Birmingham Science Olympiad

Birmingham Science Olympiad

Important Information & Reminders


Please make sure your students know what team number they are. It will be extremely important for schools that have two or more teams. We will ask students to put their school name & team number on all of their event sheets so we can identify first through sixth place award winners.

School / Team Number(s) /


BCS / 1 & 2 / Tammy Brown and Erica Maliszewski
Beverly / 3 & 4 / Lauren Cash and Melissa Konen
Bingham Farms / 5 & 6 / Linda Johnson
Greenfield / 7 & 8 / Nathan Wells
Harlan / 9 & 10 / Vickie Muir
Pembroke / 11 & 12 / Melissa Lane
Pierce / 13 & 14 / Diana McComas and Corinne Cortez
Quarton / 15 & 16 / Scott Shckell
West Maple / 17 & 18 / Michelle Ladd and Maria Broz


On Saturday, one coach from each team needs to check-in at the information desk (Please decide who will do this before Saturday). We will have a packet with information that you may need throughout the day. Each team will have a table in the cafeteria to use as a home base and to leave personal belongings. Please direct your team members to meet at their home base by 8:15 am. Students do not check in at the registration desk. They should go straight to their home base!!! We will line each school up and parade into the Gym at 8:30 am for the opening ceremonies.


Please copy and hand out the included packet for all students. In addition, please provide name tags with students’ names, their team number, their events, and event times. Make sure they bring their schedule and school map with them the day of the event. Please ask students to also bring some pencils or pens to use throughout the day. (Ours keep disappearing throughout the day and we tend to run short during the last few hours of the competition.)

Remind students to bring their event supplies! Each team needs to bring the following: Crash Car Racer, Rubber Band Catapult, and Water Rocket.

4 events for exhibition only – field book for Wildlife Safari, Index cards for Weather or Not, Rock Hound- completed chart to help identify specimens and answer characteristic questions. If students don’t have these items they can still come during their designated times for even and odd teams.



We will have an information desk in the front hallway, by the main doors, from 7:45am to 1:00 pm. If you have any questions or need some assistance please go there.


Please make sure your school provides lunch for the kids. A complementary lunch will be available for the building representatives (you) and judges in the Art Room - Room 24 from 11:00 am – 12:45 pm.


When students are not in an event or preparing for an event they need to go to an open event. Please ask students to only go to each open event once. Students are welcomed and invited to watch other activities throughout the day to encourage their team members. Please help to make sure your students are not wandering the building with nothing to do!!


After the last event is completed, students are to go immediately to the gym for the awards ceremony. Schools are to be seated in their designated areas in the gym. All team members are required to be in the gym during this time. Students will be called up to accept the 1st through 6th place individual event awards and two trophies will be presented to the top two scoring teams.


Parents and other guests are welcome to come and watch the activities. There are many events open for anyone to observe quietly.


The following events are closed: Wildlife Safari, Starry Starry Night, Weather or Not, Zowie Estimation, Circuit Wizardry, Crime Busters, Reflection Relay, Charges Up, Grasp a Graph, Rock Hound and Mystery Architecture. This means only participants are allowed in the room. Events may be closed for several reasons: due to limited space, events that have a test that must be completed and because of the temptations that others may have to assist team members during the event.


Water Rockets (playground fields) will launch outside rain or shine. If there is lightning or thunder we will be unable to complete these events.