Earth, Moon, and Beyond

Earth, Moon, and Beyond


2. Various shapes of the moon.

6. Group of stars in the sky.

11. A body that revolves around the sun.

14. Bending of light from the sun.

15. A natural body revolving around a planet

16. The spinning of our Earth on it's axis

17. Large, bowl-shaped area's on a body.


1. Groups of stars, dust, and gas.

3. Star at the center of our solar system.

4. The sun is at the center of this.

5. A body blocks sunlight from another.

7. Large ball of hot, glowing gases.

8. An imaginary line that divides Earth.

9. Imaginary line passing through the poles

10. Everything that exists.

12. The path that a specific body travels.

13. Traveling in a path around something.