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Self-assessment of chiropractic skills

Please complete this assessment form if you have:

  1. a UK chiropractic qualification achieved two or more years ago and have not previously registered with the GCC
  2. not been registered for two or more years and wish to restore to the Register
  3. have been registered as non-practising for two or more years and now wish to transfer to practising registration

Give details below of the activities you have undertaken which show that you have remained up to date with your skills, knowledge and behaviour since you were last registered to practise in the UK, or since you graduated if you have never previously been registered.

Please demonstrate each standard by referencing examples from your continuing learning and any relevant work experience you have undertaken, to show that you have remained up to date while you have not been practising.

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Principles from The Code
The full version of the code can be found on our website [here]. / Learning with others
Give details of any events you have attended which meet the principles of the GCC Code below. Explain how the event met the principle. / Learning alone
Give details of any learning you have undertaken alone which meets the principles of the GCC Code below. Explain how the event met the principle. / Work experience
Give details of how any work experience you have undertaken which meets the principles of the GCC Code below. / Office use
  1. Put the health interests of patients first
You must put patients’ health first, respect them and ensure you promote their health and welfare at all times. You must take account of these factors when assessing them, making referrals, or providing or arranging care.
Hours / Hours
  1. Act with honesty and integrity and maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct
You must act with honesty and integrity at all times and uphold high standards of professional conduct and personal behaviour to ensure public confidence in the profession. You must be guided in your behaviour and practise at all times by the principle that the health and well-being of a patient comes first. You must follow procedures set down by the regulator.
Hours / Hours
  1. Provide a good standard of clinical care and practice
You must uphold the high standards of the chiropractic profession by delivering safe and competent care to each patient. This applies to all aspects of clinical practice and patient care.
Hours / Hours
  1. Establish and maintain a clear professional relationship with patients
The professional relationship between a chiropractor and a patient depends upon confidence and trust. It is your duty to uphold that trust and confidence. You must establish and maintain clearly defined professional boundaries between yourself and your patients to avoid confusion or harm and to protect the welfare and safety of patients and those who care for them.
Hours / Hours
  1. Obtain informed consent for all aspects of patient care
Patient consent must be voluntary and informed. It is your duty to ensure the patient has all the necessary information and support they need in order to give it. You must ensure that, when the circumstances of a patient’s care changes, the patient continues to consent to treatment. (NB: The term patient has been used throughout this principle but consent may need to be obtained from a representative chosen by or appointed to act on behalf of a patient).
Hours / Hours
  1. Communicate properly and effectively with your patients, colleagues and other healthcare professionals
The relationship between a chiropractor and a patient is built on trust, confidence and honesty. You must communicate effectively with patients in order to establish and maintain a professional relationship and encourage patients to take an informed role in their care.
Hours / Hours
  1. Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills
As a healthcare professional you are required to use your professional judgement to recognise and work within the limits of your own knowledge, skills and competence to ensure patient safety and protect the reputation of the profession. To assure your continuing fitness to practise you must maintain and develop your professional knowledge, skills and performance in accordance with the requirements set out by the GCC.
Hours / Hours
  1. Maintain and protect patient information
It is your responsibility to maintain and protect the information you obtain directly or indirectly in the course of your work. Confidentiality is central to the relationship between chiropractor and patient. The records you keep must be an accurate reflection of the clinical encounter and must include any factors relevant to the patient’s ongoing care, including their general health.
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Please sign and date this declaration as confirmation that you have read and understood it.

  • I declare that all information supplied by me in support of my application for recognition of my qualification is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and accurate.
  • I understand that the Registrar may take steps to verify any such information supplied by me, for which I will cooperate fully.



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