El Camino College

Office of the President

Minutes of the College Council Meeting of April 25, 2005

Present: Dr. Fallo, Dr. Caldwell, Ms. Caldwell, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Gomez, Mr. Middleton, Ms. Pickens, Dr. Schwartz, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Stewart.

1.  Strategic Planning Meeting additional attendees are Bryce Matson and Paola Garcia. Terri Newman will also be asked to attend. Dr. Caldwell is the contact person for this event. The Chancellors Office has lifted the limit on the number of attendees each college can send. The meeting will be located at The Historic Mayfair Hotel, 1256 W. Seventh Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017, (213) 484-9789.

2.  Board Policies distributed can go to the Board as presented. It was decided that the ECCE Representative will meet with Marcy Wade to draft a MOU to allow the union to have business meetings on campus.

3.  Confidentiality Statement. Union and Academic Senate representatives expressed concern about this statement being in use when it has not been approved by them. There is also concern that there are several versions of this form in circulation. It was reported that the April 8, 2005 version is the only version to be used. This version will be taken to the Academic Senate for approval on May 3rd. Union and Academic Senate representatives feel there was not proper collegial consultation in this instance while others observed that there was some collegial consultation. The ECCE representative further stated that there is no problem with the actual Confidentiality Statement document, but a problem with the process. Any proposed changes will be directed to Marcy Wade. Union and Academic Senate representatives reluctantly consented to use current form instead of stopping the hiring process.

4.  Vice President Academic Affairs. The second selection committee made a recommendation not to bring a candidate forward so the process was stopped and alternatives are being discussed. The Academic Senate representative stated that there was discussion by the first committee to increase the salary to make the job more competitive. There was no written recommendation on salary received, only an oral discussion. As a result of the classification review implementation for classified service we will be studying supervisors and management. We may review the Vice President salary issue sooner.

5.  Decibel level. Susan Pickens will research past minutes to determine what the decibel level was set at for student activities.

Agenda for the May 2, 2005 Meeting

1. Minutes of April 25, 2005

2. Decibel Level

3. College Council Goals


Vision Statement

El Camino College will be the College of choice for successful student learning, caring student services and open access. We, the employees, will work together to create an environment that emphasizes people, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence. Our College will be a leader in demonstrating accountability to our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of El Camino College is to meet the educational needs of its diverse community and ensure student success by offering quality, comprehensive educational opportunities.

Statement of Philosophy

Everything El Camino College is or does must be centered on its community, for without the community, we have no students, no faculty or staff, no reason to exist. It is our community that saw the need and valued the reason for the creation of El Camino College. Therefore, it is to our community that we must be responsible and responsive in all matters educational, fiscal and social.

Statement of Values

Our highest value is placed on our students and their educational goals. Interwoven in that value is our recognition that the faculty and staff of El Camino College are the College’s stability, its source of strength and its driving force. With this in mind, our five core values are:

People – We strive to balance the needs of our students, employees and community.

Respect – We work in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Integrity – We act ethically and honestly toward our students, colleagues and community.

Diversity – We recognize and appreciate our similarities and differences.

Excellence – We aspire to deliver quality and excellence in all we do.

Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles are used to direct the efforts of the District:

El Camino College must strive for distinction in everything the College does—in the classroom, in services and in human relations. Respect for our students, our fellow employees, our community and ourselves, must be our underlying goal.

Cooperation among our many partners is vital for our success—whether they be other schools and colleges, businesses and industries, or individuals.

Access and opportunity must never be compromised. Our classrooms are open to everyone who meets our admission eligibility and our community programs are open to all. This policy is enforced without discrimination and without regard to gender, ethnicity, personal beliefs, abilities or background.

Strategic Goals 2004-2007

1.  Support and constantly improve the quality of our educational offerings.

2.  Promote student-centered learning to increase student success.

3.  Support innovative practices that enhance the educational experience.

4.  Foster a climate that promotes integrity and accountability.

5.  Support and develop effective and motivated employees.

6.  Improve and enhance internal and external communication.

7.  Incorporate flexibility into institutional structure and process.