About Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association (CBA), USA

The Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association-USA (CBA) ( is one of the largest Chinese American professional associations in the US. Founded in 1995 by a group of Chinese-American biopharmaceutical professionals, CBA is an independent, non-political, and non-profit professional organization headquartered in the Washington DC area. The membership now comprises more than 3,000 biopharma-related professionals from industry, academia, and government. Over 80 percent of the members hold Ph.D., M.D. and/or J.D. degrees. CBA also has over one hundred Institutional Members.

The mission of CBA is to promote communication and collaboration among biopharmaceutical professionals and to promote technology transfer and business collaborations among different countries and regions, especially between the United States, China.

Every year, CBA organizes and co-organizes a number of specially designed workshops, seminars, meetings, and networking gatherings to meet its members’ career advancement needs. As CBA’s most influential event, CBA’s annual conference attracts hundreds of attendees each year including many internationally renowned research scientists, business leaders, and high-ranking US and Chinese government officials. CBA has co-organized the annual Shanghai Bioforum with the Shanghai Municipal Government Commission of Science and Technology in 2008, the 1st Pearl River International Biopharmaceutical Forum held in Guangdong in 2009 and the 20th Annual CBA Conference in LiangYunGang City in 2015. CBA held the 21st CBA Annual Conference, entitled “Biopharm USA-China: Accelerating Global Development and Commercialization through Partnership”, at the beautiful state-of-art conference facility of MedImmune, a member of the AstraZeneca group. It's the very first time in CBA’s history to co-host its signature event with a big pharma. Over 500 attendees from academia, industry, government and non-profits globally participated in this conference.

CBA has undertaken many activities to strengthen relationships between China and the US and promote the Chinese biotechnology industry, holding seminars, conferences, forums, and project fairs in major cities in China. In June of 2013, CBA and Guangzhou economic development zone initiated and implemented a special collaboration Program of “Sino-America Bridge in Pharmaceuticals” that further facilitate the exchange of talents and project needs between United States and China.

CBA has an excellent reputation both in China and the U.S. for developing and enhancing friendship and cooperation within the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Our efforts have been applauded by industry executives and prominent leaders from both US and China. The former Minister of Health, Dr. Chen Zhu, former US Deputy Secretary of Labor Sam Mok, former Chinese Ambassadors to US Wenzhong Zhou and Daoyu Li, and dozens of prominent leaders from academia, industry and government have attended and addressed CBA annual conferences.

Over the years, CBA has gained a great reputation in both China, US, as well as other parts of the world. As one of the most recognized Chinese American professional organizations in the US, CBA’s activities are popular among professionals with different cultural backgrounds. A number of prestigious scientific magazines, including Nature, Science, and Bioprocess International, have reported CBA, its event, as well as its members.

CBA just celebrated its 22rd Anniversary in its New Year Gala in January 2017. The success of the organization can be attributed to the active involvement of members around the US who believe in its mission. Today, the global biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare continue to evolve and grow, particularly in China and the Asia Pacific area, and CBA members look up to participate in the challenges ahead.

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