Fair Play Holiday Club

Fair Play Holiday Club

Fair Play Holiday Club

Icknield Walk First School, Poplar Close, Royston, Herts SG8 7EZ

Tel No: 07905001403 Club: No 07974590360

Period: 20th– 22ndDecember 2017

Child's Name:

Need to Supply in RED

[Older Children 7-11yrs]

School: [Everyone] [Younger children 3-7yrs]

Price £28 All Day 8am - 6pm

Theme: - Christmas Early Bird 7.45am – 8.00am £1.00 extra, £22 Half Day 8am – 1pm or 1pm -6pm

Monday 23rd / Tuesday 24th / Wednesday 20th / Thursday 21st / Friday 22nd
Start ______
Christmas stocking
Sewing Christmas Stocking / Start ______
Reindeer / Start ______
Handprint wealth
Finish ______
Fun with Fir cones / Finish ______
Bottle top tree
Bottle top Tree Decoration / Finish ______
Snow globe

Please note:

* Full payment is needed to secure your child's place.Signed: ......

* All bills must be paid prior to your child starting.(Parent/guardian)

* Once booked payment is non-refundable and non-transferable

* No DS ChargerDate: ...... …

* Payments can be made by cash, Cheque - Payable to 'FairPlay After School Club LTD'

* Bank Account Sort Code 09-01-28 Account Number 70973177

* Parents/guardians must inform the Club of ALL non-attendance and must give one week's notice to change a part timeattendancebookingie changing a Monday to a Thursday attendance. However, if it cannot be amended the above applies. Payment is Non-refundable.



Children should wear/ bring appropriate outside clothing. Please help us by providing the following:

  • A warm coat, hats, gloves and scarves.
  • Layers of clothing to trap warm air in-between.
  • Appropriate footwear.


We have a number of activities for the children to be involved in, some consist of messy activities i.e. painting, material glueing or cast plastering. All our arts and craft materials are designed for use by children. There is always the possibility when participating in these activities that some damage to clothing may occur. We suggest a cautious approach is required in the choice of clothing worn by children attending the scheme. Craft activities aren't compulsory!


Children are prone to the effects of food poisoning. Sandwiches should be kept cool, especially during warm weathers. Sandwiches are best made fresh in the morning or stored overnight in the fridge. An insulated cool bag is ideal, but a bag padded with newspaper and containing an ice pack will keep your food fresh. Small cartons of juice can be frozen and packed with sandwiches to help keep them cool. Wrap sandwiches in foil, cling film or a food bag, inside a lunch box. We cannot store packed lunches in the fridge, ice packs are essential!

The same rules apply as they do in school. No chocolate bars please! ie:- mars, twix, [chocolate biscuits ie:- Oreos or choc chip are fine]. No sweets please!

Please avoid including any nut products. Nut Allergies (Nut Free Zone). Please provide drinks in a carton or sports bottle [no fizzy or energy drinks]!

Also you can provide an afternoon snack to accompany the fruit we provide!


Choose a variety of nutritious foods and avoid too much sugar.

Bring a least one portion of fruit.