KLUDI Silke Kersting

KLUDI Silke Kersting

KLUDI PLUS: That extra space and flexibility in the bathroom

Kludi Plus translates the classic, modern design into a universal range of bathroom furniture that gives every bathroom a distinct structure and outline with clear geometric lines and soft curves. Depending on the layout and individual preferences, the ideal bathroom can be put together with Kludi Plus, as the collection includes ceramic solutions for wash basin, toilet and bidet as well as mirrors and elegant furniture; only the mixer fittings need to be selected.

The art of bathroom creation is to ensure the optimum use of the space available. Kludi Plus was developed precisely for this. With its clean lines and aesthetic forms, the collection consisting of wash stand, counter top wash basin, toilet, bidet, mirrors as well as elegant bathroom furniture makes the most of the available space in the bathroom and, almost as an afterthought, provides plenty of storage space and a basic structure. Thanks to the minimalist design that, depending on the furniture, plays with lines and gentle curves, the Kludi Plus bathroom fittings suit the design of both a modern, geometric bathroom and an organically-inspired bathroom stylishly and with ease, creating a modern, uncluttered atmosphere for pure relaxation before or after a hard day's work.

The collection was designed in three different stages so that the guest bathroom, the small bathroom as well as the family bathroom work in all settings; the counter top washbasin with counter module and mirror assembly would be stage one and ideal for guest bathrooms, for example. For the second stage, the matching cabinet for additional storage space is added as it is often needed in small bathrooms, while for level three, a double base cabinet is also suited to the storage space demands of a family. The operation of the cabinet doors is a top design feature, thanks to high-quality fittings without handles; just tap to open.

Ultimately, however, all the elements of Kludi Plus can be freely combined according to bathroom layout and the size of the household. This gives the bathroom planner a free hand when choosing, which is particularly convenient when planning small or guest bathrooms. To match the furniture modules, there is a choice between a counter top washbasin and a ceramic wall washbasin, a compact, wall-mounted WC and bidet also made of ceramic, and an illuminated mirror with integrated side lighting and a crystal mirror without lighting.

A great detail is the gleaming chrome panel which can be fitted to the wash basin, toilet and bidet upon request; this not only gives the white ceramic its own charm, but also lends it a light and airy look. The bright chrome reflects the surroundings, visually highlighting the bottom centimetre of the bathroom fittings, so that the basin appears to float. This enhances small bathrooms in particular as the room looks spacious without compromising on quality or design details.

The toilet and bidet are also particularly well designed: the wall-mounted ceramic fittings are ergonomic in form and are quick and easy to clean. The toilet seat and lid are also very easy to clean, as they can be easily removed at the push of a button and just as easily replaced. As they close silently and effortlessly just by tapping, banging toilet seats and jammed children's fingers are a thing of the past.

All in all, the Kludi Plus design concept incorporates a wide range of modern living styles, with impressive attention to detail, and matches perfectly with the premium bathroom mixers and accessory lines.

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KLUDI is a German specialist for bathroom and kitchen mixer taps, showers, bathroom accessories and complete bathroom solutions. Since 1926, this family business from the Westphalian town of Menden has been shaping the development of the industry with revolutionary ideas and practical products for kitchen and bathroom. Many features that are characteristic of modern mixers and showers were, and still are, designed in Menden. For instance, KLUDI attested to its pioneering work with the invention of the multi-battery, which enables additional connections for a washing machine and dishwasher. Further evidence of the innovative strength of the company is the development of the bayonet coupling for all fittings near the window and the world's first hybrid, electronically and manually operated kitchen mixer tap KLUDI-EGO. Over 1,000 people are employed at KLUDI, ensuring that design and technology from Germany results in products that meet the high standards of customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. KLUDI achieves over 50 per cent of overall turnover abroad. This is why KLUDI maintains twelve international sales organisations, as well as three European factories and two outside Europe, in addition to its headquarters in Menden.

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