use and extract information from non fiction texts

Speaking and Listening

  • Taking on roles of famous people from the past (hot seating)
  • Role play (puppet theatre, Victorian classroom and kitchen)
  • Working in pairs (LearningPartners)
  • Drama (freeze frame)
  • Listening to and appreciating each others role play performances


The work in Numeracy will cover a range of areas including;

  • Addition and subtraction using number lines, hundred squares and counting on mentally
  • Number bonds to 10 and extend to 20
  • Place value
  • Shape – 2D and 3D
  • Capacity
  • Measuring in cm and m
  • Handling data (graphs)
  • Time – days and months, telling the time using analogue clocks
  • Money – totals and change using money up to 30-p
  • Position and direction


The children will be using the ‘skills of a scientist’ and carrying out investigations involving:

  • Electricity
  • Life cycles
  • Pond dipping

Information. Communication and Technology (ICT)

The children will use:

  • the internet to search for information
  • 2 Simple drawingpackage
  • 2 Create a Superstory
  • 2simple Music
  • Beeboots (programmable toys)
  • Science Fair CD Rom

Design and Technology

  • Design and make vehicle with a moving mechanism
  • Design and make crowns
  • Clay Tiles
  • Cooking


Use different media to create:-

  • Tile printing
  • Collage
  • Work inspired by famous artists – George Seurat, William Morris and Andy Warhol
  • Observational drawings

Religious Education

During this termwe will continue to look at the Christian and Jewish Religions. We will also be reading Parables from the Bible and discussing their meaning.


  • Listening to and appreciating music from the past and present
  • Exploring timbre, tempo and dynamics
  • Choose instruments to accompanysongs
  • Singing traditional Victorian songs

Physical Education

In dance the children will be exploring and learning different styles of dance, as we travel through time as part of our topic. In gymnastics the children will be working on performing movement phrases using a range of body actions and body parts through changing speed, level and direction. In games they will be developing and practisingthe skills need for sports day.

Your support for your child at home and at school is greatly valued and appreciated especially with daily reading and guidance with completing homework.