Course: ALGEBRA 3

Faculty Name / Mrs. Valerie Walker
Term / Fall Semester 2015
Meetings / Monday – Friday in room 304

Faculty’s Contact Information

Phone / 724-452-6041 ext. 1274
Email Address /
Other Information / I have a teacher website that I use daily for class assignments and announcements. After going to go the Senior High webpage and click on “Teacher Websites.” My website is “Walker, V.”

General Course Information

Course Description: This course is designed as a third or fourth year option to Pre-calculus for students completing either Algebra 2 TE or Algebra 2 in their sophomore or junior year. Topics covered include factoring, binomial expansion, solving rational equations, solving radical equations, linear regression, quadratic functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, polynomial operations, and polynomial functions of a higher degree. Recommended to be taken in Junior year for Keystone Exam Requirements.

Pre-Requisite: Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 TE

Required Materials:Writing Utensils

Notebook or 3-Ring Binder

Grading Scale: I use a point system to determine grades. The total points you earn each 9-weeks will be divided by the total possible points to determine your percentage for the 9-weeks. You will also have a quarterly exam worth 15% of your grade.


-Each 9-weeks, 85% of your grade will be determined by your achievement in the following areas: tests, quizzes, homework quizzes, graded assignments, and participation.

-You will also have a quarterly exam each 9-weeks, and this exam will be 15% of your 9-weeks grade.

Tests: A test will be given after each chapter, and each test will be worth 100

points. You will receive a study guide prior to each test.

Quizzes: Several quizzes will be given per chapter. Quizzes range from 10-30


Homework: Homework will be randomly checked for completion. All work must

be shown in order to earn the points for the homework. Each homework check will be worth 5 points.

Graded Assignments: Some assignments will be graded each 9-weeks. These

assignments will always be announced and a due date will be given. The assignment must be completed on time to earn full credit. Points will be deducted for late work.

Participation: Students will begin each 9-weeks with 20 points in the SV

Gradebook. Points will be deducted for not following the class rules and procedures. Students are expected to check the SV Gradebook to see their grades. If points are deducted, the student may ask the teacher to see documentation of the date and reason for the point deduction. See class rules for more information on point deductions.

Quarterly Exams: At the end of each 9-weeks period, a quarterly exam will be

administered based on the material for the 9-weeks. This exam is worth 15% of your final 9-weeks grade. In addition, the first and second quarterly exams will be averaged to determine your final exam grade on your report card. For example, if you earn an 80% on the first quarterly exam and a 90% on the second quarterly exam, you will see an 85% for your final exam grade on the report card. The final exam grade is 5% of your final grade for the course.

Class Rules:

  1. Be respectful and polite to EVERYONE
  2. Follow directions the first time
  3. Be in class and ready to begin when the bell rings
  4. Come to class prepared (bring pencil, notebook, homework, etc.)
  5. No swearing or inappropriate comments/language
  6. Stay seated until the bell rings
  7. No sleeping during class
  8. Bring a pass with you if you are late to class. If you do not have a pass, this will count as a class tardy. After 3 times being late to class, you will be referred to the Dean of Students.
  9. Electronic devices should be used only for educational purposes
  10. Follow all school rules as set in the Student Handbook

Possible Consequences for Breaking Rules:

Warning/Participation Point Deduction

Move seat

Phone call/Email home

Referral to the Office

*Other actions taken by teacher to ensure safety and appropriate behavior of all students

Level II or III offenses may be sent directly to the office

**Please see the Student Handbook for a complete list of offenses.

Late Work
Make-up Exams
Incomplete Grades / When students are legally absent from classes, it is his/her responsibility to arrange with his/her teachers to make up work missed in each class. The amount of time given to make up this work depends on the amount of time that the student was absent and the circumstances surrounding the absence. For instance, if the student is legally absent for two school days, the student shall receive two school days to make up the work, if necessary. If this work is not completed within the given time period, a student may receive an “incomplete” grade. At the end of the grading period, or at the interim report, the “incomplete” grade is changed to a failing grade for work that has not been completed. Students will not receive credit for any class work that takes place during unexcused class absences. Students are required to make up any missed assignments. If a student is missing due to a pre approved vacation/field trip they must follow district policy.
Class Attendance / As per Seneca Valley School District Policy #204, a student shall not be granted credit for any semester course if absences from that course total more than ten(10) periods per semester or for any full year courses that total more than twenty (20) periods for the year. Class period absences may include but not be limited to illness, truancy, vacations, parent sponsored educational experiences, college visitations, service related tests or physicals, and doctor appointments.
In addition, student(s) will not receive credit towards graduation for any class(es)from which the student(s) is illegally absent (confirmed truancy or class cut) more than three times during a semester class or more than 6 times during a full year course. The lack of sufficient credits in any particular school year could result in a student being denied promotion to the next grade level/building and/or graduation. If a student loses credit, he/she will remain in the class and the grade earned will impact the student’s GPA.
Technical Support / If you experience any problems with your account you may send an email to: or call the SHS Technology Facilitator at 724-452-6041 X1088
Student Conduct, Discipline, and Behavior Management / Please see Class Rules and Consequences Above
In addition to the rules previously listed, here are two extra policies on cell phones and using the hall pass:
* Cell phones are now allowed when used for instructional purposes. Phones will be taken when not used for educational purposes. Cell phones are not permitted for quizzes or tests.
Hall Pass Use: You will be allowed to use the hall/restroom pass 4 times per 9-weeks. When you need to use the restroom, hand your hall passes to the teacher and sign out on the clipboard on the front table. The hall passes you do not use will turn into bonus points at the end of the 9-weeks. For example, if you use the restroom 3 times, you may turn in your extra 1 pass to receive 1 bonus point. You must physically hand in the extra passes to earn points. You may not use the restroom or hall pass during instructional time! *If you do not sign out, you forfeit your bonus points*
Academic Dishonesty / Plagiarism is defined as taking or imitating the ideas, thoughts or language of another to represent them as one’s original work. It is imperative that all work submitted by a student be representative of his/her own ideas, thoughts and especially language capability. Therefore, plagiarism is strictly prohibited in all work pertaining to school. A grade of “F” or zero will be awarded for any submitted work which is found to be the work of another (student, author, encyclopedia, internet, etc.) and subsequent offenses will be dealt with accordingly.
If the ideas, thoughts or language from another source must be used in the work being done, it is the student’s responsibility to footnote or annotate the information appropriately. Plagiarism software will be used in various classes.
Cheating will NOT be tolerated. Any student caught cheating will receive a zero on the assignment and a phone call will be made to the student’s guardians. Cheating includes copying homework, assignments, quizzes, and tests or using notes or other resources that are not permitted. Using a cell phone during a test is automatically considered cheating.
Technology Usage / There are computer labs in the building for student use. Students whose teachers use the lab in their curriculum use courseware specifically designed for that curriculum during scheduled class times. Students are also permitted to use the labs for class or research during study halls as space is available. In addition, there are computers in the library for research purposes plus a workstation in every classroom for teacher and/or student use. The labs are monitored at all times.
All enrolled students have an account on the networked system for file storage and software access. All student accounts are password protected. These passwords are to be kept confidential to protect unauthorized use.
The labs are a privilege provided for the students to enhance the academic curriculum. Games that are not specifically used in the curriculum are not allowed on the system. Individual files are not considered to be personal property. These files may be accessed at any time by teachers, administrators or the system manager. Students are not permitted access to other students’ files. Tampering with files, copying of copyrighted software, downloading or installing games, password tampering, accessing unauthorized directories or removing equipment or software will be considered theft. Tampering with any hardware or equipment or violating policies and/or guidelines governing the use of networks, Internet or software programs are also considered offenses and will be dealt with Per Seneca Valley policy #218. Violators may also be prosecuted under applicable local, state or federal civil or criminal law. Students must show their ID card to gain access to the computer lab.
Email Use / Please be sure to use an appropriate and clear subject heading when sending an email. Many emails not from the domain are sent directly to junk mail. If I do not immediately respond to an email, your message may have been placed in my junk mail box and may take a few days for me to find and respond. I will make every effort to get back to you efficiently, but please be patient, I are not ignoring your message. Thank you!
Prepared by and Date prepared / Mrs. Walker on 8/14/15