FHS PTSO Minutes for September 21, 2011


FHS PTSO Minutes for November 16, 2011

Welcome and Administrative items by Co-Presidents: Audra Bowman and Theresa Farkas

Minutes: Acceptance of October 2011 meeting minutes

-  A motion to accept was made by: Leslie Davis-Primo. And it was seconded by: Margo Surpi.

Treasurer’s Report: Maria Hudak

-  $50.00 check for Safe Halloween

-  $50.00 from membership

-  $.04 interest

-  Ending balance is $2,638.24

Membership: Theresa Farkas (on behalf of Joanne Watson)

Our current membership is approximately

Still accepting membership until January 31st.

Project Graduation Report: Theresa Farkas (on behalf of Phyllis Beals)

-  Project Graduation’s next meeting is December 14th at 7:00pm FHS, room G-100

-  Final Rutgers game this Saturday, November 19th.

Principal Report: Dr. Hackett

o  Achievements from the FHS Marching Band

o  Two students were selected as Rising Scholars

o  Fall Play – “Our Town”

o  Diwali Celebration

o  Guidance Department will sponsor a College Information Session for students and parents on November 21, 2011 at 7:00pm.

o  On November 22, 2011, the 2010 FHS Gates Millennium Scholar will visit FHS to speak to Gates Millennium Scholarship candidates in the Class of 2012. This is a renewable award that pays the difference between a student’s financial aid and the fill tuition at any college or university

o  Dr. Serson will be the school’s interim principal after Thanksgiving. A transition team will assist in this transition.

o  This is Dr. Hackett’s final PTSO meeting.

o  Dr. Serson congratulated Dr. Hackett on her new position and introduced himself. This is the fifth time he is working as an interim administrator at FHS.

o  A parent questioned Dr. Serson was questioned by a parent regarding his feelings about the new math model. He said he has experience with it. He understands the concerns that parents, teachers, and students have about the change. He said that improvement in math will take place with the new model. Student performance is the same, if not better. They will learn quality, not quantity, and learn how to use it.

o  Another parent questioned how long the “learning curve” will be. He said that it takes time for teachers to get used to the new methods.

o  Another parent asked how Dr. Serson came up with the conclusion that that student performance has risen. He said that he looked at previous grades in mathematics courses and compared them to this year. He said that if parents have concerns about their child’s performance, they should make an appointment and come in to discuss the problem further with him, Ms. Allen, and a counselor, if needed.

o  Another parent suggested that this model should have been gradually added to the mathematics department. He was open to hear the suggestion.

o  The old and new methods are not that different. Now they have reflection and review before they move on to new material.

o  There is a BOE meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 at FMS in which

New Business:

o  Dr. Serson: (see above)

o  A parent questioned: Will FHS have SAT prep classes available? Dr. Hackett said that the school used to have these classes, but probably due to low enrollment, they were discontinued. Study halls are used to bounce off a science lab. The discovery of instituting a 9 period day to allow for more electives is probably not an option due to monetary issues.

o  After-school buses are over-crowded. What is being done to eliminate this problem? Dr. Hackett informed the parents that kids that stay after school are required to scan in after school. If there are more than 330 students who are staying after, then a call is made to transportation for an overflow bus.

o  Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC): Next meeting December 5 at SGS at 7:00 in the auditorium.

§  A variety of parents have joined together to form this committee. Any parents who have a special education student are encouraged to come to the meeting and get more information from the BOE website.

President’s Announcements:

-Fall Play “Our Town” November 18th and 19th at 7:30pm in the FHS Auditorium.

-November 18th the Class of 2012 and Pizza Ecco are teaming up to hold a Senior Night from 3pm-9pm. 15% of your purchase will be donated to the Senior Class. Pizza Ecco is located on Elizabeth Avenue in the CVS plaza across from the Shop Rite.

-November 21, 2011 There will be a College Planning Information Session at 7:00pm in the FHS Auditorium.

-November 23rd is a minimum session day

-November 24th and 25th All schools are closed for Thanksgiving Recess.

Will FHS have SAT prep classes available? Dr. Hackett said that the school used to have these classes, but probably due to low enrollment, they were discontinued.

Check out www.franklinboe.org and FHS websites for updates.

There was a motion to end the meeting, Nancy Dorvil and Doreen Healy seconded it.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:38.

Next FHS PTSO Meeting – Wednesday, January 18, 2012 7pm in G100 Faculty Dining Room