ED 411/518

Fall 2005


1. Practice Teaching While Students are Working Independently

In the field this week, practice the three types of teaching we discussed in class:

  • Observing students to learn what and how they are doing (including taking notes on your observations)
  • Responding to specific student questions
  • Probing and intervening in students' work

Experiment with a method for taking notes on your observations of and interactions with students. (You could use one of the systems we discussed in class or another method that you’d like to try.) In addition, pay attention to and make a record of some of the different entry and exit moves you use. We will discuss both of these in class next week.

2. Planning Mathematics Lessons

a) Read the following two chapters about lesson planning. In your notebook, record any reactions, questions, comments, or insights you have:

  • Chapter 10 (pp. 131 - 147) in Classroom Discussions: Using Math Talk to Help Students Learn (Chapin, et al).
  • Chapter 5 (pp. 101 - 119) in Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching (Lampert).

b) Analyze a textbook lesson

  • Read the textbook lesson we will be working with in class next week. (The specific lesson will be posted on the assignments page of our website by Friday.)
  • Use the Textbook Lesson Analysis framework (from class #8) to analyze this lesson. Make notes in the table about the mathematical content and purpose of the lesson and about students as learners of this content. In addition, record if and how you would revise specific features of the lesson: tasks and their progression; examples; context; representations and tools; and language. Please be ready to discuss and use your analysis in class next week.

Note: Blank copies of our Textbook Lesson Analysis framework can be found on the class documents page of our website under class #8.

3. Make Preparations for the Culminating Performance Assessments

a) If you haven’t already, select dates with your cooperating teacher:

  • Plan to audio tape your interactions with students as you circulate during independent work time between November 21 and the end of the term.
  • Plan to teach a complete mathematics lesson between November 28 and the end of the term. You will need to video tape this lesson.

As soon as you’ve selected dates for these, please send us (and your field instructor) an email with this information.

b) Carefully read the description of the culminating performance assessment on teaching while students are working independently (it will be posted on our website by Sunday). Bring your questions to class next week.

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