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General Information
The province of Mendoza is known as the land of the sun and wine.
Located in Argentina´s mid-west, it is situated at the feet of the Andes
Mountains. Its capital, Mendoza City, is 769 mals and 1100 km from the country´s capital, the Autonomous city of Buenos Aires.
Frequencies: Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
CM420* 3:40PM 12:21AM
CM421* 1:34AM 6:30AM
Total Area: 148.827 Km2 (Mendoza Province)
Population: 1.928.304 (estimate 2017 census)
Demonym: Mendocenian
Currency: Argentinian Peso
Official Language: Spanish
*Copa Airlines flights begin operation in November 15, 2017, with four weekly flights.
Electricity/Voltage: In Argentina, the common voltage is 220 V. The frequency is 50 Hz.
Time zone: CUT-03:00 three hours to the west of the Greenwich meridian.
Official Mendoza city government
As a province that integrates the select Network of the Great Capitals of Wine of the World, Mendoza produces 70% of the Argentinian wines.
The Malbec is its most known varietal. Mendoza´s 130+ wineries open their doors to tourism by offering: guided visits, tastings, lunches, dinners, cooking classes, concerts, and much more.
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☀ ☁ ☂Estaciones y clima:
The climate is continental semiarid, and the temperatures are far from extreme – a very pleasant weather. In summer, the average temperature is 30 ° Celsius, while in winter; the average is 6 °
Celsius. The majority of the days throughout the year are sunny, which allows the participant to enjoy the beauty of its nature views, as well as its city centers.
WEBSITE Mendoza Chamber of Tourism
WEBSITE San Rafael chamber of tourism, southern city of the Mendoza province.
WEBSITE Malargüina Association of Tourism
WEBSITE Asociación Empresaria Hotelero Gastronómica y Afines de Mendoza (AEHGA)
[Mendoza Hospitality and Gastronomic Association Enterprise]
WEBSITE Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo (AAAVYT)
[Argentinian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies]
WEBSITE The Vines of Mendoza/option in English and Portuguese.
What to do in Mendoza?
•Enjoy the wine and gastronomy: In every corner of the province, relish the exquisite dishes elaborated from the local products, and accompanied by the finest wines from the different production oases – all with the company of the magnificent Southern Mendoza scenery.
Tower Travel: Álvaro Pinto
Address: Lavalle 462 Piso 4,
Buenos Aires.
Phone: (5411) 5217-7400
•Nature trailing: Trekking, mountain biking, rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, and mountain trail runs, among many other activities, can be done throughout all days of the year. If what you seek is a relaxing experience, full of quiet scenery meditation, thermal water baths, or open air massage sessions, all can be provided in Mendoza.

•Experience the local culture, such as the Vendimina National
Celebration, an internationally renowned event, and the night life: theater, music, museums, and galleries – even art galleries in wineries.
Successful sets such as “Classical Music through the Wine Path”, “Tango through the Wine Path”, which form part of more than a decade´s worth of the annual cultural agenda. Additionally, bars and clubs offer a fun experience for a younger audience.
Nites Tour Operador:
Martín Cornejo
Martin Saal
Federico Duarte
Evelina De Castro
•Snow and winter: The Mendoza Winter is incredible, with an immense mountain range as a majestic frame, The ski center and snow parks welcome tourist from all places - from advanced and competitive skiers, to the beginners who look for a good time with their families and enjoy the snow white mantle.
Address: Av. España 1342 Piso 2 of 1, Ciudad de Mendoza.
Phone: 54 261 4253804
USA Phone Office: 1 205 4336595

El International Airport El
Plumerillo connects directly (and with regular frequencies) to
Buenos Aires, Santiago in Chile,
Lima, and San Pablo; along with
Panama flights. Cabotage flights help connect with the major cities in the country – in many cases with direct flights. Mendoza contains a public transportation system that connects the capital city with the rest of the province.
Copa Airlines brings you to
Mendoza with the service that a world-class airline can provide.