Homework Assignments for Unit 4

Homework Assignments for Unit 4


CHAPTER 15 and 16

October 6-October 24

TEST ON October 24, 2014

General Instructions: Complete one “layer” before going on to the next. No late work will be accepted. Each assignment has a point value based on the amount of time and effort needed to complete the task. You must earn the required number of points to receive the grade. Most of the assignments can be completed in class except for layer 3 and 4 which is homework. The work on this list will be considered a unit grade and entered in the homework section on infinite campus.

Student you may hand in the work early but it is your job to make sure you bring up the checklist to get signed. I will initial the assignment when I receive it. Please always enter the page in the notebook where you can find the work. Most everything will be found on my website if you need to download it. Go to Woodland’s website, click on teachers, click on my name, and then click the unit number on the left hand side.

Layer 1: Basic understanding, ALL REQUIRED (30 POINTS)

Due date / Page In Notebook / Points / Assignments / initials
10/13 / 10 / Foldable on the different types of energy
10/16 / 10 / Foldable with the tv showing different conversions
10/21 / 10 / Foldable Heat

Layer 2: Put what you know into action, ALL REQUIRED (45), most of these will be done in class and put in the interactive notebook

Due date / Page in Notebook / Points / Assignments / initials
10/16 / 5 / Energy problems
10/17 / 5 / Conversion worksheet
10/20 / 5 / Convection, conduction, and radiation worksheet
10/21 / 5 / short questions on insulators and conductors
10/21 / 5 / Choose one form of energy and write about the advantages and disadvantages of using it.
10/21 / 10 / Section review (online only)

Layer3: You must choose 10 points from the list below

Due date / Page In Notebook / Points / Assignments / initials
10/22 / Read the articles and write a summary on each one chosen. Summary should be a minimum of a 4 sentences
10 /
5 /
5 / http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/thermo/heatra.html
10/22 / Watch the videos and write a summary on each one chosen. Summary should be a minimum of a 4 sentences
5 /
5 /
5 /
10/22 / 5 / Using your own words, write a brief summary of the law of conservation of energy. Include examples from your everyday life
10/22 / 5 / Write a paragraph about how a home can save money on their heating bills. Give specific examples what you can do to lower your families heating bill.

Layer 4: Choose one from below

Due date / Page in notebook / Points / Assignments / initials
10/24 / 10 / Select an amusement park ride (other than a roller coaster) and research it. Write a paragraph explaining the principles of physics behind it.
10/24 / 10 / Draw an amusement ride (anything but a roller coaster) and label where potential and kinetic energy is the highest, lowest, where there is negative and positive acceleration.
10/24 / 10 / Research an amusement park ride (no rollercoaster) and create a power point explaining the principles of physics behind it.