2015 Automotive Marketing Roundtable

Roundtable Advisory Board Sponsorship Packet

J.D. Power Contact Information:

All Event Inquiries:

Shawn Slater, Specialist, Event Operations

Agenda Development:

Tom Petro, Senior Director, Product Marketing



Marina Buedel, Marketing Associate


In order to help us better collect all the information we need from you for your sponsorship we have created a Sponsor Portal which can be found here:

Please use your email address to log in. There are two links, please choose the link pertaining to your sponsorship. If you have any questions on which link you should choose please feel free to contact Shawn. You will be asked to upload logos, give company URL, Twitter handles etc. if you are not sure of something you can always log back in later and update your account.

Sponsorship Deadlines:

Monday, August 3

I will begin sending out the attendee list. This will be distributed the beginning of each month until the event starts. You will then get a copy of the registration list upon completion of the event. If at any time you need an updated list after Aug. 5 please feel free to ask Marina.

Friday, August 14

We have given our selected panels/presentations the deadline of Aug 14 to confirm all speakers in their session. At this point, if there are still open spots in the sessions we will open these up to the Advisory Board for your support in filling these openings.

Friday, August 28

We’d like to provide you with an opportunity again to provide unique data points that Arianne Walker might use in the opening presentation on Wednesday morning. She will be providing an overview of the automotive digital shopping ecosystem, diving into some specifics and sharing new, interesting findings about how the industry is changing. If you have data points you’d like to share and possibly see up on the screen as part of this presentation, please send them to us by August 29. We will, of course, let you know if we will be using your data to make sure it is being accurately represented. While she will only use a slide or two from those that are selected, it is helpful to have more than just the single data point to help her appropriately position the data to begin with and ensure that it fits the story. Thank you in advance for your partnership in this.

Thursday, October 1

  1. Meeting Space: Notify Shawn Slater of any meeting room needs if you have not already done so. Please include specific date and times and approximate number of people attending the meeting. Please include if there will be any AV or F&B needed. This will be at your company’s cost.
  2. Reserved Tables: Notify Shawn if you would like to reserved table at the scheduled meals- breakfast, lunch and brunch. Tables seat 10 people. Limit 2 per company
  3. Sponsor Video: You have the opportunity to create a 30-60 second video with sound promoting your brand, which will be played in the main ballroom at some point throughout the conference. Please send me a copy of this video in quicktimemov – 1280 X 720. Videos longer than 60 seconds will not be played.
  4. Program Ad: if you are placing an ad in the program book please reference graphic specs and submit ad by Oct. 1. If you would like an ad in the book please contact Shawn.
  5. Registration: Please have all attendees registered by October 1.
  6. Video at sponsor table:You also have the opportunity to play a looping video on a flat screen at your sponsorship tables throughout the conference. This can be a promotional video but must NOT have any sound so that we are not distracting the sessions in the main ballroom. 32” Flat screens are available to rent from the Bellagio at $250/day and the hotel will bill you separately for the rental. If you would like a flat screen please contact:

Dan Hobson

Production Manager- Production Services

Telephone: (702)693-7662

Fax: (702)693-8501

Friday, October 16th

Sponsorship table materials must arrive at the Bellagio

What you will need to have for your table:

  1. Sign:One 2x3 Poster Board Sign with your company logo or a pull up banner. Easels available if needed
  2. Table Cloth or Runner: Please provide a table cloth or a runner with company logo to place on a 6’ x 2’ table. A black tablecloth will be provided.
  3. Raffle Bowl – You have the option of sending us a bowl to put on your table if you would like to host a raffle. Our emcees of the event can announce to the audience to visit the sponsor tables on the sides of the ballroom to enter their business card to win a prize (up to you on what you would like to giveaway). You will be able to pick the winner and contact the person on your own. This is a great way to collect a lot of business cards.
  4. Giveaways and Promotional Items: Giveaways are always a huge hit at this event. If you would like, please send some giveaways and some promotional items, marketing pieces and/or sell sheets for your table. The more effort you put into your table the more traffic it will get. We suggest you bring about 1000 of each giveaway as everyone will not take one of everything. Sell sheets should be limited to about 600-700.

Shipping Information: Please ship all materials by Friday, Oct. 10th to:
Bellagio Hotel

3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
To:J.D. Power
Attn:Shawn Slater

Set up and Tear Down:

  1. Set Up:Per your sponsorship contract all sponsors are responsible for the setup and tear down of their tables. Please be sure to send a representative from your team early to setup on Tuesday, October 20th. The JDPA team will be setting up beginning 8am so please send your staff member anytime between 8am-12pm but please make sure they have enough time to have your table ready when registration opens at 2pm. Our staff can help out if needed.
  2. Maintaining: You are also responsible for maintaining your sponsorship table throughout the conference. Giveaway items go very quickly. Please keep all extra materials underneath your assigned table and replenish and clean up tables as needed.
  3. Tear Down: You are also responsible to break down your tables at the end of the event. You can begin tear down starting at 3:00pm October 16th. The best way to do this is to pack return labels already filled out in your shipment and then take your boxes to the business center. All items left at the venue will be thrown away.


Sponsor Parties: I also want to remind you to please not have your own individual parties during the times we are hosting networking receptions. We have our Kickoff Gala on Tuesday, October 20th from 6-8pmand a networking nightclub party on Wednesday, October 21st from 5-8 pm. You will not want to miss both of these events!

Surrender: We will also be participating in the cabana party that is taking place at Surrender nightclub as previous years. This will take place on Wednesday, October 21st beginning at 10:30pm. Please reach out to me if you would like more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many of each table item should I bring? We are expecting around 1600 attendees and will update you with registration numbers as we near the event date. We suggest you bring about 1000 of each giveaway as everyone will not take one of everything. Sell sheets should be limited to about 600-700.
  2. Where will my sponsor table be?Inside the Grand Ballroom where the keynote presentations and other general sessions will be taking place. Each sponsor will have a table reserved for them to place their table runner on as well as their promotional materials. An easel with the poster board of your company logo will be placed right next to your reserved table.
  3. Do you have a coordinator pass?We realized that you will need to send a staff person or “coordinator” to set up and maintain your sponsor table. If you do not want to use one of your complimentary passes for this person please contact Marina.

We are looking forward to working with all of you this year! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Shawn Slater

Direct: 805-418-8271

Cell: 818-632-7378