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September 11, 2011

Stephen Robinson

The Prudential Insurance Company of America

701 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington, DC 20004-2608

Dear Mr. Robinson,

At VMFP, we think it’s wrong that men and women who serve their country during wartime come home to empty promises from their government. But it’s happening right now.

The Veterans Administration estimates that 136,334 veterans are homeless on any given night--one in every 168 veterans throughout the United States! Another 1.5 million other veterans are at-risk of homelessness. Veterans constitute just under 8% of the total population but represent 12% of total homeless Americans. And the typical veteran of the Iraq or Afghanistan wars waits 110 days for a disability claim to be processed, with some waiting up to a year.

Sadly, far too few Americans know about the extremely difficult times our veterans and their families are facing. Statistics from July 11, 2011[1] show that:

  • 106, 698 Americans have been battlefield casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq, and New Dawn conflicts.
  • 39% of our servicemen and women have had multiple deployments, seriously impacting them and their families
  • The worst statistics of all are about suicides. Since 9/11, the number of service member suicides in the war zones is 289. Among veterans of all wars, there are 18 veteran suicides per day.[2]

As a nation, we are failing our troops and their families and it’s a story that must be told. At VMFP, we have a vision of a day when every veteran and family can easily find the support and services they need. If that’s a vision you can get behind, I urge you to honor our veterans by making a generous contribution to VMFP in the enclosed envelope today.

We need caring organizations like yours to stand with us as we fight for our veterans and their families.

You can give with confidence, knowing that your donation will be used wisely. I’m proud to report that over the past four years VMFP has been instrumental in the passage of 29 Public Laws in Congress to help veterans and their families with issues ranging from healthcare to homelessness and much, much more. And we helped elect 16 new veterans, military family members, and veterans’ advocates toCongress in 2006, 27 in 2008, and 18 in 2010 who share our commitment to caring for our veterans and their families.

VMFP fights for our veterans every single day . . .and we’re getting real results. We simply cannot afford to stop now.

More than two million American troops have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and thousands have been deployed multiple times.

They are coming home to a country that is not prepared to meet their needs and the needs of their families. It’s long past time for Congress to pass a first-ever National Veteran and Military Family policy. To address the needs of veterans and their families, a comprehensive policy is required to prioritize and implement legislative, administrative, and funding initiatives. VMFP has drafted a White Paper addressing this issue which can be viewed at this link

VMFP is also building partnerships with other veterans organizations to reduce duplication of effort and increase the speed with which our veterans get the help they need. In addition, to ensure that veterans are never again “left behind” because of budget wrangling in Washington, DC, VMFP is working to create new funding mechanisms for a Trust Fund to be used by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our White Paper can be viewed at this link We should not allow the welfare of our veterans and their families to be on the budget chopping block every single year.

Finally, we are determined to bring the issues facing our veterans out of the shadows and into the national dialogue. This is not just a government problem – every citizen in this country has a role to play. VMFP will work with our partners in the veterans community to educate and involve the media and general citizenry.

I’m sure you agree America’s commitment to our veterans should not surface justa few times a year on Memorial Day or Veterans Day. We are building toward the day when veterans’ needs are met 365 days a year. And we need your help.

Please make a generous donation and send along withthe completed Sponsor Payment Form in the enclosed envelope today. I invite you to visit our website at to learn more about how we’re fighting for veterans every day, and/or to donate on-line by visiting


Tom Howe, PresidentMatthew Cary, Executive Director

Veterans and Military Families for ProgressVeterans and Military Families for Progress

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att: VMFP Payment Form and VMFP Sponsor Opportunities

[1]Information prepared by Veterans for Common Sense using documents obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

[2]United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit Case: 08-16728 05/10/2011 Page: 1 of 140 ID: 7746693 DktEntry: 57-1