Connecting to the Roamnode

Connecting to the Roamnode


Setting up VPN

Click on the Start Button and right click on My Network Places and choose Properties.

Click on File and then New connection and you should see the following window.

Click Next

On the next screen, click Connect to the network at my workplace.

Click Next.

On the next screen click Virtual Private Network connection.

Click Next.

Choose an appropriate name for your Company Name.

Click Next.

This next screen depends on how you connect to the internet from home. If you have broadband where you don’t need to sign in, you can choose Do not dial the initial connection. If on the other hand you have a dial-up modem or broadband that requires a username and password to connect to your internet, then you will have to choose Automatically dial this connection and select your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from the drop down menu.

For this guide I will choose “Do not dial the initial connection”.

Click Next.

On the next screen enter or in the space provided. This is the server you will connect to.

Click Next.

On the next screen, please choose My use only as you should be the only one that connects to the Institute.

Click Next.

The next screen tells you that you have successfully completed the New Connection Wizard. You have the choice of placing a shortcut on the desktop, this in entirely up to you.

Click Finish.

You should be greeted with this window after you’ve clicked Finish.

Before you go ahead and insert your username there a couple of things that need to be done before you can connect.

Click on the Properties button.

On this window you can see the hostname ( you entered earlier in the guide. You don’t need to change anything under the General tab. Click on the Networking tab.

On the Networking window, click the drop down menu under Type of VPN and choose PPTP VPN.

Click on the Settings button and make sure that none of the boxes are ticked like the screenshot below and then click OK to close that window and click OK again to close the Properties window.

You should now have been returned to the Connect screen.

Enter your user name and your password. Do not include your domain.

Correct example of username = cis-test

Incorrect example of username = sid\cis-test

Once your username and password has been entered, click Connect.

If your username and password is entered correctly, then you will be authenticated by one of our servers and you should be able to see pop-up at the bottom right of your screen saying that you are connected to the workplace name you entered earlier in this guide.