Home Fellowshipmanual for the Week Ofapril 16Th, 2017

Home Fellowshipmanual for the Week Ofapril 16Th, 2017

Home FellowshipManual for the week ofApril 16th, 2017

(Based on Sermon by Rev. David Edosa)

Title:Jesus is Alive

Scripture Text: Matthew 28:5-6


Have you ever wondered what would have happened to mankind, or the faith of the Christian without the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ? God sent Jesus because we (mankind) needed Him to save us from our sins. He came to do what no other man could do.

Why was it necessary for mankind to be saved?

Man was doomed to die because we lost it all due to disobedience in the Garden of Eden.

Mankind was lost and looking for the crucified Jesus because something got missed in man after the act in the garden of Eden – Read Matthew 28:5-6

Due to the fact that mankind can’t deliver his own life and to overcome death – Read Psalm 89:48

Because God loves mankind so much and don’t want them to perish, but to come to the understanding of God’s love – Read John 3:16 & Ephesians 2:1

God wanted to restore man to his former glory that was lost which made Christ to taste death – Read Hebrew 2:9 and for us to enjoy a relationship with Christ – Read Philippians 2:9

To make the life of man better because in the midst of our challenges, God is always there to see us through.

To set man free of bondage and Jesus being the truth and life that is needed to accomplish this.

For death to die. Crucifixion of Jesus killed death in exchange for life to mankind and to destroy the work of the evil one – read 1 John 3:8

Things you need to know…..

Being alive physically doesn’t mean that man is alive spiritually, this means death to God and His things.

Your faith and believe in God doesn’t stop death, but the outcome is surely different from the death of unbelief.

A life without Christ is a life full of crisis.

Adam chose to secure knowledge of good and bad outside of God’s will.

Sins made man to lose purpose.

You can’t be afraid of darkness when you have the light (Jesus) with you.

The enemy is on a mission to steal, kill and destroy – Read John 10:10, but God is willing to bless us with abundant life.

A life that is not anchored in God is dead.


Thanks and glory be to God for sending His only begotten son to come and take away the curse brought upon humanity due to our sins. We no longer walk in the same way we used to, we are a new creature. Because we have Jesus on our side, no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. We can be confident that in the midst of any challenges, He is there. He has overcome death. Jesus is Alive.