Body Systems Review Part 1 Skeletal System

Body Systems Review Part 1 Skeletal System

Body Systems Review Parts 1 + 2 p.1

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Body Systems Review Part 1 Skeletal System

  1. Parts and function of the skeletal system—complete “When Cells Get Together”
  2. Scientific method-- LAB Body Flexibility


Flexibility is the ability to bend a joint or limb and to move a muscle so that it bends a joint. During puberty, when girls and boys grow quickly as they change into adults, flexibility often changes. This starts to happen for girls between the ages of eight and thirteen, and for boys between the ages of nine and fifteen. A person can become temporarily less flexible if bones grow more quickly than muscles and tendons can stretch to keep up. Also during puberty, most boys get more muscles, lose some body fat, and lose flexibility. Once growth slows down, flexibility often improves. Understanding these changes in flexibility through puberty can better prepare young people to safely exercise, train, or compete in sports.

Independent Variable
Dependent Variable


a class of boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 13


  1. Each student will perform two flexibility tasks, a back hand clasp, and a floor touch task. For each task, the student will score 1= unsuccessful, 2= partially successful, 3= successful.
  2. Students will contribute their scores to a class data sheet. They will graph class averages (example follows).


Gender / Flexibility Test Results
Back clasp / Floor touch
Class average
Class average

Send your graph to me electronically. Describe your results here.

Analysis and Conclusion

Do your results support your hypothesis? Explain.
How could this experiment be improved?
How else could flexibility be measured?

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Body Systems Review Part 2 Muscular System and Nervous System

  1. Parts and function of the muscular system—complete “When Cells Get Together” for both systems.
  2. Scientific method-- LAB Heart Recovery or LAB Reaction Time Test

Your group will design and complete your own experiment either on heart recovery or reaction time, including the following components. Each person in the group will be responsible for one of the following parts (use MLA format throughout):

  • Introduction. Write a paragraph. End with hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, and controls
  • Materials and Procedure
  • Results (must include an electronic graph that is sent to me)
  • Analysis and conclusion. Write a paragraph. Include a visual that shows the experiment in progress. This could be a photo diagram or sketch.