Form 5867G - Application to Join - Met Police Volunteers

Form 5867G - Application to Join - Met Police Volunteers


/ Form 5867V
Application to Join - Met Police Volunteers as a Volunteer Police Cadet Leader

Advertised post applied for:


Volunteer Police Cadet Leader


Ref./ Vacancy code:

Home Phone No.:


Daytime Phone No.:

Mobile No.:


Email: (PleasePrint Clearly)



Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other:

First Name(s):


Surname/Family Name:

Middle Name(s):


Date of Birth:


(Please insert your full postal address including postcode)


To enable us to monitor the effectiveness of our recruitment schemes, we would like to know how you learned of the vacancy. If it was through a newspaper, magazine, website or other publication, please state its name and title, and date.
Description of media: / Date:
In order of preference (1= first choice, 2 = second etc) please state which 3 Londonborough youwish to volunteer in. (NB. Met. volunteers must live, work or study within one of London’s boroughs)
Barking and Dagenham / Barnet / Bexley
Brent / Bromley / Camden
City of Westminster / Croydon / Ealing
Enfield / Greenwich / Hackney
Hammersmith and Fulham / Haringey / Harrow
Havering / Hillingdon / Hounslow
Islington / Kensington and Chelsea / Kingston-upon-Thames
Lambeth / Lewisham / Merton
Newham / Redbridge / Richmond-upon-Thames
Southwark / Sutton / Tower Hamlets
WalthamForest / Wandsworth
Please e-mail completed application to the preferred option:
Or post to (only if you do not have access to a computer):
Cadet Leader Recruitment
Metropolitan Police Service
17th Floor
Empress State Building
Lillie Road
Applications should be submitted as an attachment to an e-mail - we cannot accept online files via SkyDrive.
Please do not e-mail and send an application by post as this can cause duplication.
The above e-mail address should not be used for general enquiries please visit includes an 'Answering Your Questions' section or contact the call centre on 0845 727 2212 - open 24 hours.
The Metropolitan Police Service is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all, regardless of gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or marital status.
To help us monitor the effectiveness of our equal opportunity policy we would be grateful if you would provide the following information, which will be used solely for monitoring purposes. The page will be detached from the application form and will not be used in the selection process.
I am Male I am Female
Sexual Orientation
Bisexual Gay / Lesbian Heterosexual Prefer not to say
Ethnic Origin
Asian - Bangladeshi / Any other Black background / White - British
Asian - Indian / Chinese / White - Irish
Asian - Pakistani / Greek and Greek Cypriot / Any other White background
Any other Asian background / Mixed – White and Asian / Any group not specified
Black - African / Mixed – White and Black African / Not stated
Black - Asian / Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
Black - British / Mixed – Any other mixed background
Black - Caribbean / Mixed – Turkish and Turkish Cypriot
Religious Belief or Faith
Buddhist / Hindu / Muslim / None
Christian / Jewish / Sikh / Prefer not to say
Volunteers are not covered by The Equalities Act 2010 because they are not in 'employment' as defined by the Act. However where possible we will do our best to support you although we are under no legal obligation to do so and you should not rely on any steps being taken. If your application is successful you will be asked to complete our 'Fit to Volunteer' health questionnaire.
Do you have any health issues or special needs you wish us to know about at this stage?
(If yes, please give details below) / Yes No
Employment status
Full time / Part time / Retired
Student / Temporary / Currently seeking employment
Not currently seeking employment / Other




Last name/ Family name: /


First name(s):
Any previous name(s):
Please provide all the addresses at which you have
lived in the past 5 years / Dates of Residence (Month & Year)
A. / Permanent Full Address (Including Postcode): / From:
B. / Previous Full Address (Including Postcode): / From:
C. / Previous Full Address (Including Postcode): / From:
D. / Previous Full Address (Including Postcode): / From:
(Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary)
Date of Birth: / Age:
Place of Birth: / Nationality:
N.I. Number:
Do you hold a current passport? / Yes No / If Yes, passport nationality:
Passport number: / Expiry date:
If you are a non -EU citizen, do you have leave to enter and remain indefinitely in the UK
freefrom restriction? / Yes No
If Yes, please supply copies of your passport and any Home Office letters that confirm this.
If you are a EU citizen, please confirm that you have lived in the U.K. for more then 3 years? / Yes No
Home telephone: / Daytime telephone:
Mobile telephone: / E-mail Address:




Are you currently in full-time or part-time education?

/ Yes No

If ‘Yes’ please tick, and provide details below:

/ Full time Part time
If you are still in or have recently left full-time education, we will ask for a reference from the last educational establishment you attended.
Please account for all time within the last 5 years, starting with your most recent education. If you are still in or have recently left full-time education, we will ask for a reference from the last educational establishment you attended.
Name and Full Address of School, College, university or other institution / Dates Attended / Contact Name, Telephone Number & E-mail Address




Are you currently in employment?

/ Yes No
Please indicate to whom we should refer in respect of your presentemployment
Contact Name: /


Company: /

Tel. Number:

E-mail Address: /

Fax Number:

May we approach themfor a referencenow?

/ Yes No
Please account for all time within the last 5 years, in reverse date order starting with your most recent employment. Do not leave any time unaccounted for. Please also indicate whether you were unemployed, in full-time or part time education or travelling abroad during this time. If you have been dismissed or required to resign this must be clearly indicated within ‘reason for leaving’. Any Current or previous police service (including Special Constable, Cadet or Volunteer should also be included in this section).
Name & Full Address of Employer
(Most recent first) / Dates Attended / Position held / Reason for Leaving / Contact Name, telephone number & email address




Why do you want to volunteer as a Volunteer Police Cadet Leader for the Metropolitan Police Service?
(Please do not send us your CV)
Please add in, from the existing VPC leader application the question which asks what days they are able to volunteer
What skills can you offer us?

Youth Worker


Sports training/coaching


Orienteering/map reading





Outdoor activities


Drill Instructor



Other – not mentioned above (please state):

Have you ever applied to, or worked with the Police in either a staffed role, or as a volunteer?
Yes No If yes, please give details (ie which Police Station / Department, which borough and when?):
Do you presently volunteer as an Independent Custody Visitor or Appropriate Adult?
No Yes If yes, please give details:
What is the nature of your current paid employment? (If you are not employed please give details of your employment status i.e retired, student, looking for work)




If the role applied for requires significant public contact then a decision will need to be made on the suitability of any tattoos that you might have.

Do you have any tattoos?

/ Yes No
If yes, please describe the tattoos and where they are on your body in the box below.
(Please note - you will be asked to provide colour photographs of each tattoo)




Have you ever been convicted or found guilty by a court of any offence (excluding parking but including all motoring offences such as speeding, drink-drive) and any court martial, or have you ever been put on probation, received a formal caution (including as a juvenile) or been bound over after being charged with any offence or is there any action pending against you?
Please also enter below details of any arrests or investigations of you carried out by Police, Military Police or other statutory prosecuting authorities, whether or not these resulted in a conviction. If you have been convicted, cautioned, arrested or investigated you may still be eligible for appointment depending on the nature and circumstances of the offence or investigation. Please give details of any charge or summons at present outstanding against you.

If ‘Yes’ please give details below:

/ Yes No
Date: / Dealing Authority:
Offence / Nature of Investigation:
Outcome / Result:
Date: / Dealing Authority:
Offence / Nature of Investigation:
Outcome / Result:
Date: / Dealing Authority:
Offence / Nature of Investigation:
Outcome / Result:
Date: / Dealing Authority:
Offence / Nature of Investigation:
Outcome / Result:
You must include spent convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (by virtue of the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974(Exceptions) Order 1975) or any involvement with civil, military, or transport police.




I declare that all the statements I have made in this application are true to the best of my
knowledgeand belief and that no relevant information has been withheld.
I understand that:
•I must inform the recruitment office immediately of any change in my circumstances.
•Criminal conviction checks will be undertaken in relation to myself and my family members
and I have informed them of this.
•Financial checks will be undertaken to verify my financial status and that all such information
will be treated in confidence. I consent to these checks being made.
•Any offer of volunteering opportunities will be subject to satisfactory references and vetting
and continued good conduct.
•The information I have provided may be held on manual filing and computer systems as a
part of the recruitment process. I understand this information maybe shared by other police
forces and also with MPS external partners for the purposes of processing the application
and communication during the recruitment process. This for example includes contacting
applicants by SMS texting, emailing and telephone calls.
•I must not be or have ever been a member of the British National Party or similar organisation
whose aims, objectives or pronouncements may contradict the duty to promote race equality.
•The Commissioner retains the right to reject any application without giving reasons.

Print name to accept the above declaration


Should you have any specific needs to be taken into account during the selection process, please contact us on

0845 727 2212.

Retention period: 7 Years
MP 314/13