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Metal alloys with completely new characteristics

ENGEL presents Liquidmetal at the 2016 Hannover Messe

Schwertberg/Austria – March 2016

With its completely new material characteristics and ability to be injection moulded, Liquidmetal revolutionises the fabrication of high-quality metal components. The potential of this new class of materials is being presented by the injection moulding machine manufacturer ENGEL AUSTRIA – headquartered in Schwertberg, Austria – at the 2016 Hannover Messe from April 25th to 29th.

Both hard and elastic

Liquidmetal stands for a class of material with completely new characteristics. The zirconium alloys have an amorphous structure that makes Liquidmetal components extremely hard and at the same time very elastic. A hardness of 53HRC is achieved even without any thermal treatment. The elasticity lies at 1.8 percent while in comparison steel has an elasticity of approx. 0.2 percent and titanium approx.1 percent. In addition, the Liquidmetal materials are characterised by a low specific weight as well as excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. This range of characteristics predestines them for use in precision and functional components that are subjected to high mechanical stresses. This opens up new opportunities from medical technology to electronics, automotive to aerospace and even sports equipment. Electronic components, surgical instruments and particularly high-quality decor elements will be among the first applications. The Liquidmetal experts at ENGEL will be presenting diverse sample components in Hannover, as well as several videos illustrating the great potential of the new class of materials.

More efficient than CNC and MIM

The fact that these materials can be processed in injection moulding is another advantage. Compared with the metal injection moulding (MIM) and CNC processing methods, this makes it possible to realise manufacturing concepts that are significantly more efficient and to achieve a higher level of automation and process integration. In just one single step and in short cycles, fit-for-purpose components with a very high-quality surface finish can be produced. Even sophisticated three-dimensional forms and very fine structures can be moulded with excellent reproducibility and material efficiency.

As the exclusive machine manufacturing partner of Liquidmetal Technologies, which is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA, ENGEL is the only supplier worldwide offering injection moulding machines and integrated system solutions for the processing of Liquidmetal materials. A further partner is Materion Corporation, the material producer and distributor based in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA.

For individual presentations and initial sampling, a Liquidmetal machine is available at the ENGEL technology centre in Schwertberg, Austria. Liquidmetal Technologies has established capacities for contract manufacturing in California; capacities for the European market are currently in preparation.

A leader in production efficiency

For the first time, ENGEL is exhibiting in Hannover. With the processing of metal alloys, the supplier of injection moulding machines and automated system solutions is tapping into a new target group. In the plastics industry, ENGEL is seen as a technology leader, and in the markets worldwide it stands for highest quality combined with maximum production efficiency. With nine production plants on three continents, 29 sales and service subsidiaries and 60 representatives, ENGEL is close to its customers all around the globe. The German subsidiaries are located in Hannover, Nuremberg, Hagen und Stuttgart.

ENGEL at the 2016 Hannover Messe: hall 5, stand G18

<Picture 1>

Even the finest structures can be modelled efficiently using the Liquidmetal process. (Image: Liquidmetal Technologies)

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ENGEL AUSTRIA has developed an injection moulding machine for the highly efficient processing of Liquidmetal alloys. (Picture: ENGEL)


ENGEL is one of the global leaders in the manufacture of plastics processing machines. Today, the ENGEL Group offers a full range of technology modules for plastics processing as a single source supplier: injection moulding machines for thermoplastics and elastomers, and automation, with the assurance that individual components are also competitive and successful in the world markets. With nine production plants in Europe, North America and Asia (China and Korea), and subsidiaries and representatives in more than 85 countries, ENGEL offers its customers the excellent global support they need to compete and succeed with new technologies and leading-edge production systems.

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