Student friendly course descriptions – Grade 9 Optional courses


Instrumental Music, Grade 9 – Open


This course is open to any student interested in learning to play a musical instrument. It emphasizes the performance of music in a Band setting. Student learning will include playing music in a variety of styles, participating in creative activities and listening perceptively. Students will also be required to develop a thorough understanding of the language of music, including elements, terminology, and history. Instrument options for students in the gr. 9 Instrumental Music (AMI 1O) course include all instruments except guitar, piano, and strings. Students can choose from percussion, woodwind, brass, and base guitar. Students can bring their own instrument or rent it from the Rick Hansen Secondary School’s Music Department.

Prerequisite: None

Guitar, Grade 9 – Open


This beginner course is open to any student interested in learning to play the guitar. This course emphasizes the performance of guitar for students with no previous experience. Students will learn basic guitar technique; fingerstyle, open/bar chords, and will study a variety of guitar styles (rock, pop, blues) and music notation/theory. Throughout the semester, students will rehearse and prepare for a concert performance which will display what they have learned. Students are responsible for providing their own nylon or steel string acoustic guitar.

Prerequisite: None

Vocal Music, Grade 9 – Open


This course is designed for students wishing to learn to sing and participate in large and small group performances. Throughout the course, students will learn basic vocal technique, warm-ups, small harmony and stage presence. Students will also get the opportunity to perform from a variety of music styles, such as Musical Theatre, R&B, Pop, Rock, and other styles. Throughout the semester, students will rehearse and prepare for a concert performance which will display what they have learned. Working within a vocal ensemble will enable students to develop a variety of collaborative skills that are transferrable to other areas of their life. Course content provides a solid basis for further vocal study.

Prerequisite: None

Dramatic Arts, Grade 9 – Open


This course provides opportunities for students to explore dramatic forms and techniques, using material from a wide range of sources and cultures. Students will use the elements of drama to examine situations and issues that are relevant to their lives. Students will create, perform, discuss, and analyze drama, and then reflect on the experiences to develop an understanding of themselves, the art form, and the world around them.

Prerequisite: None

Dance, Grade 9 – Open


This course gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of dance forms in a studio and performance setting. Students will learn a variety of dance styles and techniques and also learn how to choreograph their own works. They will prepare for a dance performance towards the end of the course to display what they have learned. This course also includes workshops by professional dancers/teachers in the community as well as attending a live dance performance dependent on availability.

Prerequisite: None

Visual Arts, Grade 9 – Open


This course offers an overview of visual arts as a foundation for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and will be introduced to several visual are practices including drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. Students will use the creative and critical analysis processes and will interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical content.

Prerequisite: None


BTT 1O (Grade 9 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology in Business - Open)

Are you ready for the 21st century? Students will work individually and collaboratively to prepare their business communication skills for any future course or career path they choose. Students will learn how to present with confidence, and how to protect their online footprint, identity and keep their information safe. Through the hands-on use of word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software students will learn to create effective reports, graphs, research, multimedia presentations, posters and websites. These skills will be used in other courses and are a great way to prepare students for post-secondary studies and the workplace.

Prerequisite: None

TIJ 1O (Grade 9 Exploring Creative Technologies - Open)

Students will explore several areas of technology courses offered atRick Hansen Secondary Schoolsuch as:

  • Construction and woodworking
  • Manufacturing
  • Graphic design, and video
  • Electronics and computer technology
  • Tech design, Auto CAD
  • Animation

This is a hands-on course where students will work on projects such as:

  • Rocket and CO2 Car designing and building
  • Create an animated movie and magazine cover
  • Create a public service announcement commercial
  • Basic camera skills, video shot types and editing techniques.
  • Create orthographic drawings

Students will explore the design and problem solving steps used to complete these projects

Prerequisite: None

TFJ 1O (Grade 9 Hospitality and Tourism - Open)

In this hands on course students in our grade 9program will prepare a variety of foods and baked goods for the lunch program and school cafeteria. They will be immersed in all aspects of the hospitality industry and be involved in learning about;

  • basic knife safety and cutting techniques
  • kitchen equipment recognition and safety
  • understanding of measurement and recipe conversions
  • understanding of different cooking methods and baking techniques
  • food service health and safety compliance
  • reading and following recipes accurately
  • regional and local tourism attractions and destinations
  • nutrition, food recognitionand reading food labels
  • careers in the hospitality and tourism sector

Students will demonstrate collaboration,responsibility, organizational and workplace skills as well as group and individual projects throughout the semester.

Pre requisite: None