Profession:Electrical Engineer, Senior Member IEEE, IEP, IEEEP and registered with PEC.

Date of birth:March 19, 1959.

Present post: Professor

Experience: 29 Years (10 Yrs Industry + 2 Yr Design/Consultancy + 17 Yrs R&D/Teaching)


B.SC. University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan (1983)

1983 Thesis title: Cable Sizing and Termination in Electrical Distribution Design

M.SC University of Reading, School of Science and Engineering, Reading, UK. (1988)

1988 Thesis title: Fiber optic voltage and current sensors.

Ph.D. University of Essex, School of Science and Engineering, Colchester, UK. (1991)

1991 Thesis title: Development of High Power Lasers

Job Assignments:


As Foreign Faculty Professor (2006) and Chairman Department of Electrical Engineering (for two years as Chairman), Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Park Road, Islamabad


As Foreign Faculty Professor (2004) and Head of Electronics Engineering Department in Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology, G-7/1 Suharwardy Road Islamabad.


As Associate Professor and Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UPM, Malaysia


Worked as Sr. Electrical Engineer and Project Manager in Zedan Consultants, for SCECO-E and SABIC Petrochemical Industries Al-Jubail, Al-Khober, Saudi Arabia, on power quality study.


Worked as Protection Engineer at 220/132 kV substation Wapda, Ghakhar, under Wapda GSO Lahore Circle, Cricket House Lahore, Pakistan.


Worked as Transmission Engineer at 220/132 kV Grid Stations and Transmission Lines under SS&T Division Wapda, Gujranwala, GSO Lahore Circle, Pakistan.


Worked as Research Assistant for M.SC and Ph.D. in Reading/Essex Universities, England UK.


Worked as a typical SDO WAPDA in Zafarwal Subdivision, Sialkot Circle, under Gujranwala Region, Wapda Gujranwala, Pakistan.


Worked as Assistant Director (Planning), Mapping Cell – USAID Program, under the Area Electricity Board Wapda, Gujranwala Region, Wapda Gujranwala, Pakistan.


Worked as Assistant Director (EHV Transmission Line Construction), Second 500 KV Circuit Tarbella-Faisalabad-Jamshoroo, in Collaboration with Imperial Construction Company, Greave & Cotton, TEPSCO Japan, Canada and NESPAK, under overall supervision of Wapda


Worked as Junior Engineer (Design and Testing), high voltage switchgear, transformers and control panels in Climax Electrical Industries, Gujranwala Pakistan

Training Courses

1. “Electric Power Quality”, Organized by Austriallian Co in Collaboration with Singapore at

Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 12-14 November 2003.

2. “High Voltage Testing”, Organized by UMIST Electrical Engineering Research Centre and

PES IEEE at UPM, August 22-24, 2003.

3. “Teaching Methods”, Organized by Faculty of Engineering, at Faculty of Education, UPM,

11-13 October 2000 Malaysia.

4. “Multimedia Mathematics”, Organized by Faculty of Science, at Computer Science Center,

UPM, 20-23 July 2000 Malaysia.

5. “Fiber Optic and Photonics”, Organized by Malaysian Telecom., at University Malaya,

Photonic Center, 16-20 July 2000 Malaysia

6. “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, Organized by Department of Electrical & Electronic

Engineering, University Putra Malaysia, July 1999, Malaysia.

7. “How to become a good teacher”, Organized by Faculty of Engineering, Seminar Hall,

Faculty Kejurutraan, April 1998 UPM Malaysia.

8. “Optical Communication Workshop”, Organized by Essex University in Collaboration

with Southampton University and British Telecom Harwich, 5-15 September 1991.

9. “ Superconductors”, Organized by Universtat Karlsruhe, 6-12 July 1984, Germany.

Work Experience


Worked as technician on a fiber optic communication line project in Karlsruhe, Germany.

1984-1984: (JE in Climax Electrical Industries Gujranwala)

Worked as transformer design engineer. The existing designs were modified as per user requirements. Supervised the winding, construction and testing divisions of transformer section in Climax Industries, Gujranwala. Furthermore, assisted other engineers working on switchgear and Air Conditioners. Got good experience on HVDC.

1984-85: (AD in EHV Line Construction WAPDA Lahore)

Worked as electrical engineer in an electrical a utility (WAPDA) in Pakistan. I supervised construction of 500 kV transmission line project from Tarbella Dam to Faisalabad. It was being conducted by TEPSCO Japan in collaboration of ICC, NESPAK and Grieve & Cotton Pakistan. My responsibility was to supervise the job of contractors on site to note their progress and the quality of work. Got experience of CPM, PERT, Drawing Work and Quality Control regarding excavation, backfilling, earthing, tension, sag and the related tasks.

1985-1986: (AD in Distribution Planning, CAEB WAPDA Gujranwala)

On completion of above project the WAPDA transferred me from EHV wing to Distribution Planning wing under CAEB WAPDA Gujranwala, Where undersigned worked on US-AID distribution planning project with NESPAK Consultants. Basic job was on mapping of 11 kV distribution feeders on global latitudes and longitudes. Major tasks include 11 kV line repair, maintenance, renovation, augmentation, bifurcation and electrification of new villages.

1986-1987: (SDO in Distribution Operation, WAPDA Wazirabad & Pasrur Divisions)

On successful completion of US-AID mapping cell project, undersigned requested for transfer in Distribution Operation Subdivision of WAPDA in Wazirabad Division. Major duties were to manage the maintenance staff, little bit renovation, revenue collection, metering, billing and line loss reduction using technical and management skills. Undersigned was transferred to Zafarwal subdivision in April 1987 due to departmental reasons. Got good experience of public dealing, emergency supply restoration and MV line load balancing. I also had additional charge of recovery Magistrate WAPDA whilst the basic job was distribution line maintenance and attending of troubleshooting on 11 kV electric networks. Undersigned qualified for MSC/Ph.D scholarship in UK/USA, while working as SDO (E) Subdivision WAPDA Zafarwal. In parallel with above job also coordinated research in PINSTECH Islamabad.

1987-1992: (RA in Reading & Essex Universities, UK)

Acquired MSC and Ph.D. degrees from Reading and Essex Universities UK. During study period in England, conducted research on application of lasers and fibre optics in power industry. Developed fibre optic CTs and PTs for use with protective relays, SCADA and Telemetry. Designed a tunable wavelength DFB dye laser for fiber optic communication applications and developed a 200fs DFB laser.

1992-1993: (AE in Transmission & Maintenance Ghakkhar)

After higher study WAPDA appointed me in grid system operation at 220 kV Grid Station Ghakhar. My duty was to take care of lines and substations maintenance. Got maintenance experience of some 220, 132 and 66 kV Substations and their inter-connecting lines. My responsibility was to note discrepancies of substations & transmission lines and routine maintenance of MV /HV switchgears and transmission lines. Various equipment supervised include MV to EHV level power transformers, Switchgears such as SF6, Air blast, Vacuum and Oil CBs of different makes i.e. ABB, GEC, Siemons, Merlin Gerlin and Messwalander. Other equipment include rectifiers, emergency supplies, DC battery and capacitor banks.

1993-1994: (AE Power System Protection 220 kV G/S Ghakhar)

Resumed WAPDA utility in Pakistan as protection and instrumentation engineer in 1991 after completion of study period. His responsibility was to keep the protection and control of 28 Substations healthy. He used to carry out the routine testing as well as emergency trouble shooting as and when required for the above 28 Substations. The trouble shootings could be DC failure, contractor dropout, and open/close problem of EHV circuit breaker, slow/fast metering, distance relay mal-function, and inability to recognize faults, indiscriminate tripping or routine testing. Besides it got experience of testing various types of distance relays such as L8b (BBC), PYTS (GEC), 7SA (Siemens) and Micromho (GEC) etc. Also got experience of testing differential, Bucholz, overcurrent undervoltage relay and many others such as CDG and CTU, CAG, VTT & CTIG (BF) frequency relays. It also includes experience of C&DF testing, open/short circuit testing, CT saturation testing, grids commissioning testing and various types of protection schemes.

1995-1997: (Project Manager in Zedan Consultants, Saudi Arabia)

Joined Ms Zedan Consultants as Project Manager in Saudi Arabia to conduct a power quality project of SCECO-E for SABIC Affiliates Riyadh. The SABIC industrial organizations in Al-Jubail consist of the Petrochemical, Rubber & Plastics, Power Cables, Fertilizers, Steal and Medicines manufacturing facilities. These 14 organizations fed from SCECO-E were visited for data and site inspection regarding, SVC equipment earhing, UPS, connections of protection & control, capacitor started motors, DOL started large motors, compressors, PLCs, the computer controlled processes and extruders etc. The simulation of SCECO-E transmission and distribution network along with SABIC industries loads was conducted using ETAP Program. A big power quality project completed under leadership of underwriter. Other international R&D organizations such as Siemons and GEC USA assisted to complete this project.

1997-2004: (Lecturer, Associate Professor, University Putra Malaysia)

Working as Associate Professor in Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University Putra Malaysia. Supervising and lecturing to the graduate and postgraduate students. Acted as coordinator for final year practical industry training, final year student projects and external moderator for Prime College franchised with UPM. The subjects that I have been teaching for last four years include: Opto-electronics (KEE 3201), AC/DC drives, Electrical Machines (KEE 3302), Engineering Mathematics (KKK), Network synthesis (KEE), Protective Relaying (KEE 4307), High Voltage Engineering (KEE 4317), Electric Power Quality (KEE 4309), Generation and Operation of Power System (KEE 4306). Worked as a team with juniors and seniors colleague lecturers at UPM. Conducted three short-term and two IRPA projects and currently involved in two IRPA and one Top Down Projects. Designed experiments for undergraduate power laboratory and working on establishment of a high voltage laboratory in new complex of UPM. Proposed new subjects and designed their contents such as Power Quality, High Voltage Engineering and Numerical Relaying.

2004-2006: (Professor, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology)

Joined FUUAST Islamabad as Professor under HEC (FFHP) scheme for one year extendible to multiple years for promotion of research activities and inducing quality culture in academics. Pro Vice Chancellor of FUUAST appointed me as Head of Electronics Engineering Department. As part of job I have furnished the University Building with appropriate labels and name plates and written introductory pages of University. I am involved in Laboratory establishments for electronics engineering department and physics department. I have developed course structure of BS (Engineering Physics) and BE (Electronics Engineering) in the light of HEC directives and PEC requirements for accreditation of engineering degree program.

2006-2017: (Professor, CIIT Islamabad)

I have been supervising five MS and two PhD students in Electrical Engineering. I have developed six undergraduate and one postgraduate laboratory in campus. We have won two HEC research grants.

(He is proud of teaching Power System Protection course which 99.99% Electrical Engineers can’t)

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  4. International Conferences (108)

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 9,

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Live Line Selective Load Shedding


Adnan Ahmad




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