ITEM NO.: 0403 CATEGORY "A" September 20,2016



1.1This work item is for theContractor to relocate the radar UPS units and move the radar displays inboard to be flush with the main consoles.



2.1.1JRC Radar Operating Manual: X-Band Model JMA-9122-6XA ARPA

2.1.2JRC RADAR Operating manual: S-Band Model JMA-9132-SA ARPA


3.1Location / Quantity:

3.1.1Location: House (04-63-0)

3.1.2Quantity/Description/Manufacturer Data: (1) S-band Radars JMA-9132-SA ARPA with 23.1 inch TFT LCD high resolution color display with ARPA, keyboard, 25KW, six (6) ft. Scanner, inter-switch, cable UPS (1) X-band Radar, JMA-9122-6XA ARPA with 23.1 inch TFT LCD high resolution color display with ARPA, keyboard, 305KW, twelve (12) ft. Scanner, inter-switch, cable UPS


4.1USMMI Furnished Equipment (USMMIFE): None

4.2USMMI Furnished Material (USMMIFM): None

4.3USMMI Furnished Services (USMMIFS): None

4.4USMMI Furnished Information (USMMIFI):

4.4.1Owner and Operating Manuals are available on board the ship.


5.1The Contractor and all Sub-Contractors, regardless of tier, must consult the General Technical Requirements (GTR) to determine applicability to this work item. In performance of this work item, the Contractor and all Sub-Contractors regardless of tier must comply with the requirements of all applicable GTR's including but not limited to GTR's 1 through 7 and 21 through 29. GTRs can be retrieved from the Internet at the following URL:

5.2The Contractor shall comply with all requirements of equipment Tag-Out Program as established by COMSCINST 3540.6, as amended, section 15.2.2, Engineering Operations and Maintenance Manual. The Chief Engineer is to administer the Tag-Out Program. Prior to the start of work, the Contractor shall contact the USMMI Port Engineer and / or the Chief Engineer to coordinate the implementation of the Tag-Out Program for the entire performance period of this item. The Prime Contractor shall be responsible for compliance by both Prime and Sub-Contractor personnel.

5.3Any additional work shall require a Change Order (with costs associated) submitted to the Port Engineer for review and approval, prior to the additional work being performed.


6.1Upon completion of work, the worksite shall be inspected by the Chief Mate, Chief Engineer and the designated On-site USMMI Representative (Port Engineer).

6.2All materials, spares and any repairs shall be in accordance with Manufacturer’s Specifications and Procedures.

6.3All workmanship and testing shall be in accordance with the latest SOLAS, ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels. Quality Assurance requirements shall be in accordance with MSC GTR No 3 – Tests, Inspections, Trials and Certificates.



7.1.1The Contractor is responsible for temporarily removing any interference’s such as bulkheadand overhead panels, wire traces or any other items to complete this work.

7.2Structural: None additional

7.3Mechanical / Fluids:

7.3.1The contractor is to temporarily raise both radar displays approximately 6 inches.

7.3.2The Contractor is to take measurements of the two UPS units and fabricate two new storage racks to allow the UPS units to be mounted horizontally on the bridge console foundation framing next to the main console.

7.3.3Once the UPS racks are installed install the two radar UPS units and reposition the display consoles on top of the UPS racks.


7.4.1The Contractor is to manage the temporary disconnect of the power and signal cables from the radar display consoles andUPS units to allow relocation of the display and the UPS units.


7.5.1The contractor is to provide a qualifiedtechnicianto reconnect and test the JRC radars and UPS units. The contractor is to insure the systems are properly wired for power and signal inputs and out puts between the radars and other connected equipment as required by the applicable IMO and SOLAS regulations.

7.6Preparation of Drawings/Documents:

7.6.1One (1) original and four (4) paper copies of the Installation and Commissioning Report shall be provided to the Ship’s Master and one (1) electronic copy is to be provided to the USMMI Port Engineer..

7.6.2The original certificates and license are to be provided to the master and one electronic copy of the certificates and licenses are to be provided to the USMMI Port Engineer.

7.6.3An electronic scan version, in PDF format, of any Certifications and Service Reports shall be e-mailed to .

7.6.4The Contractor is to provide training to the crew as required on the operation of the new Radars, the inter-switch, the AIS and SDVR system and components.

7.7Inspection / Test:

7.7.1Perform operational tests as required for USMMI Port Engineer, the Master and the ABS Surveyor.

7.7.2All work shall be completed to the satisfaction of the ABS Surveyor, Ship’s Master, Chief Mate and On-Site USMMIRepresentative (Port Engineer).


7.8.1Any disturbed areas are to be mechanically cleaned primed and painted with USMMI provided paint.

7.9Markings: None additional

7.10Manufacturer’s Representative: ABS Qualified Technician for JRC Equipment being installed.


8.1The Contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, materials, and tools required to accomplish this specification, except as specified in Section 4.0.

8.2Inspection and acceptance of all work shall be by the Chief Engineer and the designated On-site USMMI representative (Port Engineer).

8.3No additional work is to be accomplished without prior written approval by the Contracting Officer, Purchasing Manager or USMMI Port Engineer. The USMMI Contracting Officer, USMMI Purchasing Manager or USMMI Port Engineer is the only person authorized to give the Contractor authorization to proceed with growth or new work. The USMMI Port Engineer is the single point of contact authorized to address technical questions.

8.4All areas involved in work or traversed by workmen or equipment shall be left clean and in good order.

VR16-0014 & 0078

0403 - 1