Ayden Grifton Attendance Area

Ayden Grifton Attendance Area

2014 – 2015 Minigrants

Ayden Grifton Attendance Area

Ayden Elementary School

Rachel Joy – “Ensemble Enthusiasm” Mrs. Susan Mizelle in honor of Jack Collins

Ayden Middle School

Talia Edwards –“Ceramics at AMS” Russ Pest Control, Inc. Minigrant

Elizabeth Meyers, Jennifer Sumerlin and Kimberly Reikow – “Building Global Literacy Through Real World Texts” Dr. and Mrs. Ned H. Craft Minigrant

Jami Frazier, Darris Sawyer and Joy Hill – “Moving with Music” Angela Haddock Insurance Co. Minigrant

Grifton School

Stephanie Smith – “The Educational Journey” Mrs. Janie Manning Minigrant

Chanelle Williams – “Grifton School Recorder Ensemble” Greenville Pediatric Services, Inc. Minigrant

Jessica Bova – “Bluford Series” and “The Miracle Worker and ASL”

Ayden Grifton High School

Frank Cox – “FIRST Robotics” Dr. and Mrs. Ned H. Craft Minigrant

Ronnie Bowen – “Future of Transportation /Go Green”

Fran Green – “Cutting up in the Classroom” Dr. Daniel Harris Minigrant

D. H. Conley Attendance Area

Chicod School

Stephanie Hall – “Savvy Readers”

Diana Siessel - “Color My World” Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Minigrant

G. R. Whitfield School

Lauren Robinson – “Classroom Library/Motivational Reading”

Jennifer Williams - “I’m Done… Now What” Greenville Pediatric Services, Inc. Minigrant

Cindy Johnston – “Guided Math Stations: Differentiated Learning” Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Minigrant

Hope Midde School

Kim Hall – “Exploring Informational Texts”

Tracie Below – “Non-Fiction for Low Level Readers” Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Minigrant

Christina Borisoff – “Spanish Audio Visual Flashcards”

Wintergreen Primary

Lauren McDermott – “Living Animals”

Krista Bunting – “We CARE About All First Grade Readers! Take 3” Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Minigrant

Jeanne Williams – “Boost Your Comprehension”

Wintergreen Intermediate

Elizabeth Patrick – “Leap Frog Tool”

Laura Rowland – “Communication Breakthrough”

Courtney Brown – “Music to Our Ears”

Christy Reynolds – “Linking Standards in Reading” Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Minigrant

Kate Egan – “Assistive and Adapted Materials”

D. H. Conley High School

Rene Lee-Bryan - “Teen Parenting”

Farmville Attendance Area

Falkland Elementary School

Courtney Willis, Allison Parker and Matthew Macfarlane – “Classroom Money System and Auctions”

Alison Covington – “PBIS Cart” Greenville Pediatric Services, Inc. Minigrant

Sara Levin and Patricia McArthur - “Nook Books for Second Grade”

Marcie Meeks – “WhisperPhone Select – Guided Reading Fluency and Comprehension”

Sara Levin – “Library Collection Development Year 1”

Megan Silver, Audrey Estep and Courtney Gillard – “Classroom Store”

H. B. Sugg Elementary School

Ellen Moore – “Bound to Be Read Over and Over”

Katie Bailey – “Nook Books – Caterpillars and Blocks – Oh My” Jack A. Farrior, Inc. Minigrant

Tiffany Leary – “The Wonderful World of Technology” Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cunningham Minigrant

Nancy O’Campo – “Around and Around and Around We Go”

Lori Moore – “Moore’s 21st Century Innovators” Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owens Minigrant

Sam Bundy Elementary School

Nicole Hitchens, Kim Wisely, Amanda Gardner, Ashley Burnette, Bryttani Cauble, Amy Shackleford, and Kaylee Pridmore – “Get Excited About Reading” Southern Bank Minigrant

Reagan Briggs – “5th Grade Literacy in Science” Ms. Caroline Doherty Minigrant

Gabrielle Bohinski – “Financial Literacy in Action”

Farmville Middle School

Alyssa Corrigan – “Creating the Choreography of Life” FACTS Minigrant

Farmville Central High School

Brad Woolard – “FIRST Robotics”

J. H. Rose Attendance Area

Eastern Elementary School

Melissa Coxe – “World Music Drumming” Drs. Stefan Marcuard and Karen Shaw Minigrant

Jami Dickerson – “Bouncing Through 3rd Grade”

Michelle Kessler – “Reflecting on Teaching Continued”

Carmen Webb – “Let’s Take A Closer Look” Dr. and Mrs. Tate Holbrook Minigrant

Elmhurst Elementary School

Heather Timberlake, Jill White, and Montrell Morrow – “Success in the Classroom through Active Recess” Greenville Pediatric Services, Inc. Minigrant

Lakeforest Elementary School

Barbara Roberts – “Versa Tile Learning Part 2”

Torie Smith – “Accelerating Out Reading and Writing”

Courtney Brown – “Music to Our Ears” Drs. Stefan Marcuard and Karen Shaw Minigrant

Darrell Grimes, Tesha Bullock and Nannette Lowe – “Wild Science in Action”

Sadie Saulter Educational Center

Monica Memrick – “Adding to Our Letterland Collection”

Jo Ann Allen – “Letterland Is Just A Swipe Away” Drs. Stefan Marcuard and Karen Shaw Minigrant

South Greenville Elementary School

Lindsay Pahe, Katie Reynolds, and Stephanie Phelps – “Fiction Fanatics”

Laura Scott – “Take Home Readers” Kittrell and Associates Minigrant

Michelle Fields and Vickie Wilson – “Developing Proficient Readers and Independent Practice” Drs. Stefan Marcuard and Karen Shaw Minigrant

Katie Kehoe and Heidi Dennison – “Lego Story Starter”

Wahl-Coates Elementary School

Karly Spears and Karina Mejivar – “The Dr. Is In the House” Physicians East, Inc. Minigrant

Claire Maxwell – “Listen Up” Mr. and Mrs. Dave Whichard Minigrant

Cindy Watson and Paul Phillips – “The Value of a Valentine”

C. M. Eppes Middle School

Cheryl McLawhorn – “C. M. Eppes Science Olympiad” Mr. and Mrs. Shep Edwards Minigrant

E. B. Aycock Middle School

Marie Barreto – “Spanish Speaking Countries Festival: Embracing Diversity”

Luanne Warren – “Cross Fit Training” Drs. Stefan Marcuard and Karen Shaw Minigrant

Angela Grillo – “From Seed to Harvest” Suddenlink Communication Minigrant

Lara Brickhouse, Michele Mazey and Jonathan Wells – “Let’s Get Techincal...and Fit”

North Pitt Attendance Area

Belvoir Elementary School

Randall Kern – “Personalized Ceramic Totem Pole”

Missi Foster, Johnicia Simmons, Jalynne Gilchrist and Morrisa Demery – “It’s All Greek To Me: A Fourth Grade Study of Greek Mythology”

Missi Foster, Alyssa Champine, Jenny Kelly, Nicholas Thomas, Elizabeth Howard and Kim Sutton – “Math in the REAL World” Briley and Briley Farms, Inc. Minigrant

Missi Foster, Janet Drueschler, Maggie Cox and Mallory Haynes – “Read Like a Scientist – 2”

Courtney Dubis – “Math, Science and Social Studies Read-Alongs” Greenville Pediatric Services, Inc. Minigrant

Bethel School

Caty Matthews, Kelli Peel and Amanda Bailey – “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Rosiata Mallo – “The Symphonic Sounds of Learning” Mr. and Mrs. Carl Briley Minigrant

Northwest Elementary School

Jolene Nosko – “First Grade Guided Reading Books”

Kyle Miller – “First Grade Guided Reading Books”

Halley Hendrix – “First Grade Guided Reading Books”

Justin Robinson and Kala Fultz – “First Grade Reading Books”

Edward Mitchem, Mina Stahr and Brook Gary – “Using Storia to Differentiate Small Group Instruction and Promote Independent Reading”

Justin Robinson and Alexandra Casatelli – “Classroom Library” Briley and Briley Farms, Inc. Minigrant

Jessica Attwood, Charlotte Sharp, Lauren May and Nicole Clarke – “Kindergarten Small Group Reading”

Matthew Robinson and 4th Grade Team – “Classroom Money System and Auction”

Pactolus School

Barbara Brodie – “Aspiring Readers” J. P. Davenport and Son, Inc. Minigrant

Douglas Fields – “Artist Grid Canvas” Mr. and Mrs. Carl Briley Minigrant

Kenjo Fujii – “Orchestra”

Stokes School

Kenjo Fujii – “Orchestra”

Trudy Garris – “Maker Space” Mr. and Mrs. Carl Briley Minigrant

Elizabeth Dupree and Kris Arnold – “Gem Making Adventure” Briley and Briley Farms, Inc. Minigrant

North Pitt High School

Samantha Strathy – “Fused Glass Creations”

Dave Boal – “Kettlebell Health Program” Staton House Fire Department Minigrant

Laura Mangum – “Making It Happen in the Library” Mr. Nicholas Briley Minigrant

Aaron Kingsberry – “Continued Growth of North Pitt Band” Country Mart, Inc. Minigrant

South Central Attendance Area

A. G. Cox Middle School

Sue Faucett and Chip Cayton – “North Carolina Face Mugs”

Rachel Newbern, Chuck Branch, Katesha Harrell and Freda Potter – “Tangerine – Orange, You’re Excited We Are Reading This Book”

Chuck Branch, Katesah Harrell, Rachel Newbern and Freda Potter – “Sports Hero – E-Books for Reluctant Readers”

Jenna Ramsey, Sarah Williams and Jaimie Meeks – “Planting Knowledge”

Jeanne Clark, Dena Landis and T. J. Hardesty – “Being Successful”

Creekside Elementary School

Jimmy Bowen and Joyce Howard – “Move to the Rhythm”

Meghann Boyd, Ashley Wooten, Dave Cassasato, Betsy Register and Ginny Johnson – “It’s Time for Kids to Enjoy Reading Nonfiction”

Jessica Kirk, Kim Smith, Kenya Hardy and Sarah Ruddock – “A Nose for the News”

Ashley Guttenburger and Martha Postma – “Brain Pop Jr.”

Gail Little – “Lookout for Literarcy”

Casie Creech, Mona Downing, Martie Goodall, Gail Little and Danisha Williams – “Life Cycles in Flight”

Lisa Moore – “Take Home Library Books” Greenville Pediatric Services, Inc. Minigrant

Casie Creech – “Kindergarten Connections: Scholastic Non-Fiction”

Mona Downing – “Rocking Read Alouds”

Ridgewood Elementary School

Olivia Salter – “Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s Off to College We Go”

W. H. Robinson Elementary School

Heather Landreth – “Therapeutic Learning” G & N Mini Storage Minigrant

Natalie Sweeley, Eva McLawhorn and Ashley Barfield – “Fantastic First Grade Readers” Smith Funeral Services, Inc. Minigrant

South Central High School

Sharon Bates – “Compact Indoor Garden”

Paula Elks and Sharon Bates – “What Are We Really Eating?”

Jennifer Bryan – “SCHS Social Studies Club Start-Up”

Lucretia Capara and Vicki Herring – “Food 1 Labs”

Elizabeth Pate and Ira Varney – “Cardboard Furniture”

Darnesha King – “Strength and Flexibility Assessments”

Ann McClung and Elizabeth Pate – “FIRST Robotics”

Cindy Buck – “Reading for Pleasure”

Keri Martin, Reba Frank, Sarah Graves, Aubrey Reinhard and Stephen Allen – “Project Build Together”