Godzilla 2014 Retelling

Godzilla 2014 Retelling

Godzilla 2014 Retelling

By: Kyero Di' Nelma

Retelling 1

I'm back, and I have a new story idea.

I have run Into a creative slump with Godzilla: Malevolent Waters and thus wll not continue until I have renewed inspiration on that project, Instead, being freshfrom watching the 2014 movle in theaters, I wll be putting together a rtelling of the events of the movle in the manner I would have lked to have seen them go


First major change: Godzlla will be a true ant-hero, You wHl not know whether to root for him or wish for his destruction. And when the. Admiral says thelr best

bet to destroy them is to use the nuclear bomb, you'll be leaning towards agreeing with him..

Second, Joe Brody won't die. He's going to remain on board for the long haul.-

And the last change I5 going to be some of the character dynamics. Ford Is going to be more proactive and engaging, as ATJ lacked that sense of urgency anddread bulding up !In the soul of someone who's famlly was In immedlate danger the whole time. Elle Brody Is going to be more like a woman with a husband who's

trying to fght monsters and a son who's in the danger zone with her as opposed to a woman who's taking things a litt to smoothly given the nature ot the

evenEs surrounding her.

I hope you guys enjoy this project!


So, I went back to reread my Godzilla 2014 rtlling and I came to a few conclusions:1) I was much too cautious with it.

The reason for this was because I was going off of memory from watching it only two or three times, and though I have a good memory for things I really enjoythere were numerous detalls which I either omitted by accident or on purpose which I should have included for various other reasons.2) I was tame in my treatment of Godzilla and the way humans viewed anđ responded to him.

Retelling the 2014 story was no excuse for being so tame and lald back. Human reaction to something lkek Gozilla and the MUTO's would be much, much more.aggressive and proactive on the part of the military Also, Godzilla and the MUTO's reaction to the humans. and what they do would be ditferent as well. I erred onthe side of cautiona bit to much, as stated in the previous detall and I stayed a bit too close to the original movie which at times was not a wise decision on mypart,

So to remedy this situation I will be re-making the reteling, but thanks to a very special source I have everything ! need to include everything which I couldn't

before incduding sections of dialogue, the ablty to further set up and explain in more depth and detall the environments and atmospheres of numerous sequencesthroughout the story, and explain much more accurately emotions that were in play and how they related each character to one other and their effect on othersaround them.'

For those who see this for the first time, since this is a rtling and not a duplicate of the original 2014 movle you wll notice right away the differences betweenmy reteling and the movie. Certain characters wll live and die dfferently than in the movle, the monsters will act very differently, and overall the pacing of my.eteling wll be diferent as well. The story Itself is largely unchanged, but each sequence will be longer and more action packed since as I writer I"m not llmitedd byvideo time constraints.

As a final plece of happy Information, there will be absolutely no doubt as to Godtlla being an anti-hero as opposed to an otherwise Idffrert hero that wasdepicted in the movie.

So I hope you guys look forward to it and enjoy! I know some will wonder why Tm doing it, but trust me, from the moment I put up the first chapter, I can assureyou that any doubts you have about another eteling will be put to rest as you'll notice an immediate difference in writing style and overall atmosphere.

I should have the first chapter up sometime tomorrow aftemoon, so sit tight andI wish you guys all the best asI get ready to teil the 2014 story for the finai timeas I beleve it should have been presented were movie tme constraints not an issue. It will be longer, more emotional, more action packed, and more brutal onboth humanity and the monsters than my original etelling, so 1 hope you guys enjoy!