HEP of Texas, Inc. Requires a Dress Code of Its Students Participating in Graduation 2018

HEP of Texas, Inc. Requires a Dress Code of Its Students Participating in Graduation 2018

HEP of Texas, Inc. requires a Dress Code of its students participating in Graduation 2018.

The purpose of a Dress Code is to ensure that all students represent the Homeschooling Community and HEP of Texas, Inc. in a modest and respectful manner. Although we know we can expect the best from our students, we feel it necessary for each Graduate to know and understand the mode of dress that is expected that day.

Please read and sign at the bottom of the page your agreement to the conditions of the Dress Code.

Non-compliance will result in the Graduate not being allowed to participate in the Graduation ceremony.

The following are to be strictly adhered to:

Boys are to wear dark blue or black dress slacks and dress shoes.

A shirt and tie—bow ties are acceptable—both of modest style.

Girls are to wear a dress or Capris that do not extend beyond the hem of the Graduation gown and not above the zipper break at the bottom of the gown, if the gown's zipper break is above the knees.

Girls' shoes are to be “dress-shoes,” heel height is not restricted, but should allow Graduate to maneuver stairs that are without rails.

Girls' makeup, hair style and jewelry are to be within HEP standards for school attendance.

A Graduate who chooses to wear or partake of any of the following will not be allowed to participate in Graduation:

Flip flopsFlat sandals “Apostle Shoes” Vaans, Bobs or Toms—unless they are of a dress style

Ballet shoes or slip-onsHouse shoesBoots—cowboy, work or otherwise

Light-up shoesJeansPants (for girls)Pants not of black or dark blue

ShortsSunglassesBathing suits

T-shirts or shirts with large floppy collars, unless contained beneath the gown

Sequined, glittered, painted or otherwise decorated caps

Any non-approved regalia

Chewing tobacco, snuff, cigarettes or chewing gum

**Students entitled to regalia should wear cords as individual strands, not braided, looped or in any other style but as strands PTK, Mu Eta Sigma and/or National Society of High School Scholars are allowed to wear membership regalia including stoles, tassel medallions and gold cap tassel along with the class tassel.*

ESA members are to wear ESA regalia including the ESA tassel medallion, 2 gold tassels and ESA stole.*

Only 2 gold cords are allowed, regardless of the number of Honor Societies in which a Graduate holds membership.

Gold tassels are available at HEP for a lower cost than those from PTK or NSHSS and are the correct color coordination. All other colored tassels must be purchased through HEP.

Honors requires 3.5 GPA—including college scores—and a “passing” Grade of all classes at HEP.

Transcripts must be provided.

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