Joint Venture Developer Partner

Joint Venture Developer Partner

Norwalk Housing Authority


Joint Venture Developer Partner

The Norwalk Housing Authority (“NHA”) is requesting qualifications from experienced Development Companies (“Developer Partner”) to take part in a Joint Venture Partnership to acquire and redevelop affordable housing properties currently owned or to be acquired by NHA or one of its affiliates. The successful party will prove through its submittal that it possesses the qualifications necessary to implement and manage the redevelopment and acquisition process. The successful respondent will demonstrate its ability to fund predevelopment costs, acquisition costs, and have the availability of funds to acquire the target properties (which could amount to several million dollars). The successful candidate must also possess the necessary management capabilities to undertake the management duties for all qualified properties post acquisition/development. Candidates must meet the criteria outlined in this RFQ to be considered in the selection process.

Sealed responses to this solicitation will be received by the Norwalk Housing Authority until 11:00 a.m. local time onMarch 16, 2015.

Deliver eight (8) complete sets (one original clearly marked or stamped "original" and seven (7) copies of the required submittals in a sealed envelope or box clearly marked with the words "RFQDocuments", to the NHA Executive Director at the following address:

Mr. Curtis Law, Executive Director

Norwalk Housing Authority

24 ½ Monroe Street

South Norwalk, CT 06854

Place the following information in the upper, left-hand corner on the outside of the envelope when submitting the response:

Company Name


RFQ Title

Date and Time responses are due

A copy of the RFQ, package may be downloaded from NHA's website at

All responses submitted are subject to these Instructions and Supplemental Instructions to Offerors, General and Supplemental Conditions, and all other requirements contained herein, all of which are made a part of this Request for Qualifications by reference. The Norwalk Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any or all qualifications and to waive any informalities in the submission process if it is in the public interest to do so.


1. Interpretations/Questions

During the period between issuance of this RFQ and the qualification due date no oral interpretation of the RFQ requirements will be given to any prospective offeror. Any requests for interpretations must be made in writing emailed to Greg Lickwola, NHA Construction Manager, at . Deadline for inquiries is 11:59pm March 10, 2015, and all questions/answers will be posted to the NHA websiteby 9:00pm March 12, 2015. ( Questions and answers may be posted earlier as well.

2. Addendum and Update Procedures for the RFQ

During the period of advertisement for this RFQ, NHA may wish to amend, add to, or delete from, the contents of this RFQ. In such situations, NHA will issue an addendum to the RFQ setting forth the nature of the modification(s). NHA will email the addenda to all entities who submit to NHA the Notice of Intent to Respond (Appendix A) and will post all addenda pertaining to this RFQ on its website at

3. Qualification Format

All qualifications shall be submitted in 8 1/2 x 11 inch format, preferably in 3 ring binders. Larger size pages or inserts may be used provided they fold to 81/2 x11-inches. All copies of the submittal must be identical in content and organization. Consideration should be given to the form and format of the submittal to facilitate internal duplication of the submittal. Qualifications shall be organized into sections and tabbed for ease of review. Provide a comprehensive Table of Contents at the front of the qualifications. Organize the qualification in response to the submission requirements, taking care to address all issues identified in the Scope of Services. The front cover of the qualifications shall bear the name of the RFQ, the date, and the respondent's name, address, phone and fax number.

4. Submittal Forms

Provide, as a part of the qualifications, all required certifications on forms included in this RFQ. Each form that requires signatures must bear an original signature.

5. Acceptance of Qualifications

Qualifications must be signed, sealed and received in completed form at the NHA Administrative Office at 24½ Monroe Street, South Norwalk, CT 06854 no later than the qualification submission time and date. Unsealed qualifications will not be accepted. Qualifications submitted after the designated date and hour will not be accepted for any reason and will be returned unopened to the originator. NHA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or to take exception to these RFQ specifications.

Respondent may be excluded from further consideration for failure to fully comply with the specifications of this RFQ.

6. Time for Reviewing Qualifications

Qualifications received prior to the due date and time will be securely kept, unopened. The officer whose duty it is to open them will decide when the specified time has arrived, and no qualifications received hereafter will be considered. Qualifications once submitted become the property of NHA.

7. Withdrawal of Qualifications

Qualifications may be withdrawn on written or telegraphic (faxed) request dispatched by the respondent in time for delivery in the normal course of business prior to the time fixed for receipt, provided that written confirmation of any telegraphic withdrawal over the signature of the respondent is placed in the mail and postmarked prior to the time set for qualifications opening. Negligence on the part of the respondent in preparing its qualification confers no right of withdrawal or modification of its qualificationsafter the due date and time.

8. Award of Contracts

NHA shall enter into negotiations of a Joint Venture Agreement with the highest-ranked respondent according to the evaluation criteria contained herein, provided the award is in the best interest of NHA. The highest ranked respondent will be notified at the earliest practical date. No award may be made to contractors or firms that are on the Department of Housing and Urban Development's list of contractors ineligible to receive awards from NHA or the United States Government, as furnished from time to time by HUD. NHA reserves the right to not award a contract if respondents are not deemed qualified or responsive to the submission requirements of this RFQ. IfNHA is unsuccessful in contract negotiations with the highest-ranked respondent, NHA reserves the right to enter into negotiations with the next highest-ranked respondent.

9. Certification of Legal Entity

Prior to execution of the contract agreement, the respondent shall certify that joint ventures, partnerships, team agreements, new corporations or other entities that either exist or will be formally structured are, or will be legal and binding under Connecticut law.

10. Costs Borne by Respondent

All costs related to the preparation of this response, and any related activities are the responsibility of the respondent. NHA assumes no liability for any costs incurred by the respondent throughout the entire selection process.

11. Best Available Data

All information contained in this RFQ is the best data available to NHA at the time the RFQ was prepared. The information given in the RFQ is not intended as representations having binding legal effect. This information is furnished for the convenience of respondents and NHA assumes no liability for any errors or omissions.

12. Contact with Staff, Board Members, and Residents

Offerors may not make any contact with NHA Staff, Board Members, residents, or consultants relating to this RFQ. All communications with NHA shall be in writing.

13. Respondent Responsibilities

Each respondent is presumed by NHA to have thoroughly studied this RFQ and become familiar with the package's contents, the location, nature, etc. Any failure to understand completely any aspect of this RFQ is the responsibility of the respondent.

14. Anticipated RFQ Schedule

RFQ Advertised2/21/15

Qualifications Submitted 3/16/15by 11:00am

Review of Qualifications Complete3/20/15

Interview Invitations3/20/15

Interviews week of 3/23/15

Board Award week of 3/30/15

Norwalk Housing Authority


Joint Venture Developer Partner


1.1 Norwalk Housing Authority

Norwalk Housing Authority Background: NHA is a public body corporate that provides affordable housing to about 2,418 low-income people in Norwalk. NHA owns and operates 1,128 units of housing; including 200 units as part of the State Moderate Rental Program and 41 State Congregate housing units. The NHA administers 680 HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and a 163 unit moderate rehab project. NHA was established by the City of Norwalk under State of Connecticut enabling legislation on April 25, 1938. NHA is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners, four (4) of which are appointed by the Mayor of Norwalk and the remaining member is elected by NHA residents/Section 8 participants. NHA has approximately 48 full and 56 part-time employees plus 85 full and 12 part time Head Start and preschool employees and a total operating budget of $38,481,254 million for Fiscal Year 2016.


2.1 Overview

Throughout the redevelopment of the Project, the Developer Partner will work closely with NHA staff, the residents, NHA's consultants, and the City of Norwalk and its consultants. The Developer Partner will be responsible for ensuring that the final Acquisition and Development Plan is financed and implemented.

2.2 Role of Developer Partner

  • Oversee and Implement Redevelopment and Acquisition Plan- Provide the necessary staffing, expertise, supervision and guarantees to implement all aspects of the redevelopment fully and expeditiously as required by the Joint Venture Agreement.
  • Hire and Manage Consultants and Contractors Necessary to Implement the Project - Procure other consultants and/or contractors and coordinate all tasks necessary to implement the redevelopment. Any substitution of key consultants previously hired by NHA shall require NHA approval.
  • Redevelopment and Acquisition Plan- At a minimum outside consultants will be needed as appropriate to cover the architectural, environmental review, market analysis, geo-technical studies, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, and any other activities deemed necessary by the selected Developer Partner. Respondents are strongly encouraged to describe expertise in areas of relevance to this RFQ.
  • Maintain Communication Regarding Project Progress with NHA- NHA will establish a regular schedule of meetings, in which the selected Developer Partner will participate. Moreover, the Developer Partner will be responsible for submitting monthly progress reports on the project status and schedule, including but not limited to design, permits, financing, resident coordination, etc. The related format and media form of such reports will be defined in the Joint Venture Agreement.
  • Develop and Maintain Quality Control Measures - The Developer Partner is responsible for ensuring the Project is constructed and managed with the highest quality materials and workmanship. The Developer Partner will be required to implement quality assurance and control measures to ensure effective performance by all parties in all aspects of the program.
  • Develop and Maintain a Detailed Development Schedule and Critical Path Schedule - Develop and maintain a detailed schedule of events, predicated on financing deadlines, that includes pre-development activities, construction start, project stabilization and permanent loan close. Develop a Critical Path Schedule for all phases of construction, and lease-up and stabilization.
  • Foster Resident Involvement in Project Implementation - Facilitate and foster the involvement of residents in the implementation of the Redevelopment Plan. In cooperation with NHA, keep residents informed of the status of the revitalization effort, plan for providing job opportunities for residents during and after implementation, and assist/encourage resident businesses. A Section 3 contractor and employee hiring plan must be submitted.
  • Responsive to Local Community, Neighborhood, and City Interests - Promote and maintain good relations with community and neighborhood groups, and federal, state and local governments.
  • Obtain HUD Approval – Developer shall obtain, when necessary, HUD approvals required in connection with the project including HAP transfer and extension of HAP contracts to 20 years.
  • Compliance with Laws - Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations applying to the activities required by the Agreement.
  • Debarment - The Developer Partner must provide evidence that developer and any subcontractor are not debarred, suspended or otherwise prohibited fromentering into any public contract by any federal, state or local agency.
  • Design Development Process- During the schematic design and design development phases, meet regularly with NHA to review all aspects of the design. Activities include but are not limited to securing permits and approvals, entitlements, survey and engineering, etc.
  • Obtain Environmental Clearances - In collaboration with NHA procure the necessary consultants and prepare the necessary documents to obtain environmental clearances from all interested agencies.
  • Predevelopment Costs - Fund necessary predevelopment, acquisition and closing costs.
  • Tenant Relocation Plan - Provide and carry out a tenant relocation plan in conformance with applicable regulations and approval by NHA.
  • Social Services Plan - Devise and implement an appropriate social services plan for residents in coordination with NHA.Applicants for these programs shall be selected from waiting lists maintained by NHA.
  • Plans and Specifications - Responsible for the preparation of the infrastructure and building plans and specifications which will be subject to NHA and City review and all required approvals.
  • Produce an Overall Financing Plan - Produce an attainable financing plan for the overall redevelopment project and target acquisitions.
  • Financing Application(s) - The Developer Partner will be required to pursue diligently and use best efforts to obtain all financing necessary to acquire and redevelop target properties. Financing opportunities may include, but not be limited to, tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, state and local funds and private debt.
  • Maximize the Leveraging of Public and Private Resources - Maximize the leveraging of public and private resources by pursuing all reasonable sources of financing and utilizing a variety of partners and partnerships. Take full responsibility for securing all financing sources in a timely fashion
  • Coordinate discussion and negotiations with financial institutions and private partners- All financing terms are subject to review and approval by NHA.
  • Guarantees - Provide all guarantees required for the successful financing of the Project, including completion guarantees, operating deficit guarantees, and tax credit adjuster or recapture guarantees and guarantees of performance under the Agreement. The Developer Partner will be required to demonstrate financial ability to honor the guarantees, and indicate how they intend to honor the guarantees if necessary.
  • Operating Feasibility - Structure such reserves and other devices as will reasonably guarantee the long-term operating feasibility of the Project, utilizing no more subsidy than is made available or committed by NHA.
  • Accounting/Financing - Maintain accounting records and ensure Project financing is available at the appropriate times and utilized in the appropriate manner.
  • Work with NHA- The Developer Partner shall work with NHA to successfully complete all redevelopment goals.

2.5 Construction

  • Hire Qualified General Contractors and Oversee Construction Activities - The Developer Partner will create and implement with NHA approval a process for selecting the most qualified General Contractor, it is expected that all construction contracts will not be awarded to any identity of interest general contractors. During construction, the Developer Partner shall provide oversight, and management as deemed necessary, of construction activities by coordinating with all development team members and attending jobsite meetings to ensure the expeditious implementation of construction activities.

2.6 Ownership and Asset Management

  • Organize Ownership Entity - The selected Developer Partner will be expected to organize an ownership entity and structure approved by NHA, which will includean affiliate of the NHA as a special limited partner.
  • Ensure the Short and Long Term Viability of the Redeveloped Projects - Developer Partner shall develop and implement marketing, re-occupancy, asset and property management plans that will ensure the short- and long-term viability of the Project
  • Market and Lease-up the Rental Units - The Developer Partner shall create and implement a marketing and lease-up strategy for the rental units to ensure that stabilized occupancy is achieved in compliance with all applicable financing and land use agreements and HUD requirements.


3.1 Developer Partner Minimum Prerequisites

  • Extensive experience in the development, ownership and management of Section 8 family and elderly housing (e.g. Housing Choice Voucher Program, Project-Based Voucher Program, etc.) with at least 15 or more years of experience in the field.
  • Extensive experience in utilizing Low Income Housing Tax Credits to finance and develop affordable housing. (Both 9% and 4% Tax Credits)
  • Extensive experience with tax-exempt bond financing including utilizing FHA 221 (d)(4) mortgage insurance; FNMA, Freddie Mac, CHFA, and DOH.
  • Extensive experience in managing on-site relocation during construction.
  • Extensive experience in obtaining HOME, Brownfields, CHFA Housing Tax Credit ContributionProgram and other state and federal grant programs.
  • Extensive experience working with Connecticut Housing Authorities.
  • Extensive experience working collaboratively with residents devising and implementing on-site social services programs for residents or working with consultants who do this.
  • Detail experience with the various applicable HUD and State of Connecticut Grant Programs such as; Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS), and Senior Preservation Rental Assistance Contracts Program (SPRAC), and Energy Rebates.
  • Ability to fund acquisition, predevelopment, and stabilization costs in an amount not less than $10 million within a 3 to 6 month time frame.
  • Ability to provide guarantees typically required by lenders such as FNMA, Freddie Mac and HUD/FHA, CHFA, DOH, and equity investors during all phases of predevelopment and development and operations.
  • Have a minimum net worth of $20 million.