Sunday Liberty Pole

Vol.3. No. 20; May 28, 2017(4pages)

Publisher: San Fernando Valley PatriotsEditor:Karen Kenney. Contributors:Duane “Bucky” Buckley (DB), Megan/Neuro7plastic (MN), Tom Adams (TA), Kyle Kyllan (KK), Aspen Pittman (AP), Dawn Wildman (DW),Carmen Otto (CO), Tim Marshall (TM), Paul Dowling (PD), Celeste Grieg (CG), J. David Lehman (JDL), Stephen Steinlight (SS), Myrna Davis (MD), Janet Levy (JL), Lisa K (LK), Tom Zimmerman (TZ), Rohini De Silva (RDS), Carolyn Guillot (CG)

This “Liberty Pole” is one of hundreds erected in America as a place to post political news and as a symbol of the colonials’ resistance to British tyranny. Historical records indicated these poles existed across America, especially in MA, PA, NJ, NY and George. The Sons of Liberty erected the first on May 21, 1776.

Memorial Day 2017:

Memorial Day Tribute (VIDEO 3:21)5/23/2013: Posted by Dennis Henry on You Tube: Beautiful music and slides with US values.

I Fought for You (VIDEO 4:14)6/9/2010: More than 6.4M views

Memorial Day (Amazing Grace Bagpipes)5/28/2012: More than 2.7M Views.


Zuckerberg Calls for "New Social Contract:"Universal Basic Income: 5/26/2017 by Trey Sanchez at Truth Revolt: Face Book version of let me take your money. (MN)

The Democrats' Secession and the New USA Civil War (Commentary): 5/26/2017 by David Horowitz atTruth Revolt

Student Mob attacks Professor and threatens Violence for Racism: 5/25/2017 by Mark Tapson at Truth Revolt: Professor Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College becomes a mob target. Professor spent days barricaded in campus police station for safety.

Best Small and Medium-sized Cities for Jobs in 2017 (News/Commentary)5/28/2017 by Joel Kotkin and Michael Shires at New Geography

Highlight Reels:

The Magical Rope Trick (VIDEO 2:11)Magician Mac King demonstratesa knotty trick.

O'Reilly on Roger Ailes, Trump and the Press (VIDEO 19:44)5/18/2017 by Bill O'Reilly at No Spin News Audio Podcast

Michelle Obama Slams Trump School Lunch Delay (VIDEO 2:02)5/12/2017 by Associated Press

Bill O'Reilly with Glenn Beck on the "Hit Job" at Fox (VIDEO 30:42)5/12/2017 by Right Wing Radio

Newt Gingrich on Backlash to Comey Firing (VIDEO 11:22)5/12/2017 by Right Wing Radio

Ann Coulter on Comey Firing and Russian Collusion (VIDEO 10:02)5/10/2017 by Right Wing Radio

Just a Thought: Disinformation

Editor’s Note: See Page 4 Commentary

Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West (VIDEO 01:15:13): 4/30/2016 by WND films: Multi-part documentary on Communist practice. Part I.

Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West (VIDEO 01:25:34): 5/28/2016 by WND films: Multi-part documentary on Communist tactics of subterfuge. Part I.

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Web Sites of Interest:

Follow the Real Money: A worthy repeat!

Dark Money Watch:

Map Light:

Open Secrets:

Voter ID laws Deserve their Day in SCOTUS (Commentary)5/28/2017 by Susan Shelley at L.A. Daily News

Edison's Rate Hikes: High-wire Act5/23/20 by Susan Shelley at L.A. Daily News


Glick: Netanyahu’s Challenge with Trump: 5/26/2017 by Caroline Glick at Truth Revolt: A seat at the grown-up's table, finally.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch Poisoned--in Iceland: 5/19/2017 by Thomas J. Craughwell at the American Spectator: Author/speaker on Islam and Terrorism got a high dose of MDMA (Ecstasy) at a Reykjavik restaurant. Spent a night in the hospital, then released. (JL)

Media and Co-eds blinded by their Own Ignorance of Islam: 5/18/2017 by Bill Bumpas at One News Now: No apology from a world-renown Christian apologist: Ravi Zacharias.

California/Los Angeles:

CA Democrat Party Leader Curses Trump at Convention: Rhymes with Duck.5/21/2017 by Adelle Nazarian at Breitbart: Got decency, Mr. Potty Mouth, oris that hate speech?

At the Hearth:

"Sologamy': Marriage for One: 5/21/2017 by Amy Schaeffer at INQUISITR

More on Disinformation:

Dr. Jerome Corsi: You Can't defeat Disinformation with Facts (Commentary)

5/18/2017posted byOpenMind on You Tube in Info Wars interview. (MN)

Arthur Brooks: A Conservative's Plea to Work Together (VIDEO 14:14)4/8/2016 at TED Talks: Blur the lines. "Be the conservative who talks about poverty. Be the liberal who talks about free enterprise in solving social problems”--more than 9.5M views.

Your Brain Will Never be the Same (VIDEO 14:24): 12/15/2015 at TED Talks by Dr. Lara Boyd, brain researcher. How neuroplasticity can help shape the brain you want.

The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives (VIDEO 19:13)9/18/2008 at TED Talks by Jonathan Haidt

Worth Another Look:

The Danger of American Fascism: 4/9/1944 by Henry A. Wallace in the New York Times; found in New Deal Network (Repeat.)