DAT-MAIL Prep Version - Release Notes

Case 6197
The Mail.dat exporter process now starts the Header historical sequence number at the largest number listed in the Header file, instead of starting the numbering for the export at 9999. For example, if the largest historical sequence number is 9998, the first historical record in the output file will contain 9998. Assuming 2 records in the original header file, the new current record in the output file will be 9996.

PriorPublic Releases:


Case 6155

Revisited – edited fields for CSM Dates/Times are now properly updating and allow for a whitespace to determine a ‘blank’ edit.

Case 6111

We have added the ability to view the new Simplified CSA format introduced by the USPS for November.


Case 6034

We added a Customer Information window that will appear when you choose Help=>Registration.

Case 6079

We have made a cosmetic update to the grid in the Validation Log in order to make it easier to read.

Case 5984

We have changed the text SEG-1140 text from Mail Facility ID to eDoc Sender CRID.

Case 6090

We re-styled our Pop-Up Calendars so they are easy to read and will not depend on Windows Themes.

Case 5959

We added options in our Converter to ‘Generate IMR from PDR’ and ‘Generate PBC from PDR’.

Case 6031

We have updated our Getting Started guide to accommodate all of the new features we have added. The guide is located in HelpàGetting Started.

Case 6091

We have now disabled the Export button on our Editor window when there is no file selected to edit.


Case 5960

Corrected an issue where Piece Barcode file status was not properly set after converting from 11-1 to 11-2 and electing to generate a PBC file from PDR data.

Case 5945

The transition fade effect that occurs when changing views was upgraded from 2.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.


We enhanced the visual indicator of our buttons; they are now color-highlighted.



We corrected an issue where the program would crash on a new installation

  1. Allows user to specify merge output file name (Case #5788)
  2. Added copy file output name (Case #5789)
  3. Now passes merge file name to Reader (Case #5790)
  4. Now passes split file name to Reader (Case #5791) (7.034.9)
  1. We have added a new option on the Changer tab for Job ID (HDR-1001). When a new value exists, it will be copied to all the files in the Mail.dat file subset.

(Case #5689). (7.032.7)

  1. We have modified the program so it will remember from session to session what directory was last chosen to open a file instead of always defaulting to the In-Bound folder on the Home tab (Case #5688). (7.031.5)
  1. We added an option on the Home tab ‘Minimize window when run, restore on completion’. When this new option is checked on, the window will minimize while a process is being run (e.g. Splitter or Merger) and then the window will restore itself back to full view (Case #5583). (7.030.0)
  1. Added new fields, Facility Name - Old and Facility Name - New to CSM Changes Tab (Case #5398). (
  1. Added mobile barcode support to Changer and Converter (Case# 5149)
  2. Fixed zero filled SEG ID when keep original segment Id’s is selected (Case #5170)
  3. New header history updating corrected (Case #5050)
  4. MCR Host Statement Component ID is now properly renumbered during a merge (Case #5087) (
  1. Reader now loads the Mail.dat file set event when the required minimal file set does not exist. (Case# 5051).
  2. Help document updated in the Splitter and Merger sections to explain how the ‘update redirected postal facilities’ is used (Case #5074). (

1.Added option to retain existing Segment IDs in the merged data, when the source Segment IDs are unique. When this feature is turned on and the source Segment IDs are not unique, the merged Segment IDs are auto-generated, as usual. (

  1. CSA Reader Enhancements, added Rows total, filtering, refresh and reset buttons (Case # 4939)
  2. Added startup splash window (Case #4940) (
  1. Renamed the Validation Compliance Level from "None" to "Choose Level". (
  1. Validator core now properly handles MPA-1112, and properly flags left and right-justification errors.
  2. DM Prep User Guide updated to reflect changes made for cases #4546, #4640, #4709 and #4747. (
  1. Added Support for 60-day trial. (
  1. Add new button for Changer and functionality to apply changes (Case #4747)
  2. Added option to split by pallet (Case #4709)
  3. Enabled Update redirected postal facilities feature on Merger and Splitter (Case #4546). (
  1. Added General Use Option to Remove Mother Pallets on Merger (Case #4640)
  2. Added registration key to About window (Case #4732)
  3. Turned on automatic installer updates
  4. Added readme file to installer. (