Bethany, Michael, and Malina start going into 200-level courses (talking about portfolio, ATC)

310 and substitutions:

  • need a written policy
  • use the same rubric
  • cultural immersion in junior year
  • will need to expand to 3 credit hrs.

SAGE implementation schedule was approved by Kay

  • TWO systems
  • Pre summer 08
  • Post summer 08

Timeline planning documents for the SAGE implementation schedule will be made

RUBRICS for artifacts turned in without standards on them

  • Culminating project/product/experience rubric needs to be developed (for grad level) – Malina and Michael
  • Present this at a SWAT team this summer
  • DO THIS BY AUG 18TH for the PEF mtg
  • Present old vs new version
  • Assessment of MAT students has not been discussed w/ Malina
  • Standards MAT students must meet ADV and initial licensure

Tracking online courses/programs/students … EAZ, MKZ, etc. use our interpretation of NCATE standards

Make decisions for grad programs (since haven’t heard from them in the past year) for recommendations

Graduate student orientation handbook for the college of education… for licensure candidates

NCATE – Malina needs more information about Part C (will get with Michael to determine)

100/200 level courses teaching minimal expectations of technology: Bethany

Generate models about student teaching field experiences

Michael will send Meredith the statement on field experiences

GLOBALIZATION: Maymester international or immersion experience

Per Kay: Strongly ENCOURAGING STUDENTS to obtain a laptop


  • Not a 6 wk method course then a 10 wk field experience

Integrity conversation from provost

Check on Letter about Accreditation ask Barbara P

Send thru Michael’s office

COLLABORATION parameter statement from Gerald

Technology from Bethany

Field Experience from Michael

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT needs to be discussed

COMBINE complaint data with appeals

  • Through Anona?
  • Data for Kay to take to CHASS

CLASSROOM Management and CONTENT go with each (Tech, Collab., field exp.)


Working on rubrics for graduate culminating project

Working on writing part


Inform 200-level courses that they need to meet with

With Malina

Accreditation letter

NCATE part C with Malina

Contact NCATE consultant

BOE training

Sending statement


Parameter statement on technology

Gathering info

Orientation for new faculty on website to talk with Gerald

GATEWAY steps for grad students


ELP 344

EDP 304

Options for Junior Level immersion and Maymester experience (310)