Schools and Community / Grade 2: Module 1: Unit 1: Lesson 11

Respect and Compassion
Scenario Cards

(For Teacher Reference)

Someone is sitting alone at recess. You notice and invite him to play. (Compassion)

Someone was chosen to sing a song for the class.
She has a lovely voice. (Respect)

Someone does not have a buddy on the field trip. You offer for her to join you as a group of three. (Compassion)

Someone is known as the “kicking king” in gym because he can kick really far! (Respect)

Someone in class is always nice to others. That’s pretty cool. (Respect)

Someone in art has dropped her paint and has nothing else to use. You ask if she wants to share your paint. (Compassion)

Someone in gym gets embarrassed because he didn’t catch a ball. You tell him it’s okay and give him a pat on the back. (Compassion)

Someone in class always works hard to make her work beautiful. It looks so good hanging up in the hall. (Respect)

Brian’s Change Anchor Chart

(Example, for Teacher Reference

RL.2.1, RL.2.3, RL.2.7

happy / pg. 28 or 30 / eating with
people / visible
excited / pg. 24 / working with
others/ has friends/
being noticed / visible
happy / pg. 22 / invited to join the group / visible
upset / pg. 21 / wanted to work with Justin / invisible
happy / pg. 19 / Justin talked to him. / visible
excited / pg. 14 / new friend / a little bit visible
sad / pg. 10 / not invited to party / invisible
sad / pg. 8 / wasn’t chosen for kickball / invisible
How does Brian feel in this part of the story? / Picture from text / What in the story makes him feel that way? / Is he feeling invisible or visible in this
part of the story? (invisible, a little bit visible, visible)

Module Guiding Question
Anchor Chart

(For Teacher Reference)

What is school, and why are schools important?

School is important
because you . . .
Build knowledge
and skills /
  • Learn new and
    important things
  • Do work that is hard and makes your brain think in new ways

Foster character and relationships /
  • Learn to treat others well
  • Use what you are learning to make your classroom, school, and community a better place
  • Learn that believing in yourself can help you learn new things and accomplish goals
  • Learn to include others and treat others well

Create high-quality work /
  • Create beautiful and
    careful work
  • Create work that matters to you and to others

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