Forts Ferry PTA Meeting Minutes October 26, 2010

Forts Ferry PTA Meeting Minutes October 26, 2010

Forts Ferry PTA Meeting Minutes March 16, 2011

Attendance: Coreen Perna, Siren Chudgar, Colleen Commisso, Linda Harrison, Kathy Mattison, Jill Regan, Julie Dwyer, Deanna Morse, Leroy Robinson, Carol Hamilton, Rachael Osinski, Ron Anacona

Executive Committee: Angela Duax, Sue Rys, Amy Heinze, Tricia Bulatao, Dr. Lobdell, Brook Greco, Melissa Heid

Minutes provided by Tricia Bulatao.

Secretary’s Report was presented by Tricia Bulatao. Minutes from January 25, 2011 meeting were shared.

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Kathy Mattison and a second motion was made by Siren Chudgar. All

were in favor of the minutes being accepted by the membership.

School Update was presented by Dr. Lobdell.

  • Science Fair ~ We had 100 participants this year who shared some very clever projects that reflected a higher level of complexity than in past years. Next year will be the 10 year anniversary of our Science Fair. Mrs. Hippchen and Mrs. Womer are already planning for something special.
  • Rachel’s Challenge Week ~ At the time of this meeting, we were half way through the theme week. On Spirit Day, we raised $400 for the Children’s Cancer Society and funds were still being collected. Pay It Forward day was successful with students passing on bracelets for nice things that were done during the day. It was so well received that many classes opted to continue the practice during the week. Mix It Up Day put many of our 6th Graders in a leadership role of sitting with other grade levels during lunch time. Throughout the week, adult books were being collected for our Books for Troops book drive.
  • Children’s Assemblies ~Upcoming events at the time of the meeting were Mr. Biss with his Exotic Animals scheduled for March 23rd and Dinosaur Rock on April 1st. Price Chopper is also scheduled to come in and present a free program on nutrition and kids cooking. On June 10th, Balls in the House is scheduled to perform on Forts Festival Day.
  • District –Wide Workshop Day is Friday, March 25th.
  • Trimester Reporting ~ In the 2010-2011 academic year, there will be 3 report periods instead of 4 which will allow for a more thorough evaluation of each student’s progress. Interim reporting will take place every 6 weeks and report cards will be sent home every 13 weeks with the first one to be presented on December 6. The first parent-teacher conference will be held in December which allow the teachers more time to work with the students and share more insight about each student’s progress and needs.
  • Other News ~ Classes are preparing for testing in May and are finalizing plans to close out the year.

Board of Education Update was presented by Linda Harrison and Siren Chudgar.

The Board has been focused on creating a sound budget. Most recently, there were discussions regarding changes that were being proposed for staffing, inner fund transfers, maintenance, and equipment to curb expenses. The meetings have been well attended by members of the community.

There was much discussion that many of the proposed cuts are simply buying the district time in that they are “one shot deals” that will have a minimal impact on program and staff this year but will not have a lasting impact on the budget for years to come. Much of the district-wide staffing reductions are being met through retirement and attrition. It was also noted that North Colonie is experiencing many less cuts than other districts this year.

Specifics about the District Budget Meetings and power point slides used at the meetings can be accessed through the North Colonie District website. Additionally, community members are encouraged to attend the upcoming meetings.

Committee Updates ~

  • Family Dance ~ Thank you to Melissa Garber & Crystal Bruno for chairing a successful event!
  • Barnes & Noble Night ~ Thank you to Mrs. Hodges for mounting all the artwork, the Music Teachers for preparing our choir, orchestra & band for their performances and to the many Teachers who will be reading at the event. Since this meeting, B&N Night was held on March 18th.
  • Flower Power Bulb Sale ~ This is the first time for this fundraiser. Orders may also be placed on line through April 29th.
  • Yearbook ~ Orders are being accepted through March. The books will be distributed to everyone at the end of June.
  • Silver Graphics ~ Orders will be delivered in April.
  • Carnival ~ The carnival will be held on Saturday, June 4th. Planning meetings are being held with the first one on March 22nd at 6pm. We will also be participating in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation which encourages volunteers to take pledges and then have their heads shaved to raise funds for research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives. Extensions can also be put in for $10. Latham Ridge just completed their drive and raised over $4400!
  • Read to Succeed ~ 136 children participated in this program. Reward tickets will arrive in May. Amy Heinze thanked Mrs. Mahan, Mrs. Sciubba, Ms. Guba, Mrs. Dwyer, Ms. Rosenstein, and Mrs. O’Connor for their extra efforts in supporting this program.

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Melissa Heid. The balance of funds on January 25th was $31,231.03 and the

current balance is $33,4209. Expenses included funding for the family dance, Music & Art programs, yearbook

supplies, lego league, class stipends and kindergarten screening supplies. It was noted that many of the expenses come

due at the the end of the school year.

The proposed PTA budget was then reviewed and there was discussion on the following points:

  • Classroom Parties ~ It is proposed to eliminate PTA subsidy for classroom parties. Dr. Lobdell shared that the

Building Council was also looking at restructuring the format for parties. This would allow each class to decide when and what to do each party day. Plans for each class will be decided in September and presented to the incoming room parents. Parties will depend on the donations made by parents.

  • School Directory ~ It is proposed that these will be made available for paying PTA members only. Membership

dues is $10 for the year and covers the cost of insurance, national member fees and to offset the cost of producing the directory.

  • Field Trip Funding ~ The $8K that was approved for this year was to offset the cuts made by the district this year.

There is a possibility that field trip funds will be completely cut next year. Dr. Lobdell shared that teachers are already creatively resourcing for field trips.

  • Teacher and Grade Level Stipends ~ It is proposed that these funds be reduced. Dr. Lobdell shared that teachers are checking supplies and pooling resources for projects.
  • Children’s Assemblies ~ There is a 50% cut proposed in this category that is being provided by the PTA and District funds. There was discussion about how the programming is planned which is essentially curriculum driven by the teachers and administration and then scheduled by the PTA. Dr. Lobdell shared that in addition to having a Primary teacher review the programs, an Intermediate teacher will also be brought in to balance the program selection so that it equally serves both K-3 and 4-6. It was also shared that the proposed cuts are within reason by resourcing more locally or by coordinating programming with other nearby schools.
  • Fundraising Highlights ~
  • One main Catalog Sale in the Fall
  • Walk-a-thon in the Fall that may be coordinated with some other schools within the district for some friendly competition.
  • No Entertainment Books.
  • A Forts Ferry Cookbook Sale in the Spring that will feature recipes from our families.
  • Continue with Silver Graphics.
  • Continue with Carnival
  • Continue with Barnes & Noble depending on this year’s success.

The PTA Budget for the 2011-2012 academic year will be voted on at our next PTA Meeting on May 12th. If anyone is

interested in looking at the numbers, please contact the PTA or attend the next meeting for more information.

New Business : Dr. Lobdell and Mrs. Dietrich are reviewing a revision to the Summer Reading Project and will be

meeting with teachers. Essentially, the new program will give K-6 students a choice of activities that will be

supported with an e-video. It is currently be worked on and will be available on the district website over the summer.

Officers for 2011-2012 will be up for vote on May 12th for the following positions listed below. Nominations for these

positions must be made by April 12th.

  • President
  • Vice President 2 - This position heads the Fundraising Committee. Running for this position is Brook Greco

Additionally, we have two positions open for Honorary Members. This position is for two members who would like to

explore the possibility of being a future PTA officer. They participate on the Executive Board by providing valuable

input and assistance. They do not have voting privileges. Those interested should contact the PTA Board.

Next PTA Meeting will be on Thursday, May 12th and will include a North Colonie Budget Presentation, Forts Ferry

PTA Budget and Officer Voting.

Siren Chudgar motioned for the meeting to be adjourned and a second motion was made by Colleen Commisso. The

meeting was adjourned.