Daily Science Question (DQ)

This assignment is worth 10 points/week. I will grade one answer per week chosen by a roll of a die on Monday: 1=first question, 2=second question, 3=third question, 4=fourth question, 5=fifth question, 6=student choice! (Choose the one YOU think you did the best on!). Mark the “chosen one” before submitting this assignment. Occasionally I will choose which one to score or I might score the entire assignment…just to keep you honest and responsible!

Expectations: (-1 for each one not met)

*Complete heading in the upper LEFT CORNER.

*Title (DQ#___ ) centered on the TOP line.

*Questions are highlighted in some way to make them stand out from the answers.

*Restate the question in your answer. DO NOT start your response with “It” “They” or “Because”.

*Answers are typed under the question in black color font.

*All answers are correct to the best of your ability! You have the answer in your ISN-use your tool! Correct your answer in a colored font after class discussion if you got it wrong. There is NO EXCUSE for submitting an incorrect answer.

*Hit enter between an answer and the next question.

*ALL questions answered! You have the weekend to complete this assignment if needed.

*Use correct spelling and grammar at all times.

* DO NOT copy information directly from the internet or your text book! If you look things up for elaboration, please write it in your own words and cite correctly (name of source in parentheses after the fact)!

All “expectation” subtractions will be taken from the total points earned by the response to the “chosen one”.

Grading Scale:

* To get an A (10-9), you MUST elaborate on the answer with two to four more bits of information related to the answer. Elaboration must flow from one fact to another, not be random unconnected facts. You may add elaboration after discussion in a colored font for a score of 9/10.

10 = meets expectations and elaborated as stated above. (9 given at my discretion)

8 = meets expectations, but no elaboration

7 = meets expectations but is not fully correct &/or is awkwardly worded

6-0= given at my discretion based on the quality and quantity of the total work completed