EPC Report to Senate Executive Committee

EPC Report to Senate Executive Committee

EPC Report to Senate Executive Committee

May 4, 2016


  • S. Pawar (Chair), CAH
  • Yann Abdourazakou, Management and Marketing
  • Nicole Ballard, Humanities External Degree
  • Enrique Ortega, Health Sciences
  • Nop Ratanasiripong, Nursing
  • Salvatore Russo, Political Science


  • Sept. 24, 2015
  • Nov. 17, 2015
  • Feb. 23, 2016
  • Mar. 8, 2016
  • April 12, 2016

Topics of Discussion:

  • EPC Charge – MSP;
  • Credit by Exam – polled department chairs; requested input from AA regarding possible policy changes at the CO level but have received none (various people at the CO seem to disagree on interpretation of current policy; in any case, there is need for revision of our current policy to accommodate distance programs; created a draft of recommendations to distance programs (rather than a policy change pending more information from CO);
  • Area F Subcommittees – referred to GE committee for potential revision to GE charge;
  • GE Upper Division Course Migration – discussion with UCC and GE chairs to facilitate UD course migration to departments;
  • PRP Charge – MSP;
  • GE Double Counting;
  • Limit on Incompletes – data does not show an overwhelming need for a policy on incompletes (for example, data from fall 2015 indicate that 7% of graduate students and 2.7% of undergraduate students had incompletes. These students averaged 1.1 I grades each.); at the current time, no CSU has a policy restricting the number of incompletes a student may have (keeping in mind that graduate programs may have local limitations); EPC decided that this is a non-issue at present;
  • Revision of GWAR at graduate level – EPC put forward EPC 16-10 as a second reading item on 5/4/16;
  • UWC Charge (revision of WCC Charge) – EPC put forward EPC 16-09 as a second reading item on 5/4/16.

Topics not Addressed (but raised at the Academic Senate retreat/survey):

  • Lecturer preparation –EPC did not discuss this item as it appears to be better suited for FPC;
  • Admission standards –EPC did not discuss this as undergraduate admission standards are set by Title V and subsequent CO policy, and graduate admission standards are set by the same in conjunction with individual graduate programs;
  • Credit for Prior Learning – this was brought up at the Academic Senate retreat by myself, but EPC did not have the necessary time to address the issue;
  • Plagiarism and modern technology - EPC did not have the time to address this issue, but will look at revising current policies regarding academic integrity, particularly in on line and hybrid courses, going forward.

Respectfully submitted by Sheela Pawar, EPC Chair


  • EPC Charge – EPC 15-16
  • PRP Charge – EPC 16-05
  • UWC Charge – EPC 16-09 (pending)
  • GWAR-GL – EPC 16-10 (pending)