How Can You Drink a Lot Without Getting Drunk

How Can You Drink a Lot Without Getting Drunk

How can you drink a lot without getting drunk

1, eat something bottom: before drinking first edible oily food, such as fat, elbow, etc., or drinking milk, the use of food fat is not easy to digest the characteristics of the protection of the stomach, in order to prevent alcohol penetration of the stomach wall. The same is true of the guava's green skin. Never hollow drink or soda, soda water and wine together drinking, this will make the stomach in no protection under the circumstances to speed up the absorption of alcohol, so that the liver too late detoxification, alcohol concentration and lead to drunkenness.

2, carefully choose the auxiliary dish: the best auxiliary dish when promote high protein and food containing many vitamins, avoid by all means salt fish, sausage, bacon with wine, this kind of food contains a lot of pigment and nitrosamine, reaction with alcohol, not only injury to the liver, but also damage to the oral cavity and esophageal mucosa, and even cause cancer. Error therapy method: with milk and tea. In addition, often drinking and pay attention to the following situation: in milk and related products is rich in a known as protein ingredients, combined with alcohol, elastic tissue of vascular damage, easy to make the lipid especially cholesterol deposition in the blood vessel walls, so that gradually blocked blood vessels, and ultimately lead to hardening of the arteries. Theophylline in tea can stimulate kidney to accelerate diuretic action, because drainage is too fast, can introduce acetaldehyde that does not have enough time to completely oxidize decomposition in advance kidney, stimulate kidney, kidney gets the double stimulation of tea and acetaldehyde, cause micturate overmuch, make kidney load overweight, harmful material deposit produces stone in kidney.

People in the communication process, will inevitably drink too much, some even appear alcohol poisoning, can be solved by the following methods, the effect is significant and reliable.

1, bananas: excessive drinking poisoning light, immediately eat bananas 3-5, can clear heat cool blood, runfei jiejiu;

2. VC tablets: for patients with excessive alcohol consumption and nausea and vomiting, take 6-10 VC tablets orally immediately.VC can remove alcohol from blood.

3. Pears: for severe poisoning, pear juice can be administered;

4, white radish: wash the skin, eat 1-2 raw, poisoning severe unconscious, can juice 200 ml irrigation;

5, lotus root: moderate alcoholism, you can cut the lotus root into thin slices 100-200 grams, put in boiling water for a while, remove put a small amount of white sugar stir, wait until cool after eating.If poisoning is serious coma, can use 100-200 ml of cool lotus root juice irrigation;

6. Water bamboo shoots: drunk and unconscious, apply juice of water bamboo shoots and a little ginger juice to administer;

7, vinegar and sugar: general drunk available 40-50 ml vinegar, add 10-20 grams of sugar and a small amount of water, a drink, can quickly cure alcohol;

8. Mung beans: mash mung beans, pour them into boiling water, and then cool them in the refrigerator.

If drunk, of course the taste will be very uncomfortable, you can use the following several anti alcoholic diet. Drink vinegar vinegar and alcohol mixed, can produce ethyl acetate and water, thereby reducing alcohol damage to the human body. Drunk immediately drink some vinegar, or add right amount of brown sugar in vinegar, can have obvious anti alcoholic effect. Drink coffee coffee to have stronger excitement, strong heart, diuretic, anti alcoholic effect. After drunkenness when lethargy phenomenon, can open bubble strong coffee, drink frequently take, have better sober effect. Eating turnips can cure alcohol poisoning. Drunk can chew raw radish; Or the raw radish pound juice, adjust right amount of brown sugar drink; You can also use radish seeds for soup. Such as the radish cut into shreds, add vinegar and sugar mix, that is, sweet and sour radish shreds, food both cool and sour, refreshing and refreshing hangover, to prevent and cure drunkenness is very effective.