American History

Chapter Eleven Study Guide


Study all terms and people on your vocabulary list to succeed on the test.

Main Ideas:

Understanding these will help you succeed on the test

Sec. 1

Understand the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the role of the Factory System and Interchangeable Parts

Understand Inventions that improved transportation, Communication, and Farming

Sec. 2

Understand how cotton led to increased Slavery and Divisions in the South

Understand African Culture and how that culture would help fuel increased slave Rebellion

Sec. 3

Understand the improvements made to the United States and how changes in transportation helped the nation grow

Understand the tensions between the north, the south and foreign countries and how they were solved.

Important Tip:

***Review each section for ONLY TEN minutes a day so you can master ALL concepts in the Chapter***

Questions for Understanding

Section 11-1

1. What were two changes made during the industrial revolution?

2. Name TWO inventions that made cloth production easier?

3. What THREE changes did the factory system bring to the lives of Americans?

4. How did the war of 1812 lead to industrialization in the United States?

5. In what region were the first factories built and why.

6. Where did Samuel Slater Build his first factory and who were his employees?

7. Who worked at the Lowell Mills and explain their lifestyle as employees there?

8. What allowed factories to be built away from water?

9. Who Modified the way we made guns in the united states and what was his invention?

10. Who invented the first steamboat and who improved the invention?

11. Who invented the telegraph and how did it work?

12. Explain TWO inventions that helped Farming as well as WHO invented them?

Section 11-2

13. Who invented the cotton gin and how did it work.

14. EXPLAIN FOUR WAYS the cotton gin changed southern life?

15. How much did cotton profits increase from 1820-1830? How did it affect the price of a slave?

16. What kind of farmers owned slaves? Who did NOT own them?

17. Answer MAP questions 1 and 2 on page 334.

18. What kind of jobs could a slave have according to page 334?

19. What percent of African Americans were free? Explain the Problems they had?

20. Explain the effect of religion on slaves? How would spirituals influence society after slavery?

21. How did slave owners try to break up slave families and why?

22. How did slaves preserve their family life and stay together?

23. Explain Nat Turner’s Rebellion.

24. List THREE effects of Nat Turner’s Rebellion?

Section 11-3

25. Explain the THREE parts of the American System.

26. What was designed to connect the country by land and where did it start and finish?

27. Answer Map Questions 1-2 on page 339.

28. How did water transportation improve in the 1800’s and how and what city benefited the most?

29. Who was the president during the era of good feelings and why was it called that?

30. Explain TWO the supreme court cases during the era of good feelings and what was decided?

31. What TWO decisions help set the new Boundaries of the United States?

32. Answer map Questions 1-2 on page 341.

33. Explain how the United States gained control of Florida from Spain? Who led the army that did so?

34. How did the North, The South, and the west differ economically?

35. What problem did Missouri create for the United States?

36. What were the TWO sides of the Missouri Conflict and what did they believe?

37. What was decided by the Missouri Compromise and what was Thomas Jefferson’s View?

38. What were TWO concerns of the United States in Latin America and why?

39. What caused problems in the Pacific Northwest?

40. What THREE policies were created by the Monroe Doctrine?

41-44. Answer the FOUR closer look Questions over the Monroe Doctrine on pages 344-345.