Flood Mitigation for the Chu River Downstream

Cua Dat Dam

·  Earth Breaking: Feb. 2nd, 2004

·  Flow Closure: Dec. 2nd, 2006

·  Completion (estimated) 2009

Cua Dat Dam is constructed on the upstream of the Chu River in Thuong Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province.


-  Flood mitigation for the Chu River downstream

-  Steady irrigation for 87000 ha (in which 50000 ha is in the Bai Thuong irrigation system)

-  Source of living water for 2.500.000 people in the Thanh Hoa Province

-  Water supply for industrial zones with the discharge of 8 m3/s

-  Power generation with installation capacity of 97MW

The Project involves:

·  Main CFRD is on the Chu River with 1023m of length, 119m of maximum height and 10 mil. m3 of rockfill volume.

·  Other headwork components:

· Reinforced concrete spillway with 5 gates ( each gate of 15m×17m size) is designed for flood discharge of 11600m3/s of 0,01% frequency.

·  Tunnel “T2” is to diverse the channel flow with 820m of length and 9m of diameter.

·  Tunnel “T1” is for move water to the power plant.

·  Power plant.

·  Complementary components:

·  2 complementary earthfill dams with 20÷40 m of their heights.

·  Irrigation canal system for 37000ha in the Southern agricultural region of the Ma River.

Total investment of the whole project is around 500,000,000 USD.

Consultant firm for design work: Hydraulic Engineering Company No.1 (HEC1)

Joint engineering contractors: Vinaconex, Hydraulic Construction Company No.4, Agrimeco, Song Da Company.

The Water Engineering Project Management Board No.3 is of budget investor responsibility.

Hereunder is the dam’s layout, the 3D model picture, the headwork zone and numbers of pictures of the main dam site.

Upstream coffer dam

The dam portion on the right shoal side was built up to the level of 85m