Canadian Resources Assoc. of Chief Psychologists with Ontario School Bds. Canadian Test Centre Council for Exceptional Children Provincial Units Canadian Association of School Psychologists Canadian Psychological Association Ontario Ministry of Education: Special Ed excellent, useful, free, on-line mental health resources Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

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Information on Specific Tests DAS-II information Northwest Evaluation Association NWEA MAP WISC-IV Technical Reports, etc. WAIS-IV information WPPSI-IV APA information on finding tests Information on many speech and language tests Stanford-Binet Assessment Service Bulletins WJ III Assessment Service Bulletins RIAS PowerPoint

History Smithsonian Artifact History of Disability in America Complete 1916 Stanford-Binet Manual 1904 Binet-Simon Stanford-Binet History by Kirk Becker

Assessment Marley Watkins: articles, software, tests, ASCA, etc. HumanIntelligence – resources from Jonathan Plucker papers by David Lohman reviews of many books on cognitive assessment Joel Schneider's information, scoring programs & tests Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education Association of Specialists in Assessment of Intellectual Functioning Strunk's Elements of Style on line Official Cross-Battery Assessment Web Site DSM-5 Implementation, Support, and Corrections extensive OCR Guide for High-Stakes Testing Florida Center for Reading Research Jim Wright's Intervention Central BICS vs. CALP, ESL assessment information about with visual impairments National Association of Test Directors graphing tools: McDougal, Clark, & Wilson SUNY many publications many webinars, etc. Chronological age calculator J Steve Draper on Hawthorne, Pygmalion, placebo effect Disability Evaluation for Social Security SEDL Reading Assessment Data Base Gary Canivez: articles, software, etc. information on word finding

Assessment Ethics American Psychological Association ethics Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education NASP ethics & professional standards 2010 NASP Professional Conduct Manual 2000 Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO) Joint FERPA & HIPAA Guidance HIPAA information: federal medical privacy HIPAA and FERPA

"Slow Learners" Dr. Steven Shaw

Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA), Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM),

Response to Intervention (RTI), Problem-Solving Model (PSM) The Official DIBELS Home Page DIBELS for littlies progress monitoring tools Univ. of Minnesota Mark Shinn's homepage – info NRCLD Responsiveness-to-Intervention Symposium NRCLD Conference on RTI in SLD Determination Research Institute on Progress Monitoring Heartland Area Agency, Johnston, Iowa commercial source for curriculum-based assessment CBM Now Support for K-12 Florida Center for Reading Research DIBELS, etc. Jim Wright's Intervention Central Iowa Area Agencies sped procedures manual Illinois RtI State Plan RTI Policies & Procedures Implementation book order graphing tools: McDougal, Clark, & Wilson SUNY

PaTTAN training materials for RTI National Center on Response to Intervention National Center on Student Progress Monitoring lots of downloads of training materials Commercial software for hand-held computers

Psychology Web Sites Dumont/Willis on the Web (frozen but still useful) Dumont test interpretation templates new home Samuel Ortiz's WWW School Psychology Homepage IAP list home page – lots of valuable documents historical documents in psychology York University Kevin McGrew's Mind Hub Assoc. of Specialists in Assessment of Intell. Functioning brain-based ed., illustrations of brain, news briefs, etc. biographical profiles - intelligence theory and testing Jim Wright's interventions for learning and behavior Margaret J. Kay's page with articles and links Jack Naglieri National Assoc. of School Psychologists Sandra Ste ingart’s outstanding resources Debra Caywood-Rukas's Zone of Proximal Devel.

Psychology and Psychiatry Organizations American Psychological Association (APA) APA state, provincial, territorial associations Assoc. of Specialists in Assessment of Intell. Functioning National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) directory of state school psychology associations International School Psychology Association MA Psychological Association MA School Psychologists Association NH Association of School Psychologists NH Psychological Association NJ Association of School Psychologists NY Association of School Psychologists NY State Psychological Association American Psychiatric Association (APA) NJ Psychological Association

Reading The Official DIBELS Home Page Mountain Shadows Phonemic Awareness Scale Linda Wasmer Andrews SMOG reading level tool Oregon Reading First Big Ideas in Beginning Reading personalizable on-line library Preventing Early Reading Failure – J. Torgeson Teaching Reading is Rocket Science Louisa C. Moats Reading First resources Florida Center for Reading Research Get Ready to Read! (GRTR!) national initiative U. Maryland International Children's Digital Library International Dyslexia Association Teaching methods, materials and texts - Brody Reading

(must order by telephone) Learning Ally (was Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic) assessment, tutoring, consultation, art therapy National Reading Panel NH Branch of the International Dyslexia Association Susan L. Hall and Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D International Reading Association Partnership for Accessible Reading Assessment papers products and information, e.g., reading fluency tables Reading is Fundamental SEDL Southwest Educational Development Lab

Writing evidence-based writing instruction Guide to grammar and composition Richard Nordquist Purdue on-line writing lab American Psychological Association Publication Manual, 6th ed. corrections National Writing Project resources for teaching writing Mignon Fogarty grammar tips Mignon Fogarty grammar tips

Math FAQs about math and send in questions to Dr. Math NCTM Illuminations – standards, lessons, links, etc. Nat. Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM) Standards math instruction and practice Kumon math math word problems Julia Leonard's thousands of free math worksheets, etc. Dave's Math Tables

Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language, NLD, Traumatic Brain Injury,

and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) National Research Center on Learning Disabilities Indigo Children Mel Levine on learning differences American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Teens BIANH Children & Adults with ADD NIH consensus report on ADHD 50 conditions that mimic ADHD International Dyslexia Association Jim Wright's Intervention Central Learning Disabilities Assoc. of America LD Vanderbilt scales and other information on ADHD National Center for Learning Disabilities neuropsychology NLD Line nonverbal learning disability Nonverbal learning disorder Pennsylv. Training and Technical Assistance Network Schwab Foundation for Learning: info. for parents

Vanderbilt University resources Word Finding Web site

Deafness and Hearing Loss Guide for serving hearing children with deaf parents Gallaudet University. Many links and resources. ASL software Alexander Graham Bell Association National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness American Society for Deaf Children Information, news, and resources. OCR on Educational Services for Deaf Students Gallaudet College very old but useful list of assessments for deaf children Products for the deaf and hard of hearing Sign language Web sites Linda Burkhart National Association of the Deaf Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Self-Help for Hard of Hearing People

Blindness and Visual Impairment simulates eye-muscle problems: eyes follow the cursor National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness American Academy of Ophthalmology American Council of the Blind American Foundation for the Blind American Printing House for the Blind Position Paper: Intelligence Testing of Individuals who

are Blind or Visually Impaired-Goodman, Evans, Loftin non-visual beginning Braille teaching materials Lighthouse International Low Vision Gateway – lots of good information History of Reading Codes for the Blind National Federation of the Blind near vision screening cards: register, then click on vision & hearing screening, then visual acuity charts, then on Lea near vision symbol card Instructions for Lea near vision cards Resource Guide for the Blind Vision Associates tests and information

Physical Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Pages for Many Disabilities Pediatric Neurosurgery page Neil Feldstein Brain Injury Association of America Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome CHARGE Syndrome Foundation clearing house for supplies and equipment Monthly Guide to Disability Resources on the 'Net Mobility International: exchange programs Nat. Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke Physical Therapy Aide NORD listing of rare diseases home page Soc. for Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped Sandra Stei ngart's School Psych Resources Online TASH association for persons with severe disabilities Tourette Syndrome "Plus" The Tourette Syndrome Association University of Wisconsin Waisman Center

Medical Information Amer. Academy of Pediatrics policy statements American Academy of Family Physicians National Institutes of Health

EBSCO Health Library Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Teens BIANH "Best of the Web" health information height, weight, body mass index charts information on clinical trials Children with Diabetes Drug information Drug interactions warnings and alerts about drugs and devices Epilepsy & Brain Mapping Program Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools links to many health-related sites H.H.S. mobile Apps for health issues Health On Net Foundation search engine Mayo Clinic Medscape PubMed searchable medical databases National Library of Medicine National Library of Medicine "easy-access site" Stephen Barrett, MD, Guide to Health Fraud Internet Drug Index Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online[‡] Childhood Sleep Apnea Set up a Web page to post updates about a hospital patient's condition and a bulletin board to post messages to the patient and family. Great service.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities National Association for Down Syndrome American Assoc. on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities NH Council on Developmental Disabilities National Down Syndrome Society National Association for the Dually Diagnosed College for students with intellectual disabilities Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online[‡] The ARC University of Wisconsin Waisman Center

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Issues Jeffrey Miller Multimodal Functional Behavioral Ass't Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation Child & Adolescent Bipolar foundation Collaborative for Acad., Social & Emotional Learning Center for Evidence-Based Practice: Young Children American Counseling Association DSM-5 Implementation, Support, and Corrections excellent, useful, free, on-line mental health resources Jim Wright's Intervention Central NIMH page for Bipolar Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation positive behavioral intervention Calif. Positive Environments Network of Trainers Leslie E. Packer's site: links, tips, etc. Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online

Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and PDD Books by Ann Palmer Yale Child Study Center Developmental Disabilities Semi-humorous dissenting opinion Development, Behavior, Autism and Asperger Syndrome New York Autism Network Autism National Committee Florida St. U. Center for Autism & Related Disorders Autism Network for Dietary Intervention National Autism Resource & Information Center Autism Society of America Autism Speaks web-based tool to help learn about early red flags NH Coalition for Autism Insurance Reform Global Autism Collaboration Clinical practice guidelines NY Dept. of Health home page for PDD, hyperlexia, etc. Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention Special Abilities, emphasis on autism, many links Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online TEACCH program University of North Carolina Tony Attwood on Asperger's Syndrome Asperger info. & support Barb Kirby's OASIS

Selective Mutism Anxiety Network Selective Mutism Group Selective Mutism Foundation

General Education and Special Education m Jill Mora Cross Cultural Lang. & Acad. Development University of New England: many lesson plans Lianro WagenerSmith's references and resources Special Education Resources on the Internet Teachers.Net lesson bank A B C Teach resources for teachers American Federation of Teachers: many links Assoc. on Higher Ed. and Disability Assoc. of Specialists in Assessment of Intellectual Functioning Awesome Library for Kids links Behavior Analysis Certification Board knowledge base of college freshmen Center for Advancem't of Social & Emotional Learning link to Common Core reading and math standards Behavior management from The Master Teacher OCR on planning for post-secondary education Foundation for Child Development (FCD) Kay Smith's Special Educators' Web page Ennis Cosby memorial with good Rxs for teachers Civics games and activities Intervention Central: instruction and behavior ideas Iowa Area Agencies sped procedures manual K12 Station resources "Great Links for Education" Khan Academy Teaching methods, materials and texts - Brody Reading commercial teaching materials, some free samples Nat. Assoc. for the Education Of Young Children Nat. Association of State Directors of Special Educ. . National Education Association (NEA) National Education Association: hints and gimmicks. Nat. Dissemination Center for … Disabilities NICHCY support for parents and children: separate state listings