Cluster D Local Planning and Coordinating Council Meeting

Cluster D Local Planning and Coordinating Council Meeting

First Steps of Mid-North Indiana

Cluster D Local Planning and Coordinating Council Meeting

October 15, 2015

Members present: Angela Miller (PPTS/TAP– EI Provider), Amy Ellis, (Homefront Family Services --EI Provider), Andrea Gilkison (Parent – Chairperson), ), Madeline Sandberg (BCNWH Joint Services – LEA), Amy Valade (Cooperative School Services - LEA), Betsy Hull (GLASS – LEA), Bailley Maxwell (Bona Vista EHS)

Others present:Susana Mota (SPOE Director), Clare Mann(1stKids Fiscal Agent); Kelsey Hall (LPCC Coordinator)

Notes taken by: Angela Miller

Meeting was called to order by Andrea Gilkisonat 12:15 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions:

Introductions were made.

Input from Absent LPCC members

Jamie asked to discuss interpreter services. Currently agencies are getting by with using current providers who speak ;minimal Spanish, translations applications, and older siblings. Angie reported that TAP is in process of enrolling a FS parent to interpret Spanish

LPCC Member update

The LPCC is currently looking for members to fill particular membership requirements especially parents. Kelsey to contact a parent who has expressed interest.

Review/Approve Minutes from previous meeting

Minutes from July 16, 2015 meeting were reviewed. Amymade motion to approve meeting minutes with correction in “Others present” section – intern should be intern. Angieseconded the motion. Minutes were approved.

Coordinator Report

Kelsey distributed written reported. This quarter she focused on sending child find information to Physician offices. There were also public awareness presentations to several daycare facilities and 2 different Purdue classes. There was some discussion about adding training about what therapy should look like in the daycare. There was a consensus that training is need to daycare centers and providers to clarify expectations. Will contact the childcare resource groups and Purdue Extension to try to arrange training opportunities. Bailley shared information about conscious discipline expectations for Level IV centers. It was discussed that we need to develop some talking points for anyone giving First Steps presentations.

Committee Reports

SPOE – Clare gave verbal report regarding data reports available through SPOE system. CSC is working on fixing the reports that are available. SPOE is not yet releasing reports due to concerns about accuracy. Data reports should be available soon, but will not look like previous reports shared with LPCC

Financial – Written report was distributed. Clare noted that line item for occupancy looks high because they pay a 1-time maintenance fee for Lafayette office space.

First Steps Procedures for Cluster D –Updated procedures were distributed to the LPCC. These were updated to make procedures consistent for all 3 agencies serving this cluster and to clarify a recent change in distribution of Initial IFSP prior to receiving MD signature. Amy made motion to accept procedures as submitted. Madeline made a second to the motion which passed by vote.

Child Find – Next meeting will be October 27, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at SPOE.

CPP Report

Susana reported that State recently changed the target for children under the age of 3 years served. It increased from 3% to 3.8% Previously cluster had to write a correction action plan for over serving and now a plan for under serving must be written.

Kelsey is working with Healthy Families in Tippecanoe to make sure all families giving birth in hospitals receive information about First Steps. While State is expecting programs to increase number of children served, they are asking SPOEs to limit Service Coordinator caseloads to 70 cases.

Quality Assurance

Susana explained the written report for suspensions. There were no questions. A written concerns/complaints log was also presented. It was significantly smaller than past quarters.

Quality Improvement Plan

Susana passed around copies of plans she submitted for 2 indicators 1) number of children birth to 1 year served and 2) number of children birth to 3 years served. Plan includes strategies that SPOE is currently using to increase these numbers. Susana asked for input about additional strategies. A third indicator (child outcomes) will be discussed later at the agency meeting.

Assessment Team Update

Sharon Zaug is a new OT to do evals in Howard and Cass.

State and Local Updates

New First Steps Director, Shirley Huntsman, resigned effective 10/22/15.

SPOE received 2 Service Coordinator resignations – both covered Cass and Howard counties. Lisa Vos will be returning to the SPOE and she will help out in these areas. Jennifer Richhart is a new SC for Howard and Cass. SPOE has an intern who will continue to help through November. Melissa Kelley is also helping temporarily in Howard and Cass.

Network Agency Update

PPTS/TAP –There is a need for OT and PT providers. Caseloads of DT and ST who recently terminated were absorbed by other providers. In process of enrolling a DT-C for Carroll county.

Bona Vista – No update,

Homefront Family Services –They have recently hired an OT for Howard, a COTA for Cass, and a PTA for Howard and Cass.

Community Partner Updates

There is a presentation about Sexual Health, Puberty, and Hygiene on Monday, October 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Wabash Center. It is a good opportunity for providers and caregivers.

Other Business


Meeting adjourned at 1:34.

Next meeting: January 21, 2016 12:00 noon – 2:00, Location to be determined.