AP Literature Poetry Rubric

AP Literature Poetry Rubric.

The Nature of Proof in the Interpretation of Poetry

The Nature of Proof in the Interpretation of Poetry. Laurence Perrine. To what extent can teachers demand correct interpretations of poetry? Are there no incorrect readings? Professor Perrine, Southern Methodist University, presents well-illustrated answers to these crucial questions.

Nonfiction Vocabulary Terms

Nonfiction Vocabulary Terms. Definition of Nonfiction: factual prose writing that deals with real people and experiences.

Poems for Junior Group Work

Poems for Junior Group Work. In a group of 3-4 (there must be 9 groups total) you will analyze one poem and one contemporary song. You must do the poem you pick, and you may pick any original contemporary song (as long as it doesn t have excessive profanity.

College Guild

College Guild. P.O. Box 6448, Brunswick, ME 04011. POETRY CLUB III. Poems by Michael Owens. Michael L. Owens, has been a College Guild student. He writes from northern California. . he is a loving father who most likely will die in prison . * Some of.

Truth Is It Really the Best?

Truth is it really the best? Lies are they really the worst? Truth and lies are like the sun and the moon. People know which one is the best. But they still seem to diminish the other one. Take a look at their definitions. Lie: An intentionally false statement.

The Raven Parody

The Raven Parody. You must perform a dramatic reading (including the use of a prop of some kind), and you must submit a typed copy of your poem. The poem does not have to be memorized. However, the typed copy must be submitted BEFORE you present. So.

Tell an Interesting/Inspiring/Terrifying Story from Your Past

Fingerprint Poetry. Just like your fingerprint, you are unique. For this writing piece, you will use the line of a fingerprint to create a Fingerprint Poem. The only real requirement is that you write about yourself. Below is a list of ideas to get you started.

Two Voice Poem and Recitation

Two Voice Poem and Recitation.

1. Take Turns Picking out Four Words from Road Signs

BILLBOARD POETRY lnspire their creative talent by playing thisfun car game. You'll need paper and pencils. To play. 1. Take turns picking out four words from road signs. 2. Give the words to the other players who have 1 minute to turn the words into a four line, rhyming poem.

1. How Long Has Chinese Civilization Endured?

Chinese Literature page 256. A Long Line of Dynasties. 1. How long has Chinese civilization endured? 2. What was the first Chinese dynasty? The Mandate of Heaven. 3. Explain what the mandate of heaven was. 4. Which dynasty lasted the longest? Explain the three major philosophies of Chinese culture.

Robert Fulton Tanner

ROBERT FULTON TANNER. What does Robert Fulton Tanner use as a metaphor for life? What is the tone of this poem? Robert Tanner speaks in the 2nd Person point of view from line 8 on. This means he is speaking to you the audience. What animal does he use as a metaphor for you?

'Checking out Me History'

AQA GCSE POETRY ANTHOLOGY: CHARACTER AND VOICE. Checking Out Me History by John Agard. Learning Objectives. AO1: Respond to the using details from the poem to support your opinion. AO2: Analyse the writers methods (language, structure and form) and the purposes of these methods.

Introduction to Poetic Writing

INTRODUCTION TO DESCRIPTIVE POETIC WRITING. You're a Poet - Even If You Didn't Know It! Now that you have some experience with poems, used elements of figurative language, and practiced spicing up your writing with descriptive words, it's time for you.

2018 Dante Alighieri ORIGINAL POETRY Competition

2018 Dante Alighieri ORIGINAL POETRY Competition. Student Entry Form. Name of School. School Telephone Number. Name of Contact person (responsible for entries to competition). Email of Contact person: After Hours Tel: ______. Please fill in the following table.


Sample FINISHED EXPLICATION Rough Draft. The poem Whoso List to Hunt dramatizes the internal conflict between the speaker s desire for a woman and his logic, which tells him he cannot have her. The speaker uses an extended metaphor to present himself.