CS-214 Position Description Form s25

CS-214 Position Description Form s25

Rev 11/2013 / Position Code

State of Michigan

Civil Service Commission
Capitol Commons Center, P.O. Box 30002
Lansing, MI 48909


This position description serves as the official classification document of record for this position. Please complete this form as accurately as you can as the position description is used to determine the proper classification of the position.
2. Employee’s Name (Last, First, M.I.) / 8. Department/Agency
3.Employee Identification Number / 9. Bureau (Institution, Board, or Commission)
4.Civil Service Position Code Description / 10. Division
Word Processing Assistant E / DUANE L. WATERS HEALTH CENTER
5.Working Title (What the agency calls the position) / 11. Section
6.Name and Position Code Description of Direct Supervisor / 12. Unit
Nathanael Neusbaum, RN, HUM / Duane L. Waters Health Center
7.Name and Position Code Description of Second Level Supervisor / 13. Work Location (City and Address)/Hours of Work
Carol M. Griffes, RN, SAM 15 / 3857 Cooper Street, Jackson, MI 49201
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
14. General Summary of Function/Purpose of Position
The person in this position must perform a variety of clerical support duties, with typing as an essential part of the work. They must have knowledge of general office procedures, including reception and telephone protocol, filing methods and knowledge of various office machines relating to the area or work. Under general guidelines from the supervisor(s), will use knowledge of the supervisor’s instructions, guidelines and viewpoints in helping to coordinate the professional activities, answering questions for other workers, and handling complex assignments in the work area. This employee uses good judgment and interprets and applies instructions and guidelines and takes appropriate actions in completing sometimes difficult work assignments.
This position is located 100% within the secured perimeter of a maximum security correctional facility. This is a test designated position, subject to random drug and alcohol testing.
15. Please describe the assigned duties, percent of time spent performing each duty, and what is done to complete each duty.
List the duties from most important to least important. The total percentage of all duties performed must equal 100 percent.

Duty 1

General Summary of Duty 1 % of Time 45
Assists with clerical/secretarial support for Health Care Administration and specifically Health Unit Manager.
Individual tasks related to the duty.
·  Provides support to the Health Unit Manager including: open, sorts and distributes incoming/outgoing mail. Sets up/organizes files. Manages meeting dates on calendar. Takes and types Nursing Supervisor Meeting Minutes, keeps track of nursing license renewals, assists with interviews making sure packets are ready, and tracks evaluations. Distributes Policies and Procedures to Units. Position Descriptions- saves PDs on computer and retypes on the latest State form when needed for a new position. Interview Questions- saves and copies when needed for a new position. Keeps updated lists i.e. Staffing Changes, Nursing Licenses, Do Not Hire List, Interviews Held, Contractual Personnel, etc. Maintains State Nursing Record files, and Contractual Nursing Record files, making sure to retain current nursing licenses in the files. Performs other tasks as needed.
·  Functions as backup to Health Care Administrator’s Secretary in maintaining Hospital Prisoner Grievance log, and distributing grievances for responses; tracking grievance assignments pending. Preparing memos/responses when necessary to redirect to Grievance Coordinator at facility, Mental Health, etc. Processing data and prepares monthly Grievance stat reports.
·  Files and/or retrieves records and reports, sorts and distributes incoming/outgoing mail and/or other materials; listens and receives or gives out factual information concerning instructions for the work area; types cards, labels, folders, envelopes, letters or memorandum according to verbal or written instructions; compiles data for reports in response to specific requests or instructions. Uses CMIS to check location of prisoners when necessary. Turns in Mobilization/Fire Alarm reports to Custody for the Administration area.
·  Has knowledge of and uses various office machines; programs. Receives and directs incoming telephone calls and routes them to appropriate staff or takes messages to relay to appropriate staff for action. Prepares documents, forms and reports. Transcribes dictated reports or correspondence. Maintains confidentiality of documents and information received.
·  Provides clerical support/facilitation for Chairman of Procedure Committee, Nursing Supervisor Meeting, including scheduling of meetings, computer typing/editing of DWHC OP’s after committee review, preparing agenda, taking and preparing minutes of meetings, computer tracking of OP’s review status, preparing OP’s for printing, sorting, collating, and distribution. Also tracking and advising other DWHC staff of review/revise time of OP which involves printing reports from data collected showing last revision dates, etc., as well as following up on the annual review process, keeping files of rescinded OP’s and maintaining the Administrative copies/notebooks for MDOC PDs and RGC and DWHC OP’s, as well as assisting in locating needed copies of OP’s for reference when requested.
·  Acts as back-up Secretary to Hospital Health Care Administrator and assists with various tasks as needed.

Duty 2

General Summary of Duty 2 % of Time 5
Functions as backup to Health Care Administrator’s Secretary in Processing Contractual payroll.
Individual tasks related to the duty.
·  Runs Tracy Time Sheets.
·  Figures correct hours worked according to punch in and out times and according to agreed upon specifications. The number of computations to do varies often with Contractual individuals beginning and quitting or being terminated.
·  Faxes figured time sheets to Agency, asking for clarification of any missed punches, etc.
·  Waits for Agency to fax back timesheets with clarifications and/or discrepancies, reconciles, OK’s and faxes back final OK to agency.
·  Alphabetizes final computations for each individual of the Agencies and forwards to Financial Office.

Duty 3

General Summary of Duty 3 % of Time 45
Receptionist/Switchboard Operator.
Individual tasks related to the duty.
·  Opens switchboard and begins taking/directing calls throughout the Health Center/region.
·  Places outgoing calls as requested.
·  Receptionist for Health Center, directing people, answering questions, etc.
·  Assists as backup support for Health Center mail distribution.
·  Picks up mail brought in from courier and the U.S. Postman. Takes mail via mail cart to Social Work area and sorts it into individual mailboxes.
·  Sorts/distributes mail to Administrative Suite.
·  Prepares mail for courier in pouches and takes it via mail cart to the Health Center Reception area for pickup.

Duty 4

General Summary of Duty 4 % of Time __5___
Other work related duties as assigned.
Individual tasks related to the duty.
·  Miscellaneous duties as assigned on an as-needed basis.

Duty 5

General Summary of Duty 5 % of Time
Individual tasks related to the duty.

Duty 6

General Summary of Duty 6 % of Time
Individual tasks related to the duty.
16. Describe the types of decisions made independently in this position and tell who or what is affected by those decisions.
Those decisions guided by procedure, past practice, and policies relating to Grievances, logging and delegation as backup.
Decisions regarding prioritizing routine work, and follow-up until proper completion of work.
Routine judgments where an option is accepted by procedure, past practice, and policies.
17. Describe the types of decisions that require the supervisor’s review.
Decisions relating to the preparation of non-standard reports or documents.
Those decisions not covered in procedures, policies, past practice; decisions which require my supervisor’s clarification to complete the task properly.
Decisions regarding questions asked of me related to responsibilities of higher management or outside areas.
18. What kind of physical effort is used to perform this job? What environmental conditions is this position physically exposed to on the job? Indicate the amount of time and intensity of each activity and condition. Refer to instructions.
This position requires intermittent long-term activity at a computer keyboard. Moderate-to-heavy lifting of mail pouches/bags, as well as occasional moderate lifting and storage of boxes of paper and office supplies. The position is located behind the gate at a maximum security health center and involves contact with incarcerated felons 100% of the time.
19. List the names and position code descriptions of each classified employee whom this position immediately supervises or oversees on a full-time, on-going basis. (If more than 10, list only classification titles and the number of employees in each classification.)
20. This position’s responsibilities for the above-listed employees includes the following (check as many as apply):
Complete and sign service ratings. Assign work.
Provide formal written counseling. Approve work.
Approve leave requests. Review work.
Approve time and attendance. Provide guidance on work methods.
Orally reprimand. Train employees in the work.
22. Do you agree with the responses for Items 1 through 20? If not, which items do you disagree with and why?
23. What are the essential functions of this position?
To provide administrative support for the HUM and the DWHC Administration Office.
24. Indicate specifically how the position’s duties and responsibilities have changed since the position was last reviewed.
Now does more switchboard back up.
The specific tasks have varied and have increased and become more complex over time in this position.
25. What is the function of the work area and how does this position fit into that function?
This is an extremely important position for the functions of the Health Center. This position coordinates grievances for the Health Center as back up, provides administrative support for the HUM and coordinates the Operating Procedures meetings and distribution of documents.
26. What are the minimum education and experience qualifications needed to perform the essential functions of this position?
High School Diploma.
Three years of administrative support experience, including one year equivalent to an E-6 level.
Knowledge of the operation of standard office equipment such as typewriters, personal computers, multi-line telephones, copy and fax machines and video display terminals, etc. Knowledge of general office practices, protocols and procedures, correct English usage, spelling and punctuation. Knowledge of the format, organization and composition of business letters, reports and memoranda. Type 40 wpm and have knowledge of software applications such as Word and Excel.
NOTE: Civil Service approval of this position does not constitute agreement with or acceptance of the desirable qualifications for this position.
I certify that the information presented in this position description provides a complete and accurate depiction of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.
Supervisor’s Signature Date
Indicate any exceptions or additions to statements of the employee(s) or supervisors.
I certify that the entries on these pages are accurate and complete.
Appointing Authority Signature Date
I certify that the information presented in this position description provides a complete and accurate depiction of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.
Employee’s Signature Date

NOTE: Make a copy of this form for your records.

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