Gebruik Deze Toets Om Op Te Schrijven

Gebruik Deze Toets Om Op Te Schrijven



2 (t)hv / Theme 1 / RTTI Theme Test

Gebruik deze toets om op te schrijven.

Duur van de toets: 1 lesuur


Listening: A

Speaking & Writing: B, C

Vocabulary: D, E,

Grammar: F, G, H

Reading: I

/ 10 punten / / 21 punten / / 14 punten / / 5 punten

50 punten totaal


APut in the correct order

Alex, Kate and their father are visiting an exhibition about space travel. Listen to Lift Off! (1). Put the statements in the order that they occur in the text. There are pauses.

A Kate and Alex are disappointed by the size of the space shuttle.

B Kate and Alex are looking forward to seeing an actual space shuttle.

C Kate and Alex are looking at a model of the actual space shuttle.

D Alex knows a lot about the first shuttle that went into space.

E Kate and Alex are impressed by the actual space shuttle.

F Kate and Alex have to hurry to be able to see the space shuttle.

The correct order is:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Speaking & Writing

B Write down the sentences

How do you say it in English?

7Hij bouwde een gedeelte van kasteel Arundel in West-Sussex.


8Pardon, welke datum is het?


9Vandaag is het acht oktober.


10Is er nog iets leuks gebeurd afgelopen weekend?


11Taylor en ik bleven tot laat op en speelden kaartspelen.


CWrite a review (5 punten)

12During your vacation in West Sussex last summer, you visited Arundel Castle. On the website of the castle you write a short review of your visit. Tell them what you liked and disliked at the castle.

Give your opinion of your visit to Arundel Castle.

Write in English. Write 100 – 120 words.














DTranslate the words

Translate the words between brackets into English. Write down your answer as accurately as possible.

13The ______(uitnodiging) looks nice.

14Last week, we visited a ______(kerker).

15That must be ______(middeleeuws).

16We can ______(laat opblijven) tonight.

17 There was a ______(mug) in my bedroom last night.

EChoose the correct word

Circle the word that doesn’t belong.

18future – past – century – present

19ancient – massive – recent – historical

20award – contest – tournament – castle

21ancestor – archeologist – maid – carpenter

22channel – card game – animated series – network


FComplete the sentences

Complete the sentences; use the past simple of to be. Make questions and negatives where necessary. Write down your answer as accurately as possible.

23______your sister sick at home last week or not?

24The first Indiana Jones and Back to the Future movies ______released in the nineties.

25______you at Anna’s birthday last Sunday afternoon or not?

26No, the actress only does films so she ______in this play.

27______you in Paris last summer or was it Berlin?

GComplete the letter

Complete the letter. Fill in the right prepositions of time (on / in / at).

Dear Lucy,

My parents, my brother and I went on a trip to Scotland last week. We left

(28) ______Monday and we returned yesterday (29) ______six

(30) ______the morning. It was such great fun! Dad and I visited a museum (31) ______Saturday. (32) ______the same time, Mum took David hiking. We all came back to the hotel (33) ______five ‘o clock, had dinner, and then went to see a theatre show (34) ______the evening.

(35) ______Sunday I went shopping with mum (36) ______the afternoon while Dad and David went mountain biking. It was such a lovely trip and Scotland is just amazing (37) ______the autumn!

I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,


HComplete the dialogue

Complete the dialogue. Fill in the past simple of the verbs between the brackets. Make questions and negatives where necessary. Write down your answer as accurately as possible.

Hannah: Grandma, (38) ______you ______(see) my new profile picture on Facebook?

Grandma: You know, dear, your good old grandma (39) ______(have) Facebook when she (40) ______(grow up).

Hannah: How (41) ______you ______(stay) in touch, then?

Grandma: Well, we (42) ______(write) letters, we

(43) ______(scribble) notes, and we (44) ______(stop) by each other’s houses to meet and chat. I

(45) ______(live) in a completely different era, dearest, without computers and mobile phones.


IAnswer the questions.

Read the text at the end of this test. Answer the questions.

46 Wat is de functie van alinea 1?

AOaangeven welke invloed de uitvindingen van de gebroeders Wright hebben op het leven van veel lezers

BOde lezers overtuigen om veel gebruik te maken van de nuttige uitvindingen van de gebroeders Wright

COeen sfeerbeeld creëren zodat de lezers zich beter in kunnen leven in de wereld van de gebroeders Wright

47 Door wie kregen de gebroeders Wright belangstelling voor vliegen?


48 Wat zou het beste tussenkopje zijn voor alinea 3?

AOBrothers start bike craze in the States

BOSell a bike to build a plane

COSwapping one passion for another

49De gebroeders Wright ontdekten iets over de eigen manier waarop vogels en fietsers bewegen. Maak de zinnen hieronder af.

Vogels ______

terwijl fietsers ______.

De verschillende bewegingen hebben toch hetzelfde resultaat, namelijk

dat ______

50Wat had Otto Lilienthal niet onder de knie en de gebroeders Wright wel tijdens het zweefvliegen? Schrijf een zinsdeel (een tot zeven woorden) over uit de tekst en leg uit.



51 Wat is de beste titel voor deze tekst?

AOBirds and bikes help Wright brothers build planes

BOWright brothers fly as high as birds in the sky

COWright brothers successful at cycling and flying


(1) Every holiday a lot of us get ready to board airplanes. We do so in order to visit family and friends across the country, to explore exotic places or to sunbathe on a far-off beach. Just imagine what life would be like if the Wright brothers hadn't dreamt of building the first passenger plane.
(2) The brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright (born in 1867 and 1871 respectively) were American inventors. Their father travelled a lot for his work and he often brought back toys for his children. In 1878 he brought back a small model helicopter for his boys. The model was based on a design by the French aeronautical pioneer Alphonse Pénaud. It was made of cork, bamboo and paper, and powered by a rubber band to twirl its blades. The brothers played with it until it broke, and then built a copy of it. This toy made them interested in flying. In 1899 they created their own first model: a cloth-covered kite, which they could steer from the ground.
(3) The brothers also shared a passion for bicycles - a new rage in the US. In 1892 they opened a bike shop, fixing bicycles and selling their own design. They invested the money they earned with the shop in model gliders and planes.
(4) The Wright brothers closely followed the research of Otto Lilienthal. This German aviator made many flights with gliders he made himself. Unfortunately, / Lilienthal died in a glider crash. The brothers then started their own experiments with flight. The brothers knew they could only make a successful and safe flight if they could carefully control a plane. That’s why they practiced gliding in gliders they made themselves before flying in their own motor-driven plane.
(5) Wilbur observed that birds changed the position of their wings to make their bodies roll right or left. The brothers decided this would be a good way to turn a flying machine. It was also just like a person riding a bike, leaning to one side. On 17 December 1903, they both managed to make a free, controlled flight in a plane. It was the beginning of the era of power-driven planes.
(6) The Wright brothers soon discovered that many people in the US didn’t believe them. As a result, they went to Europe, where they hoped to have more success. Wilbur made many public flights and gave rides to officials, statesmen and journalists. These events were a big hit. The brothers began to sell their airplanes in Europe, before returning to the US in 1909, where they became wealthy businessmen.
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