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KJ Interior Rack

Step 1: Take the Left and Right Rear Mounting Brackets and line them up with the factory indention as shown to the right.

Use a felt tip pen or a scribe to mark the placement of the hole. (Note: Do not mix up the brackets from either side. Pictured is the driver-side, or left, bracket.)

Step 2: Using a small pilot drill, drill (in the center of your marked hole) through the plastic and the inner wall of the Liberty with a 1/8” pilot drill bit. PLEASE USE CAUTION TO DRILL SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY. After you have drilled the pilot hole, redrill using the 25/64” drill bit. Please drill slowly – you are drilling through plastic and sheet metal!

Step 3: Pull back the plastic interior panels to expose the hole you just drilled through the sheet metal. See pictures above and to the right. After installing the metal inserts into the holes, re-snap all plastic trim into place. (For directions on how to use the insert tool, please see the attached THREADED INSERT INSTALLATION PROCEDURE.)

Step 4: Bolt up the right and left brackets using the 1 ¼” x ¼-20 hex head bolt and washer. See picture below.

Step 5: Fold down the rear seats. Assemble the front right and left brackets (as shown in photo below) onto the seat striker catches. You will do this using the “zig-zag” bracket, nut plate and two Phillips head screws. Snug up the bolts, but DON’T TIGHTEN. Leave the brackets loose until you install the Interior Rack (so you can adjust as needed).

Drive-side Front Bracket shown.

Step 6: Install the Interior Rack into the vehicle ontop of the four mounting brackets you installed.

IMPORTANT: The ALL J PRODUCTS label must face toward the REAR of the vehicle. This is important because of how the holes in the Interior Rack are drilled.

Step 7: Bolt the Interior Rack to the brackets using the Phillips head screws with a washer and a lock-nut on the bottom of the rack. As you insert the bolts, make adjustments to the brackets as needed for fit. Once the Interior Rack is fitted and adjusted to your liking, tighten all hardware for a snug fit.

We hope you will enjoy your All J Products Interior Rack! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 909-866-4800.




  1. Lubricate washer surfaces with light grease or engine oil.
  2. Slide two washers and the 5/16” serrated nut over the 1” x ¼-20 bolt as shown. Now thread the insert on the bolt and seat the insert’s flange against the nuts serrated surface finger tight.
  3. Place the insert into one of the drilled holes.
  4. Tighten the bolt with a 7/16” wrench while holding the nut with a ½” box end wrench. Make sure the flanged head of the insert is flat against the frame surface.

NOTE: As you tighten, the initial force required is high. As you turn the bolt head more, the force required becomes less (this is due to the insert expanding). The force again starts to increase as the insert is fully expanded. This is when to STOP tightening. DAMAGE TO THE THREADS WILL OCCUR IF TIGHTENED BEYOND THIS POINT!

  1. Reuse the insert to and repeat this procedure to install the hardware for the other side.

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