Draft Competition Schedule

Draft Competition Schedule

Sandringham Anglers’ Club


(Fridge Version 3) All Port Phillip Tides as at Sandringham if weigh-in at SAC.


July 16 &17 Holland’s Landing Estuary 1 Weigh In Sat 5PM Sun 12 Noon

Heaviest bag up to10 per day

Aug 6 TBD Surf 1 Weigh In 3:30 PM H/Tide14:40

(Sat) H/Bag 10 (Fish to be cleaned)

Aug 20 Gunnamatta Surf 2 Weigh In 2:30 PM H/Tide 13:27

(Sat) H/ Bag 10 (fish to be cleaned)

Aug 28 Try a new place comp Social

Sept 10&11 Western or Gippsland Estuary 2 Weigh In Sat 5PM Sun 12 Noon

Rivers Heaviest Bag up to 10 per day

Sept 25 Northern Port Phillip Trailer Boat 1 Weigh In SAC 1 PM H/Tide09:25

H/Bag up to 10

Daylight Saving Starts October 2

Oct. 8&9 Lake Tyers Estuary 3 Weigh In Sat 5 PM Sun 12 Noon

Heaviest Bag up to 10 per day

Oct 21-23 Jeff Worle Trophy Snapper 1 H/Bag 3 min 40cm.Weigh Ins SAC

5 PM Fri to 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sat/Sun H/Tide09:20 Sunday

Oct 29-30 (Back up Comp.Date)


Nov 4-6 80th Anniversary Comp Snapper 2 H/bag 3 min 40 cm. Weigh Ins SAC

5PM Fri to 1 PM Sun 1PM Sat/Sun H/Tide 08:18 Sunday

Nov 11-13 Lake Eildon/Pondage/ Freshwater 1 Weigh In Sat 5 PM Sun 12 Noon

Goulburn River Heaviest bag up to 10 per day

Nov 18-20 Club Memorial Trophy Snapper 3 H/bag 3 min 40cm. Weigh Ins SAC

5 PM Fri to 1 PM Sun 1PM Sat/Sun H/Tide08:16 Sunday

Nov 25-27 (Back up Comp.Date)

Dec 11 Southern Port Phillip Trailer Boat 2 Weigh In SorrentoRamp 2PM H/Bag

up to10. H/Tide 08:25 (approx)


Jan 15 Westernport Whiting 1 Weigh In Hastings/Corinella 3PM

L/Tide09:45 (Approx.).H/ bag 10

Jan 28 Westernport Whiting 2 Weigh In 3PM Hastings /Corinella

(Sat) H/ Bag up to 10 H/Tide13:45 (Appx)

Feb 12 Port Phillip Whiting 3 Weigh In 4PM SAC L/Tide 11:00

Heaviest bag up to 10

Feb 18&19 Port Albert/W’pool Trailer Boat 3 Weigh In Port Albert. Sat 5PM

Sun Noon. Heaviest Bag up to 10

Mrch 4-11 Mallacoota Inlet Social Week Members social fishing trip.

(No points). Estuary, surf and ocean

Mrch 25&26 Chris Bouyer Mem.Trophy Trailer Boat 4 Weigh In 5 PM Sat. Sun 12 Noon

West Coast TBD Heaviest bag up to 10 per day

Daylight Saving Finishes April 2

Aprl 9 Port Phillip Trailer Boat 5 Weigh In SAC 4 PM H/Tide 13:00

Heaviest bag up to 10

Aprl 29 Westernport & Outside Trailer Boat 6 Weigh In 4pm Stony Point/Corinella

(Sat) L/Tide 08:15 (SP).H/bag up to 10

May13&14 R Clarke Mem. Trophy Freshwater 2 Weigh In Sat 4PM Sun 12 noon

Lake Dartmouth Heaviest bag per day

May 28 T B D Surf 3 Weigh In 3:30 PM H/Tide 14:00

(Fish to be cleaned) H/Bag 10

June 17 &18 Lake Eildon/Pondage Freshwater 3 Weigh In Sat 4 PM Sun 12 Noon

Heaviest Bag up to 10

Except for surf competitions anglers may weigh in fish whole, or partly or completely gutted and cleaned. However no allowance will be made for lost weight in competition points. If claiming a record fish capture you should weigh your fish whole but this is not compulsory.

Note fish must been cleaned and gutted for Surf competition weigh-ins.


Minimum lengths for weigh-ins .

SAC Snapper Only Competitions: Minimum eligible length for weigh-ins is 40 cm. For all other competitions snapper/pinkies must be a minimum length of 30 cm to be eligible for weigh in.

Extended minimum lengths for Club Competitions: Australian Salmon =30 cm. Snapper =30 cm, Flathead (all) =30cm Whiting (all) =30 cm Mullet =30 cm, Trout/Salmonoids =30 cm.

Other Club minimum lengths:

All eligible sharks = I meter. All other eligible fish = 25 cm. (Squid/Cuttlefish tube length 25 cm)

Bunning’s BBQ (date TBA) All members are urged to volunteer 3 hours for this important club fundraiser.